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Name: Vala

Age: 26

Gender: female

Species: Shape Shifter

Allegiance to House: Greyjoy

Role to House: Aspiring Hunter


She is strong willed and aggressive, almost always in some sort of trouble. She loves a good challenge, even if its in men. Despising pathetic and weak-willed girly men, she loves to beat in a more manly ways into them. Stubborn and passionate, she doesn’t give up easily. Even though she has a very unlady-like personality, she can still be very kind and generous. Being a woman, she has the basic ‘woman’ skills down, but enjoys more manly pass times. Yet even though she is so masculine, she still retain some sensitivity, even if she does try to hide it.

Physical Description:
Since she is a shifter, she possess eyes very much like her panther form. Their almost completely white with the only color being the black pupil. Her hair is also jet black to the point where it often shines blue. Her body is strong and athletic, just like a panther, but she is also intimidatingly tall and strong looking for a woman. Often she towers over regular men. Her gaze is fierce and her posture demands respect. Her clothes are made by her own two hands from animal skins and her armor is made from the loot she has melted down and forged. Everything she is, she made herself. Vala is not one to be underestimated, considering her almost barbaric look.

Powers and Abilities:
She can shift into her reigning animal of their house (a squid), but mostly shifts into their power-animal (black panther). She is also very skill with her hands: blacksmithing, cooking, brewing, foraging, fighting, ect.


Strengths and Weaknesses:
Since she is a black panther, she is independent and powerful but is hardly skilled in social settings. Being as such, it is hard for her to be completely loyal to one King, even if her house is Greyjoy. She hates turning into a squid, but will do so only if necessary and often in times that call for abuses on the water. Even though she is an amazon of a woman, she is very nimble making her a wonderful dancer. Since she also must gain respect from the men, she can hold a drink against any man. However she does have a soft spot for children, animals, mothers, and calm, silent men.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
She has a sword, that she calls Bloodthirst. Her armor is made from stolen treasures across the lands, including gold from the Kings Landing merchants, silver from the Stark sailors, and furs from the Bear Islands, among other places. Her best armor is made to look like a dragon’s skin, the helmet and armor as strong as a sword. Since she makes it all herself, she has quiet the armory in her closet. But she is loyal to her sword and decorated breast plates. Yet her skirts are always very, very short for quick movement, her boots covering her legs up to the thigh.


Background History:
Must be a minimum of 8 lines in length.
Born to a warrior of the Iron Islands and his captured wife, from the Bear Islands. Vala’s mother grew to love her captor, not having a choice. Bearing the warrior three children, her youngest was Vala, her only daughter. But even if Vala was the only girl, she was raised as both a warrior and as a possible wife. The other little girls feared her. The little boys admired her. Tall, broad shouldered and strong, even as a little girl she commanded respect in her remote barbaric village.

Yet, at the age of twelve, her age for marriage came and went. No matter how respected a she-warrior, she was considered too unwomanly to be a wife. Bitter and humiliated, Vala took up her sword and snuck away. Traveling the harsh land of the Island, there are many stories of what might of happened to her at that time. Some say she was on the verge of dying and the dragon nurtured her back to health, bringing her up to be even stronger. Another rumor is that a band of rouges tried to rob her, and that after she spared their lives was taken in as their leader. There are many rumors at how she might of survived at the tender age of twelve, but she never confirms any rumors, nor does she talk about it.

Vala, the lone she-warrior, was found by one of her older brothers when she was twenty. She had been blacksmithing, hunting and supporting herself for quiet awhile. So when her brother found her, he was a bit angry. But the anger soon passed, along with the slight awe. In those years she had been on her own, she had become an intense fighter, like a berserker. She was a giant woman, towering and intimidating.
“If father had lived to see this, he would be quiet proud of you, sister,” is what her brother told her.

But it couldn’t heal the wound of humiliation that she had been inflicted. That wound only grew when her current village was burned down. This battle had taken all of her villagers, who were like her second family. Bringing down a few of the looters, she wasn’t able to save anyone. The looters ended up being soldiers. From which kingdom, she didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. So she was forced to move on. None of the men touched her, for fear of her blade. From then on she swore she would never follow one certain king unless she had to do it to be free.

What is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger.
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