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 [Agner] Gavin Wuffa

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Night gathers, and now my watch begins.




Allegiance to House:
Night's Watch

Role to House:

Gavin's personality is quite different from those that were in his family. He didn't grow up within the Night Watch but outside. So his attitude was soft and gentle at least until his family was killed then he became a angered and filled with hatred male who killed for a living to avenge his family. He is a mysterious man who only serves himself in most cases. Gavin never says no to a battle and is always the first ones on the front line to die for his kingdom or for himself. Gavin is a cold hearted man who dislikes being told what to do and when to do it. Also he hates repeating himself. He figures if you can't listen the first time then don't listen at all. Gavin is very far from being merciful to his enemies and is always slaining his enemies whether they beg for mercy or not. Plus he has no objections on killing a woman or a child. As long as it helps him in the long run he has no objections. Gavin mainly does everything for himself which makes him selfish in many cases. He won't follow orders unless his life is on the line and will back talk anyone he wants even if its a King. Gavin doesn't work well with others and would rather be alone in most situations. Though if it came down to serving a purpose within a Kingdom he would gladly somewhat participate in working with others but only if he's in charge. Gavin hates more than anything than taking orders from someone other than himself in battle. The only time he seems to be calm and content is when he's in the privacy of his own bedroom but while on guard or in battle or hell just walking the streets, he treats those around him like dirt on his boot.

Physical Description:
Gavin is built tall, roughly at 6"2 to 6"4 and is weighted around 243 lbs, even if he doesn't look it. Gavin is fair skinned and has short darkish yet light brown hair and dark chocolate eyes but sometimes they seem to change colors depending on his moods. His armor is a bit on the black side but has a hint of gray shining throughout the armor. He wears a black cloak over his armor and he also has his helmet which is also black with gray tinting in it as well. It was armor his father used to wear in war before Gavin was born.

Powers and Abilities:

Acute senses
Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed

Fire mostly
Pure silver

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
A black tinted gray shield
A gray with sheathed sword.
Bow and arrows
Sometimes a long spear

Background History:
Gavin was born in the near the North where the Kingdom of Stark would be located. His father had been a personal guard to the royal family that once ruled there. Gavin's mother had worked at a local brothel taking in the royal guards and tending to their needs. With the absent of his parents, Gavin was forced to pretty much raise himself since he was six years old. It was hard for the young lad to tend to himself considering most people never helped him in life. So Gavin fetched water, cooked his own meals and even prepared his own clothing every so often.. but mostly he wore the same clothing everyday. Gavin had spent most of his time with a local farmer named John who was also the stable boy for the royal's horses. It was a stupid job and it never paid much but whenever Gavin came around, he would him ride the horses to test them out. He cherished John as if he was a brother and would often come home with Gavin and take care of him. John was the closes thing to a family he had ever had. Though the happiness between the two boys would be altered forever when a war had broken out between the House of Stark and the House of Lannister.

The King of the Stark had decided to recruit men who seemed to be willing to fight for their Kingdom and Gavin's friend John and his own father were recruited to fight in the war. As the soldiers of the Stark family came to grab the men for training camp, Gavin had attacked one of the guards. In doing so he was given lashings for his disrespect towards the King and was thrown into jail for misbehaving and also embarrassing the guards. Gavin never remember how long he spent inside that jail but it was long enough to know his father and John were killed in combat. Gavin had over heard the guards from outside the cell talking about the boy's family being killed and how his mother was murdered in the local brothel. It had been a couple of years since Gavin had been in jail for his behavior and he didn't know when he would be allowed out. So days went on and on within the cell and Gavin spent his time on the floor int he corner of the cell growing impatient. Not to mention he was gaining hatred towards the Stark family and having anger built up inside his heart. Sometimes the guards would talk about how they would hear thuds on the wall and come to find out it would be Gavin punching the wall. Gavin spent years in that cell and felt like he had been forgotten but the guards merely had fun watching him like a rat in that pathetic cell. Though one thing the guards didn't know was that he was planning on escaping and killing them with his bare hands.

One day the guards had brought his food like they would everyday. Gavin knew this would be his only chance to escape his hellhole and get free once and for all. He had spent four years within this cell and he was now ten. He had missed his time to be a child and knew he would never be the same again. Some of the guards feared going in the cell considering they could see the hatred in his eyes and the rage of a beast. As one of the guards had placed the tray of food on the ground, Gavin struck. He managed to disarm the soldier and snap his neck with one twist. This alarmed the other guards and Gavin had used the soldiers sword to fight his way out. Running through the tunnels of the jail cells he slashed and chopped at the soldiers slaining them where they stood. It didn't take long for Gavin to return the surface and breath in real air. Though he knew he had to act fast or he would be captured again. So Gavin ran as far as his legs could push him and by this time it was winter, so all he had was the clothes on his back and a sword to protect him. As Gavin ran he could hear the soldier's screams and shouts going further away from him. He was glad he had escaped and now he was a free man for now at least.

Time didn't go by as fast as Gavin wanted but he sure didn't run out of breath sooner than he thought. He had managed o walk about a hundred miles before he finally gave in and fell to the ground. It was almost ten degrees and the snow was heavy in the night. Sooner or later a woman had found him who was about his age. She had told her father about the boy in the woods and the entire village went to investigate. Come to find out the girl was telling the truth and the villagers carried Gavin to their homes. A few hours later, Gavin woke up in a warm home and his feet and hands were wrapped up. Beside him was a plate of food and a pitcher of water. Confusion came through his mind as he sat up but only to be pushed back down by a elderly man. The man had asked what he was doing running through the woods but Gavin couldn't tell him the truth fearing he would be taken back to prison. So he came up with a lie saying he had ran away from home because a strange beast attacked his village. Of course the dumbfounded man believed him and ended up housing the boy for a couple of years. He had taught Gavin out to use a sword and how to protect himself through tough times. It seemed Gavin was as strong as a mighty bear and nothing could destroy him.

By this time he was at least twenty two or twenty three years old and he was now out doing his own thing. After his mentor had passed away, Gavin decided to move on with his life and leave the village for good. Though come to find out the Stark family hadn't stopped looking for him. Gavin never realized they were still looking for him and quite frankly he didn't care until they had found him again. It had been a few months after he left his village in search for another Kingdom and he was bound to serve them. Apparently by rumor's records they had ambushed him the snowy mountains but nobody really knows the truth except Gavin himself. Once Gavin had been captured once more the soldiers decided to take him back to the Kingdom for his punishment. Of course the punishment was going to be more severe considering he had broken out of prison and had killed man guards of the Stark family. This made him a high criminal and was probably going to get hanged for his crimes. On the way back towards the Kingdom of Stark, the guards felt weary about the woods they had to cross. Many of the men stayed behind fearing for their lives but the carriage holding onto Gavin went through which would alter his life for good until death. The woods were covered with werewolves and they were on a blood rage and their targets where the soldiers and guards of the Stark Kingdom. Every so often a soldier was snatched from the ranks and eating alive it seemed and this panicked the soldiers. They took their flanks and sought to fight the monsters but in the end they had to winning chance. During the fight the carriage had been broken into and a werewolf was trying her hardest to get to Gavin but all she managed to get was a scratch on his bicep. What Gavin didn't know was that he was marked by the beast and he would be marked forever at every sight of the moon. It took about two days for the curse to course through his entire body and by nightfall his true colors had flew.

Gavin will always remember the agonizing pain his body went through during the change. The bone crushing, the skin stretching and peeling. The fur that escaped through his pores and wounds. The sight of the moon against his eyes as he howled with anger at its light. Its the only thing he remembered before he woke up at a small village naked and confused. Come to find out after he changed, he went back to the village he once lived in as a child and slained the entire village. It was a price that would cost him his head as he was caught many years later for murder and was sent to a place called Night Watch. By this time Gavin was cold hearted and was dangerous to many. He was isolated from others because of his curse that was on his arm. Sometimes the guards would have to beat him in order to get him somewhere considering he was too dangerous to be awake. Once he arrived at the Night Watch he was placed into training. Gavin still feels the lashes on his back every time he disobeyed his trainer or the commander of the military. Every night the guards locked him up in a metal cell and watched as he turned into a hell bounded beast of hell. Though it didn't take long for Gavin to gain trust within the Kingdom as a honorable opponent. He was deadly and that was good for the Night Watchers. Some say they could use him to kill anyone and he would do it with no questions asked.

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[Agner] Gavin Wuffa
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