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 [Agner] Allistair Sterling

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Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

Age: Thirty two years old

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: Night's Watch

Role to House: Initiate

Personality: Like most soldiers from Night's Watch, Alister is aggressive and dominate over others. He dislikes being told no or being told what to do unless its by the First Ranger Ariana. Alister isn't up to discussing things with other Night Watch soldiers and would rather be training or sleeping. His entire soul is dedicated to Castle Black and he doesn't want to live anywhere else, even if Castle Black is filled with murders, rapists, and thieves. He's a warrior and will protect what he loves but he will destroy what he hates because that's his soul purpose in life.

Physical Description: Alister is quite muscular even though he's five foot and twelve inches tall. He has a head full of brown curly hair and has a face full of facial hair which adds youth to his age. He looks twenty something years old but he's really thirty two years old. Most of his clothing consists of white or black puffed shirts with a black leather studded vest covering it. He dresses like a noble as many have call him but he really dresses in the colors of Castle Black.

Powers and Abilities: There are no abilities or powers that Alister possesses. He's human of course so no magic or curse flows through his veins, though he is quite skilled in fighting, stealth, and agility but most of all strength.

Strengths: There are only a few strengths that make Alister who and what he is. One of those is Castle Black. As long as it stands tall and on guard, he possesses the strength to defeat his enemies. He also has the power of determination which gives him to will to never give up in a fight even if it means giving his life for his home.

Weaknesses: Women have always been a weakness to Alister, only because he was once in love with a fair maiden named Ruth. Whenever he sees a woman in harms way he tends to sacrifice himself for them because that's just the way he is. Children are also a weakness to him because his past lover Ruth had been pregnant when she died. So children always have a place in his heart which can make him accept defeat if a child or woman are in harms way.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Alister's favorite weapon is called the rapier and its skinny at the blade by its always very sharp which makes it quite deadly. His second sword is just a normal medium sized sword that Alister uses when he's fighting in battle. They are both his prized swords and will die with them by his side.

Background History: Alister was born in the North near the Castle of Stark to two peasants just trying to make a living. Like most peasants, Alister was raised to grow crops, kill the chickens, and milk the cows when it needed to be done. He was just your average peasant and tried to help his father and mother out. Every so often when he was younger, he would ride off on his father's trusted steed towards the Riverlands and would relax at the Maiden's Pool on those hot summer days. It was his home away from home. Sometimes he would spend night's at the Maiden's Pool just to scare his parents into thinking he ran away. Though every so often he would return home and receive his lashings from his father and eventually return to work.

Around the time Alister turned sixteen years old his family had been killed by some illness that struck their insides. Alister wasn't really heartbroken that they died but he was sad to see the old ones go and leave him here. He ended up taking food, clothes, all the money his father had owned and then rode his father's steed out of the North. Alister traveled towards the Riverlands and settled into a small village there. Everyone thought it was weird that a lad his age was living on his own but they never questioned him or turned him into the officials. In fact they welcomed him into their village and even helped him build a house for his own.

About three months into living in the Riverlands, Alister met a beautiful girl that was named Ruth. At first they didn't speak.. but only stared at each other. It took both of them twelve years to even approach each other and speak to one another. By this time he was twenty seven years old and much more mature and stronger than he was when he was just a boy. Alister started the conversation and asked how she was. That's when they both knew they had fallen in love with each other. Basically it was love at first word instead of sight. Ruth's father Edmund was pleased to see that his beloved daughter had found someone as handsome and strong headed as Alister.

The father agreed to give them marriage and also gifted them with food, money, and clothes for the young child they would one day have. Sometime during the six months of the wedding being planned the village he was living in had been invaded by Lannister. During the attack, Alister had joined swords with Ruth's father and struck back against the enemy who threatened their lands. By the time the raid ended, everything was in ruins.. even Alister's home. The male ran back home and climbed through the destroyed house he fought so hard to build when he was younger and found his to be wife dead. A sword was pierced through her stomach which had killed the child growing in her womb.

That day his entire life was flipped upside down. Angry and filled with hatred, he loaded up his horse and traveled to the lands of the Westerlands to seek out revenge for his beloved lover Ruth. When he arrived the villages were on high alert and they knew that an attack would most likely happen but they didn't think it would be by one man. When Alister arrived, he used his swords and slashed through the men who charged at him. He managed to strike down two hundred men before they were able to take him down by the shot of an arrow. After they captured him, they had beaten him and took everything he owned.. even his own dignity and will. When they finished with the male they threw him out to die in the edge of the Westerlands.

During that time that he laid out in the cold on the verge of dying, he was visited by an angel it seemed. That angel told him to not give up to tell him to stand up on his own two feet and walk. So that's what he did, Alister stood up and started to walk.. and he kept walking even when he made it into the Gift near Castle Black. Nothing was going to stop him from walking until he met the First Ranger Arian.. who was really Ariana. The female warrior was harsh and cold but she still brought him within the walls of Castle Black. For the next five years he served as an initiate of Night's Watch. Everyday he grew stronger, faster, and more aggressive. He took the oath of Night's Watch to heart and swore for the rest of his life that he would protect it and die within its walls. Alister has grown to hate everything outside of the walls of Castle Black and he knows that there isn't anywhere else for him to be than here.

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against cold.
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[Agner] Allistair Sterling
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