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 [UTES] Aegon Kerekes

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Winter is Coming.

Name: Aegon Kerekes

Age: 35 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House of Stark

Role to House: Blacksmith
Dreams of becoming a knight.

Personality: Aegon is incredibly nice even though his features portray him to be a jerk. He's understandable about a lot of things and is willing to help those in need. However he is a fierce and courageous, usually acting out for the sake of others rather than himself. Aegon's heart is large and its in love with the lands which he lives on. He is also quite brave and won't hesitate to get involved in the dangers of battle or doing what is right. When it comes to defending the King, Aegon will die for him and whoever else within the royal family. He doesn't do this out of honor or looking to be a hero. Aegon would sacrifice himself for the sake of the future for Robb Stark and his family. He is loyal, respectful, and trustworthy to the end. There are times though he can be a hard case and will make insulting gestures or words towards people but that's usually when he's not in the mood. Overall he's a good and noble man but he has some downfalls.

Physical Description: Aegon stands roughly at 6'2" and roughing around 187 pounds. His hair is rather long, so he keeps it in a ponytail most of the time. His bangs hang down, covering some of his face. Aegon's eyes are a light brown color which are known to be his most distinguished feature. He has a goatee and also a chin strip beard that covers not only his chin but his jaws as well. There is a scar located on his left eyebrow which was given to him by his step-father during his teenage years. Aegon's skin color is fair but slightly tan, usually from working out in the sun.

Powers and Abilities: Seeing as Aegon is a human. He possesses no powers or supernatural abilities. He's vulnerable to anything that can kill a human ranging from swords to burning in a building. He's nothing but a mere mortal.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Aegon's strength lie with those within the royal family of the Starks. As long as the House of Stark has strength within their bones, so will Aegon. Another strength would have to be his courage. The courage to do what most will not for the sake of his people regardless if his life is stripped from him or not. Aegon shouldn't be taken likely because he can be a deadly opponent, especially when someone is threatening to destroy what he loves and cherishes.
When it comes to weaknesses, pretty much everything is his weakness rather its water to fire or spears to arrows. Everything can pretty much kill him. Another weakness would have to be women. Hell isn't that all men's weakness?

Weapons and Armour of Choice: When it comes to being around the job, Aegon usually just wears a white tonic and brown linen pants and a old pair of brown boots that come up to the top of his calves. He also wears a amulet which was given to him by his mother before she was murdered. However when it comes to fighting in battle for his country, Aegon will suit up in his armor. His armor is black with silver linings around the chest plate, arms, waist, and legs. On his chest plate would be an emblem of a wolf raising it's claws ready to defend his territory. Around his shoulders which protects him from harsh winters would be a wolf's pelt which he found in his step-fathers old knights armor when he was a teenager.
Weapon wise, he carries a standardized sword that was hand crafted him Aegon himself. Sometimes defending on the battle, he'll bring along his black and silver lining shield which also used to belong to his step-father.

Background History: Aegon was born into the world by a Knight named Baldric and a whore named Silas. Baldric meet Silas on the edge of the North and after one unfaithful night, Silas became pregnant with Aegon. Aegon never knew who his father was, didn't know his name nor what he looked like. The only father he ever knew was Argon, his mother's husband. Silas was betrothed to Argon a month before she slept with the Knight from the North. The child was thought to be Argon's and that was that. Aegon was born in the Westerlands in a small village not far from the Lannister Castle. His step-father Argon had been a faithful servant of the King within the North but after losing his leg in battle, he moved to the Westerlands and met Silas who was a whore in Dorne at a place called Starfall Brothel. The two over time fell in love with each other and then eventually married. When Aegon was born, Argon was proud to be a father and Silas proud to be a mother. The family decided that they were leave their once home of Westerlands and move to the North and raise their child there. As Aegon grew each year, Argon was there to teach him the ropes on what his life would eventually turn into. He was taught how to speak, walk, read, and write by his step-father and eventually he was taught how to wield a sword at age twelve. However even with these skills under his belt, Aegon wasn't into being a knight yet, in fact he was more interesting in wanting to be a blacksmith instead. Of course his step-father Argon was disappointed in his son's decision but there wasn't nothing he could do about it. Everyday Aegon would wake up and make his way to the Winter's market so he could watch the blacksmith create the weapons and armor for the King's military. It was fascinating to Aegon and after the blacksmith realized his love for crafting, he figured he would teach the lad a few tricks. So instead of watching everyday, Aegon had the privilege of working alongside the blacksmith to help craft the weapons and armors for the soldiers. It made Aegon feel accomplished when he could create something that would aid the soldiers in battle to protect their lands and people.

When Argon found out about the blacksmith teaching his son how to mold weapons and armor, he was furious. Granted he wanted his son to follow what he dreamed but didn't want another man teaching his son, he found it to be his job. So Argon traveled to the Winter's market and murdered the blacksmith for what he had done. Silas and Aegon were surprised at what Argon had done and within minutes Argon was arrested and hung for the crime he had committed. After his death and burial, Silas remarried months later who was a bit more darker than Argon. He was a drunk, who loved his rum but loved hurting others more. It was a shame that his mother Silas stooped so low and married this piece of horse crap but there wasn't anything Aegon could do. Instead of wasting his time being around his mother and new step-father, Aegon went back to Winter's market and decided to live with the new blacksmith and eventually became an apprentice. Everyday he would wake up and help the blacksmith with the creations and sometimes he was allowed to find out of the North and into other lands to buy supplies and material to craft better and stronger weapons. He felt proud of himself that he was finally doing what he loved. As he grew older at least around his thirties, the blacksmith had passed away from old age. Aegon had became the blacksmith along with a few others and together they kept the blacksmith shop open. They weren't close with each other but they knew how to speak to each other when it came to actions. Aegon's mother passed away soon after and his step-father was placed in prison for fighting within a bar. Aegon felt like he was free from all the burdens and also from all the pain within his family. Granted he had a life better than most but to him living a life like that was horrible. Aegon still lives within the North and is still working as a blacksmith within Winter's market.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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[UTES] Aegon Kerekes
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