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 [UTES] Calvin Uric Lief

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Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

Name: Calvin Uric Lief

Age: 34 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: Night's Watch

Role to House: Initiate

Personality: Calvin is like many of those upon the walls of night's watch, cold, deadly and sworn by the sword to protect castle Black from all others. Even though he's cold, deadly, harsh and unlikable, he's still reliable, outgoing and a sweetheart on the inside. He doesn't mind getting rough because he knows its in his nature and its in the description of a night's watch. Calvin will crack jokes here and there but he usually keeps them to himself, for his own enjoyments. He'll talk back and fight with all his might especially when defending himself or someone he know's is innocent. Calvin has a strong personality and will burn your soul to a crisp if anyone tries to pick a fight with him. He doesn't like the word no unless its from a higher ranking officer like Arian Stone. He's very loyal, decently respectful, and quite a gentleman if given the chance but he's also deadly and will tear you limp from limp if you mess with him.

Physical Description: Calvin has shoulder length brownish red hair that he either wears done or up in a small ponytail. His facial hair covers most lower face in bristles. Calvin's eyes are a honey color but sometimes they might turn dark brown depending on the light. He's known for wearing a brown wolf's skin as his clothing. His shirt is a velvet red color with small gold buttons traced up and down the middle of his chest and abdomen area. His trousers are the same color but since he wears a wolf's pelt around his waist, you can't really tell. On his shoulder's he wears a wolf's pelt that still has the wolf's head attached to it and it drapes down over his right shoulder. On the tail of the wolf is a gold emblem that holds the pelt to his linen shirt that he wears so it won't fall off. He also wears a beaded necklace which was left with him when he was a child by his mother who's dead.

Powers and Abilities: Since Calvin is only a human he possesses no supernatural powers his abilities however are from different ranges. He's very experiences in the arts of battle, having served a few terms in the military as a cavalry soldier. Calvin has much endurance and a lot of speed which allows him to be quick like a wolf especially when he's using a one handed sword or a knife. Calvin is also silent just like a wolf and if he's hunting, you'll never know he's hunting you because of his stealthiness.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The only strength that Calvin possesses is the strength of will which has kept him alive for 34 years of his life. Without the will within his spirit and heart, he'll be destroyed and will cease to exist. On the other hand his weakness would be anything because he's a simple human. Things like fire, water and air maybe a strength but they can turn around and become his weaknesses as well since they can kill him without hesitation.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Calvin's main choice in a weapon would be a one-handed sword that's usually kept on his waist wherever he goes. His second choice would be a bow and arrow, especially when he's hunting or if he's investigating another land on orders given to him. Those are the only two weapons he finds himself to trust, all the other weapons have failed to keep him from getting hurt.

Background History: Calvin Uric Lief was born off the Carnage Coast of the Stormlands. His father was a local fisherman who married a whore from the brothel in the Reach. Both parents didn't expect to have a child especially so early their life. So the couple took the baby to the steps of the the Twins Keep in the Crosslands. A woman ended up finding Calvin and gave him a name and raised him like he was her own son. She was old in age and looks but she did what she could for the infant. As he grew older, she realized just how emotional he was. The old woman Olga sometimes had to fall asleep with him just so he would go to bed at night because he was afraid of the dark.

Even when he turned twelve the young lad was still afraid of the dark but it seemed he didn't need Olga's help to sleep anymore. The older Calvin got, the less he wanted of Olga's company. He seemed to grow distant from her and from the Twins Keep, until the point where he ran away and was never seen again. The only thing he has in his possession from that woman is a beaded necklace she made when he was a infant. He never took them off even if his life depended on it. After running away, Calvin ended up getting lost in the woods, a terrible place to be lost at. He ended up being attacked by a pack of wolves but since Calvin had been on the run for years, he was a strong young man who could take down any opponent. So he fought back and killed one of the wolves, the alpha.

Afterwards, Calvin ate the meat from the wolf and then took his fur as clothing so he could be protected during the harsh winters that were to come. Calvin ended up making it into a small village and there he murdered a man. A father of a girl he liked. They had gotten into a fight over Calvin wanting to marry her and Calvin killed him in cold blood. So now Calvin was wanted and the only thing he knew what to do was run, run as fast as he could to escape being captured. Of course it had only been a few years after that Calvin was captured and was taken to a place he never thought existed: Castle Black. Calvin was tossed into the pack of wolves but he fought against them and was brought the rank of initiate which meant he was worthy to protect Castle Black and take upon the oath of Night's Watch.

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against cold.
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[UTES] Calvin Uric Lief
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