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 [LIDALOU] Silas Ryder

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We Do Not Sow

Silas Ryder




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Quarter Master of the Night's Herald

Silas is notoriously known for his charm, rarely being with just one woman at a time. Neither mean or cruel, Silas will always let people know exactly what he thinks of a certain person or people. Silas was born with the ability to fight, and doesn’t really mind getting into a good tussle. Spending the majority of his time on boats, he rarely spends extended periods of time on land. Another reason of his hatred of land is horses, he says the chaff his legs, and would rather walk. Silas doesn't mind being around people but because he rarely lies and often let's people know what he thinks it's sometimes hard to make a lot of friends. If he cares or loves someone he will go out of his way to make sure they are safe and happy. Silas has a very decent judge of character, but sometimes can be a little bit cocky himself. Silas is known as a womanizer, due to his extraneous charm and charisma. Silas is also very humorous and sarcastic.

Physical Description:
His hair is dark brown, though in the sun it has a golden shine. He has the strong jaw line of his father, but the thinner body of his mother. Despite his lean stature, he possesses the strong sailor’s hand that have come along with years at sea, as well as muscle that many do now possess. Silas has a kindred smile, and a very well structured face. Sometimes, due to his exaggerated facial features, many can tell his mood just by the way his brow is sitting, or the way his lips are pursed. He tries to be clean cut, but after months at sea, he still gets a little burly.

Powers and Abilities:
*Silas can transform into the last animal that he has seen.
*Due to being Lycan, he has heightened senses, such as sight, smelling, and hearing.

Silas is skilled at hand to hand combat, sword fighting, throwing daggers, manning a ship.
Silas is also a natural born leader, so his ability is also seen as a strength when on a ship.

Silas cannot weild heavy weapons and armor, nor is he skilled at riding horses.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Two one handed swords passed down from his father
studded leather armor

Background History:
His father is a northern man, while his mother is an Iron born woman. They met when his mother was Visiting the north right before the war. They had a week long romance that quickly ended when his mother went back to the islands. Many months later Silas was born while his mother was working on a ship as a cook. Ever since birth Silas has felt most comfortable on ships or around areas with water, mostly the ocean. When he was 2 his mother decided to get married to an other cook working on one of the ships. His step father was like most of the iron born, rough and often drunk. It didn't take long before Silas gained a little sister. The two were close and grew up quick. Silas learned how to fight from his step father, and since he had the body of his mother Silas was taught how to fight with speed instead of force.

Silas didn't hate his life, but as he grew older he wanted more, he wanted to see what other places were out there. At 16 Silas took off, traveling the area, starting with the north. It was here he started looking for his father, and it didn't take long to find him. His father was a high up commander in the Stark Army, and welcomed his son with open arms. His father had married a pretty northern girl, and they had no children, his other siblings dying at a young age. He stayed with them for a year, learning more fighting skills from his father. They tried to teach him to ride a horse, but Silas didn't really like it, and wasn't really good at it. By this time he was seventeen, Silas had not only learned to read and write, he also learned about war and the area's history. Silas left, wanting to see more of the world. He traveled to the south, seeing the land of the kings, seeing what this area held for him. It seemed that where ever he went he never really felt right, he missed his home, and his family. After two years traveling the south he went across the sea, to the trading lands. It was on the way there he felt close to home, but once he was off the boat he stepped foot onto very strange land.

Silas traveled this land, making friends and making money. He learned all he could of this area, learning a few of the different languages, and the customs. He never really felt at home here, yet he felt better he then when he was land locked. Silas traded a while around this area, his skin tanning a little from the hot sun he lived under. At age twenty-two Silas wanted to go home. He took a boat and spent half a year traveling back to the Iron Islands. When he got back he saw many things had changed. His step father had died in a raid, leaving Silas his two lucky swords. His half sister had been married already, to the son of a wealth man on the Island. His mother was still working as a cook, only now she owned an Inn, and stayed on land. Silas moved back in with his mother, helping her keep the place in order, and helping her with money. He joined the Night's Herald, and soon became a Quarter Master. He like his job, and likes where he lives, though soon things went for the worst. His mother recently died, a fever having taken her. He had his sister take over the inn, while he keeps his mothers house. Though Silas misses his mother, he would never allow others to see it.

What is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger.

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[LIDALOU] Silas Ryder
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