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 [LONEWOLF162] Alyxandria Ann Marie Emery

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PostSubject: [LONEWOLF162] Alyxandria Ann Marie Emery   [LONEWOLF162] Alyxandria Ann Marie Emery Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 8:11 pm

Ours Is The Fury.

Name: Alyxandria Ann Marie Emery

Age: 20

Gender: female

Species: Tiger Shifter

Allegiance to House: Kings Landing

Role to House:
Artist Archer Singer Musician

Alyx is a kind serious careful and loving girl who has always had a chance to get out of trouble every one likes her after they meet her a few tend to like her so much that they want her. She can be very shy when it comes to things like who is it you love? She has grown into a beautiful young lade knowing that her mother had raised her right she has grown very connected to those around her seeing how many were hurt and others were left alone and were sad. Since she has been alone she is very used to being very calm and wanting to please others even if it means hurting herself in the end.

Physical Description: Womanly Curves pierced ears her eyes change with her mood

Powers and Abilities:
She has the power to change into a white tigress and has been known to create herb poultice to help heal those who are hurt in battle. She also changes into her Insignia but unlike the others it shall always be a white Stag no matter how much she wishes it not to be. Having that she can sing making some flowers bloom before they are supposed to. Her main connection to the earth is making it some what bend with her song to help the plants and flowers around her.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Her Strengths are her anger that fueled her to find the man who killed her family and raped her at a young age. Her weakness though is her love which can make her judgement some what clouded.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Background History:
Must be a minimum of 8 lines in length.
Alyx,s history goes way back with her father who had started a alliance with the people of kings landing the shifters had lived in harmony till one day a man had come from kings landing a evil man who had no liking for peace or the alliance that was there Alyx was at the age of 9 raped by this man who had found his way into the village he left a sign that who ever it was was from kings landing which infuriated the white tiger shifters and caused her father and family to find out why they were betrayed. As the men were gone the man had brought his own to capture more of them turning them into slaves or much worse Alyx and a few others had gotten away but it haunts her knowing that her siblings were gone. At the age of 13 she had found herself learning how to play instruments she had started a live singing for others so she could live and forget her past but now as she got older she learned who had raped her and tore her family apart wanting nothing more then to get revenge for her people she used her womanly talents to find him and when she did it was to late her anger had taken over and he was dead and a tiger,s foot print was all that was left. After that incident she had found herself alone no one with her no one wanting her she just stood alone in Kings landing wanting to love but no one would be there for her no one to love at her 20th birthday she had been courted but was to afraid to let him love her and so she swears no one would be brave enough to love her.

Do you believe a good soldier makes a good king?

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[LONEWOLF162] Alyxandria Ann Marie Emery
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