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 [SILVERBONES] Thaine Storm

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PostSubject: [SILVERBONES] Thaine Storm   Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:09 pm

Ours Is The Fury.

Name: Thaine Storm

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: Baratheon, Stormlands

Role to House: Swordsman

Personality: Thaine likes to be alone and doesn't like to be told what to do, which does not work well for what he does. Thaine likes to be creative and just let everything in his brain come out as an idea of what he should do next. Thaine is generally shy but he can be a great friend when he gets to know a person. Thaine is very loyal to his friends and family.

Physical Description: Thaine has blue eyes and dark hair. His hair is long and often unwashed. Thaine doesn't like to have long hair or a beard but he isn't often given the chance to clean himself. Thaine stays in shape because he is always working with his sword, whether he is on duty or off.

Powers and Abilities: As a human Thaine has no powers. His consists of fighting well with a sword an axe, though he seldom gets to fight with an axe.

Strengths: Loyal, strong willed, courageous

Weaknesses: Ladies man, doesn't listen to orders well

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Background History: Thaine grew up knowing he was a bastard, meaning his father and mother were not wed when we he was born. Thaine was very close to his mother but not to his father because he never knew his father, all he ever heard of his father was that his mother loved him very much, and that he loved her in return. When Thaine asked why he never met his father or had even seen him his mother would simply cry. As Thaine grew into a man he was teased by the other children about the fact that he was a bastard. Thaine knew that it would be hard for him to make a name for himself and wondered if joining the Nightwatch would be the best thing for him. Thaine decided to pick up fighting while he decided to join the Watch or not. He was suprised to find that fighting with a sword and axe came very easily to him. During the next few years Thaine was haunted with the choice of whether to join the Watch or fight for the noble house of Baratheon. He had finally made his decision to be a swordsman when the Baratheon house was split into those that were with Renly or with Stannis. As Renly was always kind to Thaine, though he was a bastard, he decided to fight for the true king, Renly.

Do you believe a good soldier makes a good king?

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[SILVERBONES] Thaine Storm
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