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 [LONEWOLF162] Zephoria Grace Daskalos

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PostSubject: [LONEWOLF162] Zephoria Grace Daskalos   [LONEWOLF162] Zephoria Grace Daskalos Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 8:03 pm

Winter is Coming.

Name: Zephoria Grace Daskalos

Age: 23


Species: Werewolf

Allegiance to House: Stark

Role to House: Archer Seamstress Pianist.
Are you a swordsman, archer, tactician, steward, squire, knight, or a simple farmer?
Choose from a list of jobs/roles here: Pianist Seamstress.

Zephoria is a calm collected sweet young woman strong and willing to aid others. In her main attempts to help others she can be very stubborn and and bull headed it takes many people to get her to stop trying to help others. Through her travels in Westero,s she had met Alyx (who will be added soon) She can't help but want to help those in need her true kindness is what brings her to be a helpless romantic.

Physical Description:
Zephoria is a about 5,7 young woman very well equipped with womanly curves and other things. She has only the regular earrings in her ears along with beautiful blue eyes some what muscular with her training with the bow and sword. Along her hip is a scar where she was attacked at a young age she was cursed and hurt by the man she was helped raised by.

Powers and Abilities:
She has the ability to change into a wolf during the moon cycles and can also heals herself quicker then a normal human. But if it is a pure silver that has harmed her it will take longer to heal. She can sing and make others want to know more about her it will inspire others sexual preference to normal humans.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
AS a Werewolf she has little weaknesses when in wolf form, however, fire is enough to ward her away. She has also very weak against Pure Silver she can barely touch it with out breaking out in painful soars. If the Pure silver is forced into her system or is sneaked into her food she will die.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Under Armor:pointup


Over Armor:pointup





Other Random Weapons

Background History:
Zephoria was the daughter of a very rich piano maker in Essos her mother was very sweet and loving and cared deeply for there daughter but her uncle Demetri had killed both her parents during a full moon and accidentally scratching his niece.As she got older she stayed by her uncle mourning her family,s death she was offered to a nobleman,s son so that she would be safe in a good home.Her uncle was truly caring but he could not be around her any more for he was after the one who turned him as well and once the creator was killed they both would be allowed to be normal once more or so he hoped.Sadly her nobleman love was killed by her during the same full moon that her mother and father were killed on she has mourned the days that it had happened.

During her life as a human she had made many friends and a lot of students who were willing to learn from her. After her love was killed she had wandered on her own working as a seamstress and a wandering musician playing for nobles and churches.During one of her works a man had her caught in his eyes. He had wanted her but she was not willing to give up her flower her pureness so another could be happy. All she had to do was say come with me and he was easy dinner but in the end she hurt herself knowing she had used him to get her meal. After that incident she had swore not to kill an so she locked herself away not wanting to ever deal with such thing. As she lived she felt sorry for herself only to be called out by a child in need and now she wanders the world in search of what she can do to keep herself out of trouble.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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[LONEWOLF162] Zephoria Grace Daskalos
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