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 [JACKOL69] Terra Crakehall

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Hear Me Roar.


Name: Terra Crakehall

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Oracle

Allegiance to House: Lannister

Role to House:
Daughter of a lower lord

She has a bit of an artists temper, and loves change. She often paints her walls, or cuts her hair, or just change things around when she can. Though she can become mad quickly she is still a kind person, often helping those that need it. She always carries paper and chalk, that way she could talk to others. She often has a hard time making friends, mostly because she is so random, and will even pause and stare off into space, which meant she was getting a vision, though her lack of speech and hearing make things a little hard too. She wakes up every morning and paints her dream from the night, most of the time they are visions, but there have been times when they aren't. She is very lady like, never getting into fights though she will get messy. She often likes being around animals more then people, and tends to get along with almost all animals. She is closest friends with her main servant, a girl that helps her move furniture and pick out paints.

Physical Description:
Her hair is blond and long, hitting to her midback, her eyes green with many different colors flaked in, which often change around after she sleeps, including some unnatural looking colors. She is on the shorter side being only 5'4


Powers and Abilities:
She will get visions in her sleep of the future, past or present. There are few times she'll get them while awake, and she remembers them all, though she often has to paint them out.


Strengths and Weaknesses:
She is deaf, though because of it her other senses are much more strong then most peoples.
She is a skilled writer and artiest
She can't talk, and when she tries it sounds strange, so she tries hard not to make sounds
She is very good at reading lips, and almost always knows what a person is saying if she is looking at their mouth

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
written words, art, and riches

Background History:
Her mother died giving birth to her, and she was the only child for five years before her father remarried, the second wife giving birth to a little boy. Her father was disappointed that Terra was a girl, and even more disappointed that she was deaf. He was never very loving to her, though he kept her safe, and often bought her the things she needed for her arts. Her step mother was even more cold then her father, often considering Terra to be a bastard. The second wife died when Terra was 10, giving birth to her second child, a little girl who died a year later. She and her brother got along well enough, and as he got older he felt a need to protect her more and more, keeping her safe from anything, including boys. When Terra was 20, her brother 15 their father married again, this time to a kind woman, who took good care of the two siblings. It didn't take long before the new wife was with child, a little boy, who is now 2. Terra and her brother Ulric often take care of their little brother Gavin, teaching him what they can. Though it isn't hard to see that Gavin is also deaf, something that disappoints her father. Terra knows the child has the same gifts as her, even if her father refuses to believe it.
Terra wishes to escape the castle where she lives, and see the world she only dreamed about in her visions, though she knows it was very unlikely that will ever happen without an escort. For now she only dreams of the faceless man, the one who in her dreams takes her away and shows her what the world is really like.
Her father is still a cold man, often gone away for the war, while her stepmother is often busy taking care of things, or visiting friends. While Ulric learns the ways of fighting Terra learns the ways of art, already making beautiful works, ones from her visions, or even just some of her family or servants, a few even of nature.


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[JACKOL69] Terra Crakehall
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