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 [DRAGONGOD] Papref Ocuirar

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PostSubject: [DRAGONGOD] Papref Ocuirar    [DRAGONGOD] Papref Ocuirar  Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 7:57 pm

Family, Duty, Honor.

Name: Papref Ocuirar (Usually called Pape)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Oracle

Allegiance to House: Tully.

Role to House:

Personality: Pape is very quiet, choosing to avoid most people rather than interact with the world. He had trouble interacting with others, though he assumed that was due to his lack of sight. Pape is ever-willing to fight, and has adapted to his lack of sight, his other senses making up for that deficiency. Even though he has adapted to his blindness, he still does not like it when one comments on the fact, though he has nothing against using the fact to his advantage in any way possible. He dislikes most animals, seeing them as more of nuisance than anything else, though he has a love for horses, and enjoys the feeling of the speed with which they allow him to travel.

Physical Description: Pape is of decent height, standing at about six feet and two inches in height. He has long, pure white hair and his eyes are the same pure white… Though he never removes the blindfold which adorns his face. His skin as incredibly pale, nearly the same shade as his hair, though with a slightly pinker tint to it.

Powers and Abilities: He has the ability to see possible future outcomes, though his predictions can change depending upon choices that are made, therefore, the closer to the current time the predictions are, the more accurate they can be.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is blind, and though he has worked to have his other senses make up for that fact, especially so his ability to predict things as they happen, he is still blind and is often found running into a wall during combat…

Weapons and Armour of Choice: His favored weapon is a long, swept hilt, rapier, which he wears at his side.

He doesn’t wear any ‘armor’, but he adorns himself in simple black trousers, and an equally black tunic just as simple. Over these he wears a long, leather cloak that reaches down to his ankles. His trousers are tucked in to a pair of plain black riding boots, and his rapier in it’s black scabbard, the handle a white equal to that of his hair and skin.

Background History: Pape was born as a rather small child, and he was born blind. No one saw a problem with his blindness until he reached the age of 12 and was not able to be much help with jobs around the towns or even at home. Pape’s eyes were always commented on when he was growing up, which is why he took to wearing his blindfold. He disliked having people mock him for his blindness, and it’s not like the blindfold impaired his seeing ability. However, it was once he hit 13 years of age that he began having the visions. He was able to see things before they happened, and as soon as he began predicting things and reporting them to those in the town, he was branded as a witch. At this point, his family saw him as useless, even with his adapting to his blindness, but with the visions, the family could not keep him around any longer and disowned him. This made him bitter, and caused him to retreat into the forest where he stayed for month, unable to know which way he was going. This is when he saw the real value of his visions. He was able to predict which way the rabbit would jump, and even what would happen if he cut certain places while trying to clean and prepare the animal, which probably kept him from spoiling the meat hundreds of times. Pape even went as far as to discover how to use his ability to walk, using his visions to tell him what would happen should he choose to go a certain direction. He used this newfound ability to make his way out of the forest, and now he heads in the direction of the castle of House Tully, hoping he can put his ability to good use for this war stricken land.

Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell.

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[DRAGONGOD] Papref Ocuirar
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