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 [SHADOWESS] Natasha Phlox

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PostSubject: [SHADOWESS] Natasha Phlox   [SHADOWESS] Natasha Phlox Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 7:24 pm

Winter is Coming.

Natasha Phlox




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Farmer's daughter (Farmer Apprentice)

Natasha is nieve and kind, with a gentle nature and believes there's good in everyone. She also believes that everyone deserves second chances. Being "innocent" she

dreams of meeting the love of her life, getting married and having children. She believes the man she'll marry will be handsome, rich and kind and is constantly on the

look out for him. She tries her best to be happy and help her father even though they're struggling to grow the plants they need before harvest to be able to pay off

their debt. Though she doesn't doubt her father's love for her, she fears that he may one day take drastic action to save both of them from poverty.

Physical Description:

Short White/blonde hair which curl almost into ringlets. She has deep blue eyes that seem to be able to see straight through people. When she's angry, her eyes stand

out the most to give her a fierce look. She has a slender and fragile figure but don't be fooled, when feeling threatened she can give one hell of a slap.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Good at sewing both cloth and seed.
  • She can knit with wool
  • Goes about general house work without complaint.
  • She's a novice cook but she can skin small animals easily.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:
  • Generous
  • Kind and caring
  • Willing to defend those she loves despite her lack of fighting knowledge.

  • lack of fighting knowledge.
  • Very Nieve and trusting

    Weapons and Armour of Choice:
    A pocket knife she normally uses when harvesting vegatables.

    Background History:
    Her mother died giving birth to her, it was a tragic loss for her father but luckily he did not blame her for her mothers death. He saw the death as a symbol of her

    mother passing on her life to give their daughter a life. Her father is very gentle and protective of her and from the moment she could walk, he began teaching her

    about growing and caring for crops. For her sixteenth birthday, he bought her a horse which she loved but wondered where he'd gotten the money for it. It wasn't long

    after that they fell into a debt that just kept growing. Only a year later, her father had to sell the horse he'd bought for Natasha. Natasha was broken hearted but understood the reasons why however she now feared what they may have to do in order to get out of this terrible debt. In this recent year, they didn't get many seeds from their crops and just couldn't afford to buy any more seeds. All they can do now is grow the small patch of crops that they do have and hope the gods are kind to them.

  • When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

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    [SHADOWESS] Natasha Phlox
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