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 [Akasha302] Lucinda

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Name: Lucinda

Age: 23

Gender: female

Species: werewolf

Allegiance to House: Arryn

Role to House: general slave

Mina is a calm and smart woman. She usually stays in the background, because she isnt much of a people person. Only a few people have gotten to know her but when you do she is very nice and friendly. She tends to crack a joke here and there just to do it. She has a motherly nature to her. She is very protective over things that she loves. She is very noble and morale. She is also very passionate.

Physical Description:
Mina is about 5'5 in height and weights 132 pounds. She has light blue eyes and a light brown skin tone. Her hair is in messy brown locks that stops at her waist. She is curvy in the right places. She has long drak eyelashes that brings out her eyes more.

Powers and Abilities:
Mina can change into a wolf. She has keen sense of sight and smell. She has good hearing and hunting skills.

Make sure that your powers and abilities relate to your race of choice.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Sterngths- speed, agility, strength, stealth, passion, can control herself
Weakness- cant trust easily, her emotions which clouds her judgement, her temper

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
a simple dagger ( Ill put up a pic when i can)

No modern day equipment is allowed to be used, i.e.: no guns, no bulletproof vests etc.

Background History:
Mina use to live in a small unknown village. They were very simple people and were in poverty. There were damgers outside of the village and she was told to never go outside at night. When she was young she would stay inside but as she got older she knew that she needed to start providng for her family. Mina would go out and hunt for her family everyday when she had time at the age of 16. As she grew older she grew more expirenced and started to go hunt by herself. One night the village was attacked. People ran and scattered into the woods, even though it was dangerous to go in there at night. They didnt have a choice. Mina got seperated from her family. All of a sudden she was tackled to the ground and was attacked. She didnt know what was happening but she still fought. She was scratched and bitten. Some people came up with tourches and scared the beast away. Mina was nearly dead but she was taken to a healer. As the healer was healing her the lasy realized that she was attacked by a werewolf. She explained this to Mina and told her that she would chamge whenever there was a moon in the sky. Mina decided to keep it a secret when she went back home. Every night she would go deep in the forest to a small house. It held a dungeon so she would tie herself up in chains to control herself. She had no memories of what happens when she is changed and that terrified her. Whenever she went into town she wore long dresses to hide the scratches on her legs. She grew her hair out long to hide the bite on her neck. You cant really see it until you look closely. She learned how to control it a little. She lived with that until she turned 23. Her village was taken over and they took the women and sent them of to kingdoms to be slaves. She was sent to the Aryn kingdom. She knew that she would never see her family again but she needed to move on. She decided to make the best of what she could.

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[Akasha302] Lucinda
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