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 [Shadow_7] Nolan Dark

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Nolan Dark


Name: Nolan Dark

Age: 113

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Allegiance: The Nights Watch (If accepted. If not please advise on how to be accepted or suggest a house)

Role: Nolan's Skills are that of a spy and assassin. But he's well attuned to being a Ranger. Also possible Wondering Crow. (If accepted. If not I am willing to do whats needed to be.)


Nolan Dark Had gained and lost many riches in his time. Loved and lost, killed and saved. He lived as a Rebel, a Rogue and a thief and also lived as a count and lord. He cared for none of it. Cares for none still now in the days when the Iron throne is once again being fought for. Nolan only revels in the Chaos of the Realms and in his own ways of the night. He has little attachment for anything gained only the action of attaining it.

He has little qualms with being grimy and living in the wilderness or being clean and regal. Is as comfortable in the wilderness with blades in hand and blood on his teeth as he is in castle walls keeping secrets and controlling the flow of information.

Nolan is well humored with unfailing charisma and charm. His Darker edge is never far out of sight. One may never know if they are his friend or his enemy until its to late. When Nolan does make true friends he keeps them as long as they keep him. This is the only true from of loyalty that exists in his heart still. He has a concept of Fairness that few would understand.

He was a cunning man and made an even more cunning Vampire, in both the ways of politics and the ways of battle. Though he would always choose the sneaky, cleaner way over the messy loud way he has little against doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

He's an admitted lustful sort but doesn't completely lack love.

He's a cheat and a Liar but not evil by any means.

He has a soft spot for women. He is more likely to serve a Lady loyally than any lord.

He values anyone who earned or took their power rather than those that had it given to them.

He hates those who have and flaunt more than they would ever need.

He has a respect for fellow survivors and those that revel in the ways of the darkness.

He has a bitter contempt of all religions he's come across in his existence and enjoys mocking most of them. His sayings include "The night is dark and full of terrors... terrors just like me.." And, "Most say 'Not today' to the God of Death, I say 'Not Ever.'"

Nolan is difficult to anger and harder to tell when angry.

Nolan hides few of his secrets. He feels that wearing them openly makes them much less dangerous to him.

He is a difficult individual to threaten to hurt in that he has next to nothing he values enough to care about losing except his life and in that regard he boasts "I'm difficult to kill." Feeling that the Darkness itself values him to much to let him die.

Physical description:

Pale skinned and much of his body is covered in tribal and symbolic tattoos but most are hidden by clothes. Also has a few scars from prolonged exposure to the sun.

His Eyes are an almost unearthly blue.

Has long black hair.

Stands about 5 foot 8 inches.

He's very lean. Not overly muscular. Skinny but toned.

Powers and Abilities:

Basic Vampiric strength and exceptional speed.

Vampiric seduction and manipulation powers.

Vampiric healing.

Exceptional stealth.


Nolan in his time has developed exceptional powers of observation and deduction.

He was also particularly capable of moving without being seen or heard this stealth mastery was only enhanced with his vampirism.


Nolan has basic vampiric weaknesses to sunlight but also has a soft spot for those who are spit upon. He tends to root for the underdogs in most regards. He's been duped before by wolves in sheep's clothing. He also has a tendency to go out of his way to punish those who he feels deserves it. This too has tended distract him and leave his guard down and landed him in trouble. Nolan also has a weakness for women.

Weapons and equipment:

Nolan carries to basic tools of an assassin.

He duel wields a pair of Elvish blades named Dusk and Dawn Photobucket

As well as a simple black bow and a few arrows.

He also carries an intricate blow dart gun with some poisoned darts. Photobucket

This along with a few simple throwing knives completes most of his belongings.

His garb is always black and complete with a cloak and hood. His armor is more belts and buckles to carry and conceal and assortment of knives and daggers than much of anything else. Being vampiric he has little need to keep warm. Usually wears a buckled leather bracer bracer on his left fore arm and fingerless gloves. He has a few steel rings of various signets and seals he'd taken from past targets. He hates plate armor so he wears only a single plate of venetian steal scorched black and fastened with a few belts and buckles over his heart.

Background history:

Born of a Targaryen lady's affair with a man of the brotherhood without banners during the time when the Targaryens reigned over the land a great many years before King Robert Baratheon. His mother was killed by her husband once he found that the boy was not his son and his true father disappeared without a trace. It was the child's hair that gave him away. It was black in place of the silver hair that should have been. He only survived due to his mothers servant girl to took him and escaped. He was given the name Nolan by his mother but had no right to the Targaryen name so he was simply called Nolan Dark for it was his dark hair that cursed him. He grew up living a hard life of begging and stealing in the company of criminals hating the rich and powerful. As a boy he grew very good at sneak thievery. A life of hard knocks and close calls shaped the boy who was never very strong into a crafty survivor. At 13 Nolan killed a man who was beating a boy much younger than him for stealing a crust of bread. He was awaiting execution in the capital dungeons when a recruiter from the Nights Watch came and he volunteered to go to the wall. Nolan had no intention to ever see the wall and he escaped while traveling north. He lost a his ring finger on his left hand in the sword fight with the crows before he escaped into the woods. In the wilderness on the brink of death a group of wildlings stumbled upon him. He survived yet again by charm. He lived among wildlings for a time learning how to live and survive in the wilderness which he loved well enough in all its freedom but eventually was driven back to the cities where his stealthy skills had only improved with many months of stalking game in the woods.

It wasn't long before he uped his game and became a master thief, stealing from lords and ladies in all the houses. He was a shadow but still young. In early adult hood he set aside his living as a thief and became a soldier in the capital. Although he learned to fight well this exploit was short lived as his potential for spying was found out. He was an ear to many doors, an eye through many windows for a time and he saw the truth behind politics. He found he both hated and loved it. He found he could manipulate it and at that moment he saw no power to any gods or man. He found that power resided in the shadows where man and gods secrets hid. In time he was suspected in the capital of spreading falsehoods and for the most part getting on the bad side of the wrong people with power but yet again his wits saved him and he disappeared from the capital and joined a band of mercenaries. He traveled widely across the narrow sea and back then back across again. He learned many tricks and talents. He also learned that loyalty could be bought, sold and stolen like everything in life. He learned to reject most all religions in the lands. He felt he owed his existence to the Darkness itself for he felt he served it and it served him.

In time he found himself in Braavos where he came upon a legendary assassin who went by no name and was daughter of none. He was mentored by her for years. Together they traveled all over Essos and Westeros. It was a life of Shadows and Darkness, Manipulation, lust and death. Nolan had little sense of honor... Little sense of loyalty. He was loyal to that he felt deserved loyalty and loyal only to the night.

In time the Nameless Lady of the Night whom he had been taught by finally found him worthy and offered to him the Night, the shadows and Eternal life. The vampiric gift. Nolan Accepted without hesitation.

Since that night The Lady of the Night had long since disappeared from Nolans existence. Even he knows not where she'd gone.

Nolan travels unseen through the lands of Westeros and learned much about the houses. He finds little he doesn't hate about many but he also knows he doesn't truly belong to any of them. He's developed his own opinions of the houses. Of all of them he hates the house of Lannester the most with all its riches. He feels the Starks deserve to role the north. He cares the least about House Frey whom he sees as a glorified bridge keeper. He pities the Targaryens even if is terrible mothers husband was one of them and cursed his life. To much time had passed and any hope of revenge against the one who had him forsaken had turned to dust as his mother had long turned to dust. He feels he might serve a queen of the house Targaryen if she were to rise to power but his ideals of loyalty are fleeting at best. Nolan agrees with the concepts of the Iron Islanders in paying the Iron Price but little else of them. He's found the lands of the Vale beautiful but finds the house of Arryn a blemish on its beauty. Many houses he hasn't a care in the world for. He weighs his loyalty to any house on a scale of how much he wants each to burn. Any actions he would take to help or heart any of them would not be of loyalty or honor but how much pleasure he might attain from the actions or results. As things stands he might find side with any who mean to bring the Lannesters to ashes.

As for the Iron throne Nolan Dark would sit a Blacksmith upon it if he could make it so.

Nolan Dark was and is a tried and tested assassin, thief, master of secrets, conspirator, escape artist and survivor. But in the end it was his being a child of the night that landed him yet again on the road to the Wall and castle black. Nolan was once again at the bottom of things again. Having lost his riches and was out of friends as is the way of one with no loyalties but to himself. Caught in the forest of the north among wildlings by men of the Nights Watch. The wildlings where all killed by he fought on with a style and strength that both impressed and frightened the Crows. At first it was evident that Nolan was no Wildling by his garb, It became evident that he wasn't with his speed and ruthlessness in the fight. A few crows had fallen by the time he was brought down. He was to be beheaded when the leader of the nights watchmen band thought he might offer the vampire an opportunity to instead of dieing a terrible hated creature of the night that he might instead join the ranks of the Nights Watchmen and serve the cause as what could be better at fighting cold undead and strange things that lived beyond the wall than something that was not so different from them. The Crow offered no promises that he would be accepted for what he was, or allowed to take the oath but he could go with them to the wall and try or he could choose death here and now instead of later at the wall. Nolan was weak from lack of blood and had little choice but to go with no hope of escape this time. But if he would be accepted into the Ranks of the Nights Watchmen he might owe it to them to serve for at least a time.

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[Shadow_7] Nolan Dark
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