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 [Viyra_Bloodless] Aedeen Archer

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Aedeen Archer

Name: Aedeen Archer

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Allegiance to House: House Lannister

Role to House: Prostitute

Aedeen is a spitfire. She loves the life of a prostitute because it affords her the luxury of being able to satisfy multiple partners. She is very modest, but her statements can be bold and offputting. She is smart and she knows it, but she doesn't like to use it against people. She knows she is attractive, but she still stays very insecure. She is a wild woman, but there are some lines that she will not cross. She is a very honorable woman, even if she does not act it. Loyal to a fault, she will take a bullet for the house that she pledges her allegiance to.

Physical Description:
Aedeen also has a birthmark on her right thigh. It doesn't look like anything, it's just a shady splotch. She also has several scars on her hands from various customers, accidents, and extraneous fights she partook in.

Powers and Abilities:
Besides the strength and speed of a normal vampire, Aedeen was gifted with the rare ability of being able to read people's minds.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths- elegance and beauty, intelligence, strength, speed, seduction, speech
Weaknesses- sunlight, stakes to the heart, beheading, she doesn't handle negativity well (people lose body parts), introversion

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
She rarely uses weapons, but when she does, she uses her tiny knife that she smuggled out of the brothel's kitchen. She only has her reflexes to guard her from injury.

Background History:
Aedeen was born in the town of Westeros to two loving parents. She wanted one day to be a great queen, as all young girls do. As she grew older, she learned quickly that she would never become queen like Cersei Lannister. So, she inspired herself to be a great writer of poetry and other folk tales. After years of her father's tutoring, she found herself with a notebook and a pen accompanying her at all times. She moved to King's Landing to immerse herself in the great culture with the money that she accrued by doing various favors for her neighbors and by selling her poetry. She was quickly disheartened when her money ran out quickly and she had to choose between returning home or working in a brothel. With her wide-eyed hope to pursue her writing, she chose to stay and write during her off-time. That all came to a crashing halt when she met that one client. She never knew his name, he just drifted through town like smoke. He spent the night in her bed, and by morning, she awoke with a ferocious sizzling of her skin. She was cursed by this customer, and six months later, she is still adjusting to her life as a vampire.

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[Viyra_Bloodless] Aedeen Archer
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