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 [Angel-Jade] Daenerys Targaryen

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Daenerys Stormborn
The Unburnt
Mother of Dragons
The Silver Queen
Silver Lady
Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms
Protector of the Realm
Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea
Breaker of Shackles
Breaker of Chains
Princess of Dragonstone







Allegiance to House:

House Targaryen

Role to House:

Queen Across the Sea

Daenerys is a beautiful young woman who has slowly grown into her power and status. For many years she was subservient to her brother and very naive, believing anything he told her.She was at first very trusting of her brother and his decisions no matter of whether she agreed or not. She was always a silent presence but never voiced her opinions for fear of his crazed wrath. She was never emotional though, she has always had her emotions in check and found an inner strength within herself to survive with her mad brother. Eventually his misdeeds found her sold to the barbaric Khal Drogo from which she learned who she was meant to be.
Daenerys immediately showed her inner strength when she was married off to the Khal. Her wedding in itself showcased the Targaryen strength.The events that transpired at her wedding could be traumatizing to such a young girl but she got through and suffered no emotional harm from the experience and prospered at the event and has ever since.Daenerys instantly fell in love with the Dothraki culture and took to it easily after gaining a presence with the Khal in bed. She knew she must please him and sought the help of handmaiden Doreah for advice on pleasing him but the advice she took came to more than mere pleasing and grew until she would mount him to show her own power and status to him. This gained the Khals respect and eventually his love. He saw her growing more and more comfortable and willing with her power. As soon as she stopped acting like a Dothraki slave and like a Khaleesi she got a taste of what she could do and blossomed from it and quickly became recognized as not just the Khals wife, but his equal. Her strength had always come from within but as she grew as a woman and a khaleesi she found strength in her people and husband. Dany soon found that with the right tone she had the power and respect of her Dothraki though she never abused this power.
Her loyal companion Ser Jorah always notes that she has a gentle heart which Daenerys denies fiercely but Ser Jorah is fully correct. Daenerys feels for her people and cannot stand to see any of them harmed and that compassion even extends to strangers. She has saved and freed countless slaves with the strength of a true khaleesi, defying even her husband. She has power and compassion, an ignitable pair of traits. She is loved by her people and loves them in return, and has always done everything within her power to protect them no matter what harm it may bring to herself later.

Physically: The Targaryen line has obvious physical features that years of incest has kept in tact, Daenerys is no exception. As the name The Silver Queen suggests her locks are long and silver with a wave to them like the waves of carved wood. Another tell-tale sign of her lineage is her amethyst colored eyes which are seen no where outside of dragon's blood. Daenerys is often described a small and beautiful. Her body type is petite, a mere 5 feet 3 inches tall is the height of this queen and feathery light weight.
Daenerys' white hair has been kept half back in braids since her assimilation into the Dothraki culture as that is custom. She wears it half up in these braids instead of fully up to show her heritage of Westeros while still showing her new dothraki life. Her amethyst eyes are large, round, and doe-like but have grown as hard as dragons scales and as fierce as a flame. Her nose is small and has a button tip with an elegant slope to it. Her cheeks are tinted pink and has an overall fair complexion that has grown darker from days of travel. She is generally small in stature and very compact, the smallest in the khalasar, children excluded.
Daenerys' clothing has changed as she has grown and become more assimilated. At first she preferred silk or cloth slip dresses that hung loosely around her form and carried this style until she fully accepted the Dothraki style. After gaining the Khals respect she began braiding her hair up and wear rough burlap and leather halter shirt and long skirts. Her clothes can be described as distressed with their tattered edges from all the wear. Her riding boots are leather and come to her knees which she wears with her skirts that fall into four cloth strips to allow for movement. This outfit is the most common though sometimes she will add more strips of cloth for style. Sometimes though her entire attire may change. Her least common attire though is dresses though for special occasions she may wear one. Before she accepted the Dothraki style and culture though she wore nothing but cotton or silk slip dresses that did nothing for her figure but as she took on the dothraki style she wore the close fitted leathers and burlaps.

Strength & Weakness

Daenerys' most noted strength comes from her dragons and her belief in her own abilities. She has always found strength in her dragon eggs which remind her who she is and who her family is. Dany's main strength is her tolerance for fire and heat, the scorching sun of the Dothraki Plains having no effect on her. She has also always found strength in her people, acting in ways to help and benefit them. Inside Daenerys posses the inner strength to rule the Iron Throne, which is indeed her final goal. She has promised her people safety and that is what she will give to them as well as the people of Westeros though she can make no such promises to those who have wronged her.

Daenerys' main weakness is how she was raised and her age. She was raised harshly by a cruel brother who constantly beat her. This tore down her self-esteem over the years and her self-confidence and it took Khal Drogos love to gain her confidence back. She is also young to be in such a powerful position and does what she thinks is best though many may not agree with her choices she believes in them whole heartedly. She knows her choices effect her people but when she does not get what she expected she occasionally lashes out. She does keep her temper buried though, refusing the Targaryen madness that plagues so many of them.

The History of the Exiled Princess
Daenerys was born on Dragonstone during a great storm to Queen Rhaella Targaryen. The situations of her birth were in their own extraordinary and gave birth to the nickname of Stormborn. Her father the Mad King Aerys II was already dead by the time of her birth and her mother died giving her to the world. She had been left with no family except for her older brother Viserys after the slaughter of every known Targaryen though it is rumored several may still live. Her life was a miracle in the storm that was Robert's Rebellion.
Raised in in the Free City of Pentos by Magister Illyrio and her brother Viserys she was treated like a princess and silence was expected of her in return, to be seen and not heard. Her guardians arranged to marry the sixteen-year-old Daenerys to Khal Drogo, a great leader among the Dothraki people. Viserys had hoped to then use the thousands of men in Drogo's khalasar to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Despite Daenerys's fear and apprehension, she had no choice but to accept her brother's will and wed the barbarian Drogo, young Dany had been raised to fear her elder brother and his rath when she disobeyed. It became clear to her that the two did not and coould not love her if they would be so willing to give her away to such a barbarian. She felt alone in the world once more even if she physically was not. At her wedding she sat stoically beside her husband as was tradition. Death and violence surrounded her but still she remained silent and observing though fear coursed through her veins. After tradition had run its course she was given her own gifts, 6 in total. The banished knight Ser Jorah Mormont gifted her with knowledge of the Seven Kingdoms through a pile of books her gave to her. Magister Illyrio gifted her with three petrified dragon egss whom she felt an instant connection to despite the years that had turned them to only stone. Her brother gave her three handmaidens, Doreah, Irri, & Jhiqui, who were meant to be her most trusted caretakers. Her last and most treasured gift was a silver mare given to her from her new husband. He lifted her small body atop her horse and lifted himself onto his and they rose into the setting sun together, and together consumated their marriage.
At first, Daenerys was terrified of her husband Drogo and the Dothraki. Over time she became accustomed to the wyas and traditions of the Dothraki and she even came to love her husband and lose her fear not only of the Dothraki, but of her brother as well. As the khalasar moved east to Vaes Dothrak Dany learned of what would be expected of her and of Westeros through Ser Jorah. The times alone in her tent with Drogo changed from rough and unfeeling to loving and warm and from that love she began to grow his son inside her.Vaes Dothrak, the heart of the Dothraki Sea, this is where Drogo presented Daenerys to the dosh khaleen as his new bride and mother of his unborn child. She took part in the stallion heart ceremony, a ceremony to determine her strength within the khalasar and if she could not finish the heart her son was said to be born either stillborn or worse, a female.Warm blood falling over her arms and face she finished the heart without returning it back up. The dosh khaleen prophesied that their son would be "the stallion that mounts the world," a long-prophesied Dothraki conqueror that would lead the Dothraki to glory, conquering and uniting the world behind him.
The khalasar stayed in Vaes Dothrak for some time and her brother soon became restless. One night she sent her handmaiden Doreah to invite him to dinner with her, she had been stitching new clothes for him so that the dothraki would take him more seriously. The mad man beat Doreah and tossed her to Dany's feet, telling her that he does not take orders from whores.Dany tried to remain diplomatic but he would have none of it. He had incited her temper and newfound confidence,he had threatened her and her son and that would not do, she lashed out at her brother no longer fearing him. He had not learned though and he had shown his face again at one of their parties in a drunken rage. He had again threatened her and her child but she could not shed blood in Vaes Dothrak even if he had broken one of the rules by drawing his sword. She now respected and understood the dothraki culture and hated that he had broken their laws but she was even more afraid for him as he was still her brother, her only blood. Her husband was wise though and knew he needed to be killed, she watched as he poured molten gold over her brothers head and could only think how he had mislead himself all these years believing he was a dragon, fire could not kill a dragon. His death made Daenerys the last Targaryen.
With Viserys' dead, her husband became disinterested in invading Westeros this, however, changed when an attempt on Daenerys' life was made. Before she had urged him to continue the invasion but he refused finding no interest or place for his khalasar.But when an assassin was sent from Westeros with a cask of poised wine meant for the khaleesi only to be foiled by the wise words of Ser Jorah Khal Drogo became enraged when he learned of the events. The threat on his wife and sons life enraged him enough to vow his invasion of Westeros, something no khal had done before. With this vow in mind they continue east and pillage foreign lands, for slaves to sell for ships so they could make the crossing to Westeros. Though she does not agree with these means Daenerys knows there is no point to trying to talk the angered khal out of this. During one of the raids of a Lhazareen town, Daenerys witnesses a young girl being raped by the warriors and ordered her own to save the girl, not able to bear the sight that was before her.
She took more women on under her wing to protect them from the harm they had before endured despite protests of the warriors giving merit to the Ser Jorahs words that she has a gentle heart. She knew now the power she held with the people and refused to watch these women be beaten and raped as she had seen her late brother do. In the raid she rescued on of the women at the hands of a bloodrider, Mago. Mago was furious and brought her before the khal only to be shut down by him as Drogo saw the fierceness of Dany's beliefs and stood by her choice, backing it up. The bloodrider lost his temper and fought the khal wounding his shoulder before being killed. Daenerys instantly ordered one of the women she saved, a priestess, to tend to his wound despite his protests. The wound festered though and her khal soon became too weak to ride, even falling from his horse one day. Daenerys begged the priestess to save her husband, ignoring Ser Jorah's council and endured the consequence of blood magic. Word spread in the khalasar moments later and when another bloodrider threatened her Ser Jorah fought on her behalf but not before she was shoved to the ground, killing her son. Despite the loss of her son at the consequences of her decision to use dark magic the women she saved betrayed her and instead kept the khal alive but as only a brain-dead body. Watching her mighty warrior husband suffer as a brainless body Daenerys forces herself to kill him by her own hands and no longer has the two men she loved most, her son and husband. She soon arranged for his pyre to be built.
After the khals death many members of the khalasar broke off or left all together but she was not discouraged by this. The night came when it was time to burn her husband on the coast under the moon. Her eyes had still been ringed in red from her tears but she had held strong and delivered her words to her people, freeing them from enslavement asking them to stay but not threatening them if they left and many did leave. She turned back to the structure that had been built before her and ordered Rakharo to tie the priestess to the pyre also after having placed her dragon eggs with her husbands body. She did not know why but she knew she must place the eggs atop the pyre and join him in the flames and she would. But before she had to comfort Ser Jorah, he feared for her life, he knew her plan. She had placed the torch on the structure and looked back once more at her people. Her dress blew in the wind like the licking flames as she stepped over the first ring of fire and found her way to his side.
As dawn broke the smoke from the great pyre dissipated into the air and left a hazy fog over the cliff but Ser Jorah and three warriors found their way to her unburnt body. Glancing up she noticed their footsteps and rose with three small dragons on her body. The three warriors Agge, Jhogo, and Rakharo swore themselves to be her bloodriders and the entire khalasar fell to a knee in shock and respect. She was now a leader of her own khalasar and a khaleesi in her own right. The black dragon, Drogon, perched himself on her shoulder and hissed. The other two pulled away from her breasts and added their voices to the call, translucent wings unfolding and stirring the air and for the first time in hundreds of years the night came alive with the music of dragons.

Shekh ma shieraki anni

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[Angel-Jade] Daenerys Targaryen
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