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 [darkestangel17] Quintin Compton

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3000 post character:)

Quintin Compton






Shape Shifter wolf and Silver trout

As a Wolf

His house animal form Trout

Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

Guardsman(At the Stoney Sept)


Quintin is a man whom none ever forget when meeting him, he is intelligent and silent mostly, letting his actions speak for the words he cannot seem to find at time's. He has offten lived alone, and in moments finds solitude highly better then being around other's, inside him he tends to hold in his thoughts feelings, and offten swallows his pride inside himself. Most men do not understand, him but women do with the fair sex he is charming, with a silver tongue offten able to charm the gown off a fair maiden. Before she even knows his name, he is a sexual man, as well as sensual, but he holds a darkness inside him when he is a wolf. When he is shifted all reason leaves himself, all logic the animal takes him over and makes him do vile and evil things. He remembers fully, but he cannot stop himself he is controled by his beast in moments and feels himself a failure for not taming himself. Deep beneath it all, he is a good hearted man, a man of honor and follows his orders even if he finds he does not agree with them, but he has a small problem controlling himself.

Physical Description:

Standing 6'4 and 243 pounds Quintin is a tall lean male toned and muscled with all the right place's. Golden hair, and bright green hazel eye's, make his handsome face nearly twice as handsome as any man within the river-land's. Quintin bears pale alabaster skin, with the softest of facial hair grown upon his face. His voice is soft, and soothing to any and all that hear it aloud upon the wind. Quintin speaks with the high respect of any lord, and bears a high intelligence, but to most he is simply silent. His coy smiles and perfect smile, are few more of the things that make himself handsome. As a wolf he is beautiful to behold but deadly as well, Quin stand's a huge size as a wolf, his bulk twice the size of the normal wolves within the land's. Silk soft black fur cascades down his entire body, large massive paws and jaw's, make the beast known when he moves about. Golden eyes shine bright as the sun nearly, as one gazes into them. As a trout however he is a simple thing to see silver scales line his body. And blackened eyes look toward the world nearly souless and like a dolls eye's.

Powers and Abilities:

Shifting between his animal forms and his Human form

Some enhacned healing he can heal from any wound, unless fatal to him. The greater the wound however, the longer it takes, it can very from moments to hours to even week if he is harmed enough but he can be killed none the less.
,br />
Telepathic as a wolf(since he cannot speak, he can speak this way only)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Quintins pride, cunning devious mind as well as a cockyness to him over confidence is both a strength and a weakness within him. He can be killed if his head or heart is taken, but a weakness he will never admit to is. He hates to be seen as a killer, and to see innocent caused harm. But when a beast comes out, to play he doesnt merely lurk the darkness looking for grass to eat. His greatest strength is his good heart, he is a good man a man of duty honor and morals but yet he can be one unlike any other. He is slightly odd in way's, but yet he seems to fit in fine within the riverlands. He is a sweet charming man, but inside him is a beast he cannot taime now or ever.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

A simple sword is all Quint seems to use when he is a Human man, the sword is beautiful to behold, a long castle fordged blade with a golden hilt as beautiful as any nobel's. Graces the top of his long sword, the sword he merely found, covered in blood, but how he gained the sword however he will never speak.


Background History:

Born in the woods of his fathers clan The first born son to the powerful leader broke the silence with his young cry. The child before he was even from his mothers breast, was meant for greatness but alas the young childs life was filled with pain and anger. From the moment he pulled himself free from his mothers womb, his mother passed on and Quint soon found himself alone being raised by his father. And his uncle, the clan was a strange place for a child, learning how to start his young life and how to shift into the wolf he held inside himself. But the young man learned quick, he learned to fight both from his father and from the older boys within the clan. Quint soon found he had not only a talent for fighting and swords, but he liked it as well he soon took his skills to a whole new level for himself. Spending hours and hours practicing, and making himself the best he could be even having his father spar with him when he needed to learn more.

When Quint became a teenage pup, his father took him under his wing teaching him everything he would need in life. To fight to use his sense of smell to track, everything a good Lycan needed to know to stay alive. As well as the most important lesson, how to be a good Devaraux. Quint soon grew into a man and when he did his father soon left their clan, to find his own path Quint wrote to him, through the oldest thing ever casting ravens back and forth from whatever camp site. His father had taken host within for the time he needed, Quint and his uncle, spent time training the other Lycan pups for battle to be better and more affective in the field when the time came for defending their clan. But this life was not enough for Quint, all the girls fighting for him, the battles everything soon became tiresome to him in a sense.

He soon started to change no longer the wide eyed boy, his father had left behind when he had taken leave. But a hard man a fighter ready for the moment he would shine and out shine every other man in his clan. And that time soon came, when he recived word from his uncle his father had passed onward's. It was not long through roaming or simply by chance, he met a begger a man none would miss and this would be the night he would forever remember. Quint shifted and without reason killed the begger, once the morrow rose he felt the sting of his deeds and ran. When he shifted he found he could not control himself nor his action's, and it was then he fled for Westeros. And found his way toward the River land's, though this is not his entire plan for himself, someday he has planned his flee for Essos once the time is right for him.
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[darkestangel17] Quintin Compton
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