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 [lonewolf162] Clara Astaria

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Clara Astaria

Name:Clara Astaria

Age: 20


Species:Shape Shifter

Allegiance to House:
Please choose one of the Houses of families you would like to place your allegiance with. You will find the list and descriptions of the Houses and Kingdoms that they control here:House Of Arryn

Role to House:Archer
Choose from a list of jobs/roles here: Horse,Dog Trainer

Sweet and serious Clara had been known to think of the beings she hunted as a child running through the forest as a child she knew right from wrong but that never stopped her from learning her fathers and mothers ways. Seeing how others were treated stopped her from trying to be like other women she stayed close to the ways her father had said to live.Trusting those who would aid her she would only make one or two friends there loyalty the best thing she had ever felt since her fathers passing. Three years from her seventeenth birthday she felt the pain of losing everything bottling it all up she went from her kind happy self to being a person of no trust and the thoughts of never finding love in her heart again.

Physical Description:She was given tattoo,s from her father for each training of her fathers path one of a eagle feather on her shoulder another of a bear claw for her first kill. Her ears have piercings on them only two to symbolize her coming of age to being a woman. From the day she was born she had always had different hair colors if she was angry it would be red if she was happy she would have black hair when she had no emotion or care her hair would be black and white. She is some what Muscular but she is also Feminine and with her being a shape-shifter she can change her eyes at will.

Powers and Abilities:
She has the power to change into a crow and has been known to create herb poultice to help heal those who are hurt in battle. With her grandmothers tribe,s blood flowing in her veins she is very intellectual to nature and with animals around her.And with her being part of the House of Arryn she can change to the houses insignia of the Hawk/Eagle.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Clara,s Weaknesses are common but then again uncommon for she has the strengths of her Power Animal the Crow and her house,s Animal. Most of her weakness,s come from her loss of her friends and family her father had said she was one of the descendants of a great priestess from a tribe in there line of family. With her Power Animal she has been known to be very brave but very timid when it comes to strangers her curiosity will get to her once in a while.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

This Armor was given to her by her mother before she was killed it has a great place in her heart

Her Iron Claws that she had asked for personally from her fathers friend who was a iron smith. It was a gift for her eighteenth birthday.

The Tomahawk her father had used before he died she uses it to defend and protect herself and those who she claimed as friend.

Background History:
Must be a minimum of 8 lines in length.
Clara,s life started like most she lived in the forest not to far from the House of Arryn but she was different at her birth a crow had appeared in her mothers birthing chambers after that her father taught her the way of there grandmothers people and had started to show her what it was like to be a shape-shifter.He knew one day some one would come and misunderstand there way of life and harm his family. With that in mind he started teaching Clara how to hunt in case his death and his wife's death became Reality.She lived with them till her nineteenth birthday when raiders attacked there home killing her mother and father and all that lived in the forest with them.

It had been a year now and she has learned that she could trust no one along with her other then a crow who had appeared when she was a baby had started following her.She took that as a pact that he would be her only companion till some one could earn her trust.Her nights filled with nightmares she finally decided to go to the house of Arryn to see if she could be allowed to be one of there people and no longer be alone.

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[lonewolf162] Clara Astaria
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