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 [JACKOL69] Rahl Farring

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Rahl Farring

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Allegiance to House: Night Watch

Role to House:

He is kind but knows when it is best to be stern. He is intelligent and often acts the part of a noblemen, though if challenged he will easily kill anything in his way. He is a gentlemen but has a sneaking suspension he and his soon to be vows wont get along. He knows how to tell a lie and is very skilled and sneaking and eavesdropping. He isn't extremely loyal to the nights watch's views and will sometimes help thoses that the night's watch tries so hard to exterminate (at least in his view), but will protect anyone of his brothers to his death. He loves to make new friends and rarely find an enemy. Rahl is skilled with his tongue and often finds a way out of any situation, though he has gotten a lashing or two for his disobedience. Rahl is also very skilled with charming the ladies, and though he is a gentlemen and will never harm nor force a women he somehow often finds himself in their bed. Rahl is respectful to the opposite sex and will often protect them, that is if they want to be, he knows many female fighters who can handle their own, and often applauds them for it. He also wont hesitate to fight a women who is looking for one, though he rarely kills them unless he has no other choice.

Physical Description:
When he is human his eyes change between green and blue mostly depending on what mood he is in, he has long dark brown hair, and is tall with muscle tone.

Powers and Abilities:
he transform into the creature that he has last physically seen.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
It often depends on weather or not he is transforming, and what it is he is transforming to. In his human form he is like a normal person only he was born with above average hearing and above average eye sight, but a poor sense of smell and taste.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
He is good with all sorts of swords, skilled with a bow and even good with daggers. He is good with hand to hand as well, and spears. He prefers to wear light armor but is decent in heavy.

Background History:
He is the first born son to the lord of House Farring, a minor house in the Crownlands. When Rahl was 4 years old his parents discovered what he was, a lycan, when they watched him change into a stray cat. This sickened the two, and they soon became ashamed of what their son was, though they kept him hidden they still had him taught the way of the lands and all the history, everything a normal nobleman's son would learn. When Rahl was 6 his little brother was born, and after a few years of watching him the parents were delighted to find that he was a normal human. The lord could not allow his strange and embarrassing son take rule, but he did not want the shame of being a kin slayer, so when Rahl was only 17 the father made a story up of Rahl becoming a wild beast and attacking his little brother. The father threw him in the dungeon, but after a month felt pity for his abnormal son. So he decided to send him away, to a place where no one would care what or who he was, the wall. Rahl begged for mercy from his father, who only shook his head and signed the papers, giving all his prisoners to the night's watch.
Rahl was shipped away to the wall with all the dirty criminals, savage, crude men with little class or respect or even manors. Rahl at first stayed to himself unsure how to approach the people, but after a few weeks he started to open up a bit, talking and mingling with the men, and soon made friends. Rahl became very skilled at fighting very fast, and often had fun practicing with his friends in the yard. The people didn't judge him for his abilities, if anything they loved them and would often have him change to help track, hunt and even for drunken fun. Rahl loves his family, and though he doesn't agree with the politics of the night's watch and often sneaks around them, he still loves his new family dearly. Though he has yet to truly take his vows he has already gone against them, mostly bedding women. He isn't really sure if he has any children, though a lot of times he hopes so. Rahl had always wanted a large family, but when he was shipped off that dream was shattered, and though he loves his brother's dearly he still dreams to one day have a family, even if it's in a different land in hiding.

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[JACKOL69] Rahl Farring
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