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 [JACKOL69] Rahier Frey

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Nothing is Free...

Name: Rahier Frey

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: lycan

Allegiance to House: Was with Frey... is he still part of Frey if he was kicked out of the family...? If no then house Tully will work Smile

Role to House: Depends on what house he is in.

Rahier is a kind person who often will sacrifice himself to save others, at least if they are worth it. He doesn't look at people as ranks or wealth but as people with personalities, which is why he often gets along with servants. It takes a lot to get him angry, and though he may not look like much of a fighter he is very fast and is better at hand to hand then most. He dislikes his former family, hating the way they treated people, and the way they acted like they owned the world, it really made him sick just thinking of that old creepy man that they all tried so hard to empress.

Physical Description:
very skin though he has muscle tone, he is about 6'3, light blue eyes and golden brown hair.

Frey male

Powers and Abilities:
Can transform into the creature that he has last physically seen

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Is has very good eyesight and hearing
Very skilled with the bow and hand to hand combat, but isn't that good with swords or blades
He will often sacrifice his well being to help people that he feels deserves help (people that aren't cruel for the sake of being cruel)

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Frey male
Bow and arrow, Hand to hand
Leather armor

Background History:
Rahier mother is Walder Frey's Granddaughter from his fifth son, his father her first husband, killed early on from battle. She was a pale and sickly women who was very uptight and very rude. He was raised like any little lordling, though he hated it extremely. Often he would do chores himself, only if no one was watching though, he hated hearing the lecturers given to him when caught. The only sibling he really liked was his sister Aeditha, he often went down to see her, very much against his mothers will.
As time went on he kept doing little things that angered his family in one way or an other, even going as far as to eat with servants rather then family. At one point his mother said he should just run away, and that no one would go looking for him if he did, it wasn't a surprise that he and his mother never got along. When he wasn't angering his family he would often be found in the courtyard perfecting his aim. One day his sister came to him with big news, she was with child. Rahier was the only one over joyed with the news, his family thought it would be an abomination calling it the bastard of a bastard. The comments only made Rahier more mad, though he kept his mouth shut, not wanting to cause any issues for his sister.
As the months passed Rahier over heard a conversation, they were talking about killing Aeditha and the baby at childbirth, blaming it on natural causes. Rahier could not let them do this, so he quickly told his sister, packed her some food and a dagger and told her to meet him in Tully land, because he had some unfinished business to do. Packing the most he could of coin Rahier told them what he was doing, running off with his sister, as far south as he could get, hinting at Dorne, though he was truly just planning on staying in The Riverlands. This was the last straw, his mother screamed that he was never welcome back into their home or land, and that he may carry the blood, but he was no Frey.
Rahier left with the change in his pocket and clothes on his back, along with a few other things he packed before the ending event. He was perfectly fine with taking care of that child with her, he knew she would need the help.
((a bit in the future after a little RP))
Rahier was devastated to hear what happened to his sister, and knew he was going to raise this child as if it were his own.

The Twins will take their tolls.
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[JACKOL69] Rahier Frey
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