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 [LUNAFYR] Kiara

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Name: Kiara

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Shape-shifter

Allegiance to House: Lannister

Role to House:
She is shelf training herself to be an archer

Kiara is shy and but fierce. She has a very artistic personality that makes some people think she is extravagant and sometimes goes over the top. She is not very trusting you have to give her a reason to trust you. Once that happens she will be loyal to you till the end. If anyone harms or threatens the people she cares about she will not stop until she sees blood from whoever did it. Other than that the only other thing is she does not trust men at all she also dose not believe in love but she wishes for it. She also has a problem with not speaking her mind. So when people ask what's wrong she normaly won't tell them

Physical Description:
Kiara is 5’7” and has long wavy jet-black hair she also has piercing blue eyes that at some points even look transparent. She is very well endowed but thin, she looks almost as if the gods sculpted her. She has a pair of angel wings that start at her shoulder blades and go all the way down her back to the top of her bottom they gracefully follow the curves of her body.

Powers and Abilities:
Shape shifting into a panther or a lion

Strengths and Weaknesses:
I’ll just go with the ones that come with my

Weapons and Amour of Choice
Bow and arrow, knives, swords

Background History:
Kiara was born into a middle class family along with two older brothers. Her oldest brother left home when she was only seven so she didn’t know much about him. But her older brother Damon, who was a sorcerer, was five years older than her and loved her dearly. He was always teaching her new things, like how to find food and hunt as well as to fight. He always seemed to push her in that category, when ever she was tired or would start to complain he would take her face in his hands and in a stern but caring voice “ Kitten, you have a gift, a gift that people might not always use for the right reason.” At that he would straiten up “So you need to learn to stand up to those who mean to harm you. Now again.” They would practice for hours until finally say it was time to go home and eat whatever yummy food their mother had made. It was the day before her sixteenth birthday when her life was flipped upside down. As they were making their way home through the dense forest Kiara had stuck her hand out stopping her brother. He started to ask what she was doing when she shoosed him sniffing the air. All of a sudden her eyes went wide with fear “Fire” she hissed. Damon had chuckled
“It’s probably just mom cooking dinner,” he said pushing past her hand.
“No Damon” Kiara said in a hushed distant voice, “I smell burning flesh. “ with that her eyes began to change, her pupils went from round to their sharp triangle shape.
“Kiara NO!” Damon had yelled but she didn’t even hear him as her back arched painfully and her hands flexed painfully as her bone snapped and popped painfully rearranging. As she slumped over onto the ground the rest of the change happened rather quickly as her dress stretched and ripped falling to the forest floor.
Damon watched as she changed in to panther, she stretched out her legs before she started off in a dead run toured home.
Kiara let out a growl as she burst into the clearing, her head and ears darted this way and that before she spotted her house engorged in flames. Ignoring all her feline instincts she made her way over to it stopping at the front door. Her eyes darted around looking for entry, seeing none she slammed her full body weight into the door. It fell forward sending sparks flying as she walked over it and into the flaming house.
“Mom! Dad.” She roared which would only sound like such to her parents. She heard a distant muffled cry and darted in the direction it came from weaving gracefully through fallen beams and hot spots. Her tail twitched in fear as her looked franticly for them. She was loosing hope when out of the corner of her eye she saw a pair of legs that were sticking out form under beam. Jumping over it she spun around and let a yowl as she say her father crushed beneath it. Stepping forward she sniffed him only to find that he was in fact dead. Kiara’s heart lurched as she leaned forward and she pressed her forehead to his. “Good by dad.” She said in her mind. That moment didn’t last long because it was interrupted but a loud snap fallowed by creaking, her head snapped up as two more beams fell one right behind her one narrowly missing her tail. With a yowl she leapt forward and made a mad dash for the door. Weaving through the rubble she made it out the door, turning she watched in horror as the roof caved in form the middle. Her chest heaved and her tail twitched as she stuck out her long tongue to run it over her singed fur.
She heard a twig snap behind her causing her to whip around her teeth bared and her hackles raised. She let out a low rumble deep from in her throat before she realized it was just Damon.
“Easy” He whispered. He was standing about a hundred yards away taking small steps toured her. She let out a sad purr before she stared walking toured him as well.
But she stopped as the smell of some other humans close by reached her nose. There was a small wooshing sound that she new all to well. Leaping forward she tried to reach Damon but she wasn’t fast enough with a thud an arrow hit him square in the chest causing him to fall back. When she reached him she looked over him unsure of what to do.
“Kiara” he whispered his breath labored he reached up with a shaky hand and removed his dragon medallion that held his power stone with in its claws. “Here” he said attempting to put it over her neck. She backed away refusing to accept it. “Kiara take it” He said in hid stern older brother voice. She reluctantly leaned forward and let him slip it over her broad head. “Now run, run until you have reached the lion.” Was all she said before a net narrow missed her. “NOW” he hissed. She let out a whimper and nuzzled him as he reached up and scratched behind her ear. “I will find you kitten” he said before pushing her in the direction of the forest. She hesitated before she took off in a dead run disappearing into the forest, a series of angry shouts not far behind.

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