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 [PRE-MADE] Alicia Rosen

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Alicia Rosen

Name: Alicia Rosen

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Allegiance to House: Stark

Role to House: Citizen

Alicia is a viper, she is cold hearted rude, and she onlys lives to gain power. As well as use other's to her whim's, she isnt a game and is very deadly to other people. If they cross her bad side, She can be a good friend and a excellent lover, but she can be a danger to you as well. Alicia is a devious minded young woman, her mind works like a trap ready to spring, blood is her life and nothing more. Shes boder line obessive on anything she does, as well as child like in moments to get her way. She is demented blood shed seems to excit her, as well as make her grow wild to shed some herself. She still has her moments of being lucid from time to time, and moments she can even seem to be human. She feels needs and emotions burning inside herself, but given her setting and her species. She finds it hard to open herself, for fear of being rejected as well, as seen as a monster and not someone that counts.

Physical Description:
Alicia stand's at 5'5 and 120 pounds.her long raven black hair, hang's down to the top of her firm bottom. And her flawless skin is as soft as silk, though extreme pale her almond shaped green eye's shine to emerald when the lights. Hits them just right, her slender hands and long model like leg's, add to her beauty as well as her alluring voice. She speaks elegantly and with class, as well as a darkness lacing her voice as she speaks to someone. Her tight firm body is one of her main.attractions to her as well as her high set D cup chest. Se is highly beautiful, though she is like a wild animal, beautiful to look upon but Dangerous to touch. Her eyes are the main things that draw you in, they are shaped seductive, as well as the bright green of their color. Almost like emeralds, that draw the eye to them and them alone, her shaped and curved lips are always stained a bright blood red. As well, as a show of fang when the mood strikes inside her, from time to time.

Powers and Abilities:
Enhanced hearing, eyesight, agility ect ect

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Alicias strengths are simple, given her species she holds power inside herself, most Humans would never dare to dream of, her quick speed, sharp fangs and blood lust, burn inside of her and make her a strong foe to deal with. Though her species gives her many strength's, it does however have its faults and weakness upon herself. Sunlight as well as a need to fed, make her weak, when she doesnt fed she is like any mere mortal woman. A stake through her heart, as well as having her head or heart ripped from her can kill her. Her aging is slow but she is not without ability to be killed by man or weapon.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
No Armour
A dagger she has had with her since she was a child(the knife in her picture)

Background History:
Alicias brith was as any Human child, her mother carried her for nine months and soon gave birth to her. The thrid child in a set of three daughter's, Alicia was a small child filled with curious thoughts about the world around herself, it wasnt long before she was venturing over the hill of her home. And sneaking into the woods around her home, as she grew her ventures soon became more and more frequent into the woods were she sought silence and peace for herself. Her mother soon took ill, and one of her two sisters soon found herself married off, to a man of a near by villiage. Alicia cared for her mother, but soon her mother came to her illness, it wasnt long she and her remaning sister, soon found themselves alone, relying on no one but eachother. When things Changed for them once more, Alicia did as she always had done, and ventured forth into the woods near her home. Where she ventured deeper then she had before, and took a seating beneath a large tree. As she sat a man soon came passing through the wood's, and found her he was dashing handsome and everything she had dreamed a man to be.

He spoke sweetly to her, and treated her with kidness, until he soon attacked her, near death he tore a piece from his wrist, letting his blood flow into her mouth. Her final breath as a Human heaved, from inside herself, as she soon returned, her fleash turning white, her eyes brighter then in life. And she set forth to her new life, with her change came greater changes upon herself, her soft timid and kind heart, turned into one filled with rage and a bitterness toward the world. Her need to feed upon living, Humans causing her grow into something she never was within her livfe before. A cold hearted monster, years of living like this, has become normal to her, however and she no longer sees her actions as wrong. Her marker and her never once found one another, after the night he turned her. But now she has set forth, making her home, the nearrest land she happened to come across as she ventured from her home.

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[PRE-MADE] Alicia Rosen
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