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 [PRE-MADE] Anthony Harrowfield

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Anthony Harrowfield

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Alliance to: House Tully

Role to House:
Farm Land Owner just outside Harrenhal, Mainly a Crop and Livestock Farmer

This young farmer possesses a spritely personality that makes him a lovable character that many simply fall in love with upon first encounters. He is a charismatic man who enjoys a good folly now and again, with a kind and gentle heart throbbing within his chest; many, especially those employed by the comely farmer, have said that he possesses a heart that is of purer gold than all of that found within Westeros, which is a rare trait among men these days as war has frozen hearts and numbed minds to the true tortures that the workmen are sometimes put through. And it is with this tender heart that Anthony is able to acknowledge the men and women who work upon his farm as his family, where, on some nights, they may all share a meal together, laughing and quipping jests to one another in a light-hearted manner. Yet, it is not only his workmen that have thought this young man to be the true honourable and noble, more so than any knight they have come across; people within the markets know of this handsome man’s bright smile that seems to lighten the darkest of days, and have noted the kind gestures of aid that he demonstrate, whether it be carrying a lady’s purchase for her within the markets, or simply aiding a fellow when he has no bed to stay in for the eve. He would rather take the place of those left to suffer, than see cruelty done upon another, which can be said for only a few.

And while his heart is of a brilliant gold, he remains a humble, sweet soul knowing little of his handsome, striking features, and, thus, holding little vanity close to him; he is a strange being that possesses little self-superiority; however, he does possess a strong sense of pride, so strong that it is often seen to be a sin, not to mention, he has a desire for utter perfection. Should a nail even be loose, he will pound it in until the nail is perfectly hammered into wood.

He is reasonably shy around woman, and extremely soft spoken, seeing himself as little more than a humble farmer where his sole duty in life is to protect those he has come to know as his family, and to farm his lands as he promised his dying father he would, maintaining the tradition that started with a farm being built from scratch. Often, he would visit a sept where he would pray for his father and for the lands his father has left him.

Physical Appearance:
Anthony has been blessed with the appearances that his brother and half-wit sister lack; he possesses a strong jaw line that is equipped with a cleft chin that seems to fit almost perfectly in with the comely expression that is usually present about his face on most days when the Gods have been good to the harvest, and life seems nothing more than a merry rhyme as told by the great mummers that rarely visit the confines of the great dreaded fortress, Harrenhal. He has shortly trimmed dark brown hair that compliments the well-shaped eyebrows of same hue, and the fine stubble that adds to a rugged look of endurance that the farmer so inevitably possesses; however, the combination of these dark elements add to a simple mischievous glint within water-hued eyes that hides behind the comely exterior of this man. And yet, while his face bears almost a perfect sculpture-like feature, his passive nature prevents him from seeing himself as such, and instead, binds him to the duty that he has sworn to his late father: maintaining the farm that his father, Anton Harrowfield, had built from scratch using nothing more than his bare hands. This hard labour is evident about the well toned muscles that are often tensed with physical stress and strain as this is definitely one farmer who does not sit back and allow his workmen to do all the work; getting involved helps maintain a healthy, well-exercised lifestyle, which helps develop the rigid abdominal muscles and well-toned biceps that often cause women within the markets to stop and stare with hearts beating wildly within their chests.

Yet, his definite, striking features would not be completed without the gentle kiss of the sun against his complexion, allowing for a mild golden tan to be brought about his body, while still maintaining the pallor of a land that dwells close to the Northern kingdoms. He is of average height, and is not seen towering over many; however, he does remain taller than most women, which many have whispered that he may be the ideal build of a hard-working man whose heart is definitely seen within the crop and produce that his generated upon the fertile lands of the Harrowfield farms.

Powers and Abilities:
While he is human, Anthony possesses no supernatural powers that would make him out to be some great being, he does, however, hold the ability of a green thumb. It is almost as if he can make crops grow upon the hardiest of soils, knowing what each, in particular, desires, with regards to water and nutrition, as well as he seems to always produce the sweetest and largest vegetables within the Riverlands, making him a well known farmer throughout the lands.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
While many would say his kindness is a strong trait to hold, many have come to know such an ease of trust as a weakness, as, especially within these harrowing times, many have turned to a path of deception and deviousness, and it is these gentle hearts that are often taken advantage of by offering their compassion, their generosity with a warm smile and open arms, only to be over-trodden by those that see it fit to abuse others in order to gain what they will.

He possesses a fierce loyalty to the Tully name and often speaks highly of the family, wishing that he may, one day, walk to Riverrun and treat the Lords and Ladies with his finest of produce; his imagination and innovation are major strengths for this young farmer, as it is usually with such thoughts and brainwaves that he is able to advance the farm and build it toward something that he sees within the future. He is realistic, regardless of his optimistic nature, and often believes a smile is enough to brighten another’s day; it is will this merry attitude that has brought Anthony a positive outlook on life, and he will make no hesitation in spreading this joy throughout the lands of the Riverlands.

Weapons and Armour:
As he is a farmer, Anthony possesses no weapons, nor armour, and is instead garbed in the usual cotton attire that many of the other farmers are often adorned within, with a metal fork by his side and a hat of straw to sit atop the dark snippets of his hair.

Background History:
The simplicity of his life is one that many wish to rid himself of, yet it is this simplicity that has brought a sense of appreciation to the eyes of this young man. Growing up in a moderately sized family, Anthony was terrorized by an older brother and annoyed by a younger sister; yet, no exasperation nor irritation were shown toward his siblings, except an undying love that was shared with his parents. While his sister and brother struggled with finding the joys within life, he went on with a large smile painted upon his lips and was all too happy to help his father out in the fields when his brother insister on slashing a stick within the air, as if it were a sword, while his sister was taught the crafts of becoming a farmer’s wife one day, as it was believed that farming lay within the bloodline of the Harrowfields.

Building the farm from scratch, with nothing more than his bare hands, Anton Harrowfield was a proud man that enjoyed working hard to earn his living, always telling his children that it was never was to expect the luscious gifts of silks and satins and jewels and fame to be thrown upon their doorsteps as common gifts from lords and ladies alike; instead hard work was the true key here, and it was only with hard work that they would ever succeed. While the other two waved off this idea, formulating and dreaming dreams of knights and ladies, roses and love, Anthony took his father’s words to heart, and everyday he would awake and be lost upon the farm with hammer and nails in hand looking for anything he could mend before the family stirred for the morn.
However, when Anthony’s father became sick with the Plague, his heart felt heavy and grief stirred amongst his soul; his siblings were long gone, pursuing their dreams as best as they could, while their mother had taken to a fever only a year prior to this terrible event. Each and every day Anthony would tend to his dying father before going out into the fields and working as hard as he could; exhaustion soon settled over his being, yet a strange force drove him forth like none he had ever felt. While his body was suffering fatigue, his mind was alert with a flame sparked within.

Yet, his father could not hold on to life, and soon he passed, leaving the young man with the entire farm at his disposal, and Anthony would sooner be damned before he would see his father’s work gone to waste...

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[PRE-MADE] Anthony Harrowfield
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