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 [ARAGNEER] Allister Locke

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Allister Locke

Allister Locke




Allegiance to House:
House Tully

Role to House:
Commoner – Holds no job.

Lack of thought and lack of planning can be a man’s downfall. These words have never crossed through Allister Locke’s mind. As a feisty, young male with no plans to think things through before going ahead with actions or talking, he isn’t the most polite of men. Often, he lets his feelings get the best of him and will act rashly to achieve what he wishes to achieve. Having his feelings get in the way so much is a weakness most of the time. It means that he is a trouble-maker, speaking out against authority if he feels something is wrong or speaking out against others if they are not on the same page as him.

Another trait of Allister’s is that he is extraordinarily stubborn. He is a man who believes what he wants and if anybody speaks out against his beliefs he will hold onto them till the end. He must always be right or there is no answer to something and if someone tells him that he is wrong then he will often get aggressive with them for whom are they to tell him what is right and what is wrong. If Allister is told to do something by anyone then he usually will not do it. He is not interested in helping many others unless they are in dire need but stupid chores such as farming and fishing do not interest him and he will not help with them, no matter what. Once he has decided on something he will not budge from it as he is as stubborn as a mule.

As a child he was known as a wild and fiery kid with a feisty attitude that couldn’t be tamed. As he has grown up, this has not changed. The young male is hard to restrain as he runs into things head first and is usually found shouting or mouthing off at something who he believes has done wrong. A good thing about this wild side though is that he is adventurous. At the first sign of some awesome chance at doing something to get rid of boredom, Allister will be there. If he heard of a great beast in the forests, he would be the first to go and try to find it. His curious nature and sense for adventure is a great thing to have but when it comes to investigating things in his small village in the Riverlands, he is often the one getting scolded, meaning that he leaves the community a lot, not wishing to stay in one place for too long.

Finally, what is a man without a sense of bravery and who holds no fear. Allister has always held the key qualities of a knight, believing that no and should feel any such fear as it shows a weakness and they may as well be a woman. He fears little. He holds no fear for the wars that are devastating the lands or the worrisome wildlings that could break the wall at any time. The only thing he fears are the nightmares that cross his mind at night but that is when he is asleep and no-one can see any weakness then. Instead, Allister always appears tall and brave, not wanting to look like a weak-minded commoner. He keeps a cunning and independent mind and only looks after himself so that no-one gets hurt, including his heart. This cunning and independence has saved his ass more than once and so it is a great quality to possess and the bravery he holds in his heart means that when he comes across a dangerous situation, he is not one to cower away and hide, he will jump straight in and often suffer the consequences.

Physical Description:
With chiselled, pale features, Allister looks like any normal, rugged man of the Seven Kingdoms. He possesses no striking features or anything that would make another look twice at him. As a simple man of the Riverlands, this is how he likes to be. Bright blue eyes gaze up from under a shelter of light brown hair, which covers all of his head in a smoothed-down fashion, bar a few spikes at the top of his forehead to show a more rebellious and messy side to him. His nose and mouth are the normal size for a male face whilst stubble reigns over his jaw-line to show that he doesn’t usually have time to take care of his appearance. These features provide many young women a good looking character to stare at but there is nothing interesting about him. There are neither scars nor tattoos to show what a rebellious male he is. This is to make people not see him at face value. They must talk to him and find out more about him to appreciate how interesting he can be when he wishes to be.
Along with his plain features, Allister is no taller or muscular than any other man in the Riverlands. He stands at a tall enough height of five foot nine inches with a slim but muscular physique. His broad shoulders provide something to hold the strong arms that lay by his sides to hold his sword whilst his torso is well built so that he may fill out any armour that he may wish to try on. With this, his legs are strong and sturdy and are built for quick getaways so that he is light on his feet but will not stumble if there were to be a slippery surface nearby. His body is that of a man who grew up running around and simply exploring as he is only lean from exercise and by the fact that each day is often a struggle to find something to eat.
Attire is one thing that separates Allister from many people. Unlike the people of the Seven Kingdoms, he does not dress in the way that people from his lands should dress. He adds a pinch of most lands to his attire. Beneath all of the clothes that cover his torso, he first wears an open cream, starch shirt that has a high collar to accompany one of the other layers of clothing. Over this shirt, he wears a leather doublet that he took from his father’s closet when he grew old enough for it to fit. Whilst over this, he wears a heavy black waistcoat that is embroided with the crimson red of the Westerlands marking it in a flowery pattern that could be a symbol of Highgarden. This waistcoat goes out into heavy shoulder pads upon his shoulders and flicks into a high collar around his neck, like his starched shirt. Twisted knots by his midriff help him tie it up to stop him exposing flesh from his cream shirt and a heavy, crossed, black leather belt ties the waistcoat in place, keeping it so that the waistcoat doesn’t fall off of him and so that his sword may stay on his person at all times. His trousers are simple leather trousers but made so it is slightly easier to move whilst large black boots cover his feet and black and red gloves cover his hands for when he is on horseback.

Powers and Abilities:
Like most human beings, Allister possesses no powers or abilities that could set him apart from anyone else. He is very gifted with a sword and taught himself through life but that is all. He has never had a chance to make himself stand out. However, alongside his dashing sword skills, he has learned to track well and survive well in forest situations, thanks to how he has travelled around as much as he can. Other than that, there is not much to say about his skills and abilities but as he continues his travels, he may gain more as he goes.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
  • Stubborn
  • Argumentative
  • Thoughtless
  • Loyal
  • Adventurous
  • Arrogant
  • Fun-loving
  • Rebellious

    Weapons and Armour of Choice:
    As a commoner in these lands, Allister has no money to buy himself fancy armour or fancy weapons. Since the day of his birth he has had to make do with what he has and he has taken that lessen into adult life as well. For some of the parts to his armour, he has saved up enough coin to get them as he likes to be prepared in case he will need it. His armour is rather simple though. It is dull steel, making it look like the darkest grey before it goes to black whilst the metal is ridged in places where other pieces have been attached or soldered onto it. The breast plate holds neither family sigil nor a motto of his but just bares the same steel look of the rest of the armour. It is nothing to strike the eye or make him seem like a knight but it does the job perfectly fine and that is all that is needed.

    Like his armour, Allister’s sword is just as plain. He does not hold a sword of Valyrian steel that has colour laced in with the metal. His own sword has a silver hilt that holds no pattern or decoration whilst the actual metal is a simple strong metal and shows that it would be able to cut someone in two if the user knows how to use it. The only unique feature about it is that it shimmers in the sun, reflecting great rays of light from it which Allister uses to his advantage to blind opponents, when he actually meets them.

    Background History:

    As told by Allister Locke

    A life with the Riverfolk
    The life of the Riverfolk is quite a simple one. They go about their lives, putting food on their tables, providing for their young and making sure that all is running smoothly in their small community. Everyone knows each other and secrets are hard to keep in such a small village. Rumours filled the skies at night whilst the victim of the rumour would cry into his/her pillow after finding out that everyone now looked at them differently. Children were the most cruel, calling people names and making sure that the rumour did not go unknown. That was how it was like in my community. When my mother fell pregnant with me at the age of nineteen, many believed I would turn out to be a bastard for there had never been a man in sight but one that warmed her bed on the eve but as her belly grew big and I kicked and punched, wanting my way out, my father turned up and married my mother, saving me from a life with a bastard name that would surely have me ridiculed throughout the village for life. My mother had already felt enough ridicule. As a child, I often heard people talk about her and tell each other that she was a secret whore of the community but I was the only one that slept in my mother’s bed, cheering her up when father was away. My father was a soldier; a guard to be exact. He often went off to war or to protect the land with the other men of Riverrun to make sure that we would all be safe for another night. He always came back a week later but it never helped my mother to see his arm in a sling or a heavy poultice on his leg or chest. When he would come home, he felt no love for his only son. I would show him how I had been practicing to become a great soldier like him but he would not be interested and would simply leer at me before grabbing whatever ale we had in the house and taking my mother to bed, where I would be left to fend for myself until the next evening when he would ride off again. It is obvious that some hate will have bubbled there. My mother had brought me up and helped me become at least half educated, unlike the people of the village. She taught me skills that would be needed in life and often tried to calm my fiery temper, which often enough got out of hand when a child said something to me about my mother. They often got a good beating for talking out against her but when they turned up blood-stained and crying to their own parents, it was me who got in trouble. Who cared though? They were the ones being the shit heads. Anyway, one night my father was set to return but didn’t. Instead, my mother came out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes, showing me a bump in her stomach that I did not understand. If my father was away so much then how could he have provided enough seed for another child? I was bitter. I was fifteen with my life ahead of me but I did not want another child in the family. I did not want it to suffer with the lack of love from our father like I had but that same night, I learned that she would only find love from my mother. A Lannister group of soldiers had cut down my father whilst he was taking a piss, drunk on his own sweat. To me, I was not saddened. I just continued to be bitter and angry that my father had left my mother with another child growing. My mother wept though. She wept for weeks and weeks until the tears ran dry. She would not do the chores or help around the house and so, instead of causing mischief like I used to, I was the one helping out, making sure the chickens were fed and everything was done. Things changed once Lilith was born though. My little sister was only the size of my hand when she was born but she had the brightest eyes I had ever seen and the strongest little grip for a baby. She became my world. I would not let her suffer what I had and I took care of her whilst my mother rested and replenished herself from the months of grief. Lilith was a perfect child. She didn’t squawk or bawl. She simply rested in my arms and played with a strand of cotton from my shirt but when the people who had ridiculed me and my mother came to the house to congratulate them, that was when she would scream. The little girl knew who she could trust; a lesson I surely taught her when I whispered the horrific bullying and the feeling of trauma that mother and I had gone through.

    Losing the ones you love the most
    On an evening like no other, Lilith played on the floor with her toys. She was two now and growing fast. She was able to talk and walk and I often found her following me around. However, this night I left her in the house whilst I sat upon the roof, staring out over the watery kingdom that I had grown up in. I had been practicing sword fighting with some boys from down the village and had become increasingly skilled in the art of the wooden sword but of course, the boys just laughed, wondering why I was getting serious about it all, especially when I launched a splinter straight into a boy’s gut. He had it removed successfully, to my dismay. I had started practicing with wooden swords as I was the man of the house now. I had to protect my aging mother and my growing sister. However, nothing could protect us from what would happen next. As I dozed up on top of our house, burning fire in the north caught my curiosity. Roars came up from the tribe that came from the north but I did not understand. I jumped off of the roof and started to stalk towards the tribe with the first piece of steel I could find. However, when I reached the tribe, they had seen me first and loosened an arrow right into my shoulder blade where I, obviously, fell into the marshes at my side. The tribe thought little of me as I lay, bleeding out. They knew I would die eventually from that wound. The band of wildlings just kept running towards the village. As my vision started to get hazy and I lost all sense of where I was, my last image was of the village, burning and a woman screaming. Was that my mother? I remember thinking but I passed out instead. I woke in the morning with a start. Pain surged through my shoulder but I dragged the arrow out and cried out as it opened the wound, ready for infection to get in. I had no time to waste with my wound though; I had to find out what had become of my village. I wobbled to my feet and wiped the dead leaves that the marshes had left on my clothes before walking towards the smoking town with sopping clothes. I was not prepared for the scene I set my eyes on. Each house was damaged in its own way. The fire had spread over the straw roofs and had devastated everything they could find. There was no sign of life anywhere but I did not give up looking. My house was the last one I came to. It held the most damage and the likelihood that anyone was alive in here broke my heart. As I stepped in, my mother was the first I found. She was lying on the straw mattress in the sitting room, eyes wide open, mouth agape with her dress ripped up to the breasts. I did not look for a second before I covered her with a sheet and planted a kiss on her charred forehead, not allowing myself to cry for her. However, as I trailed my body up the broken stairs, tears could not help but cascade down my cheeks. Lying with doll in hand was Lilith. Her pale features and beautiful bright eyes were charred and covered in the smoke and filth that came with a fire. A sword ran through her heart and blood had pooled around her body. Ignoring the pain in my shoulder, I lifted the tiny, weak and fragile body and cried over her. I cried like that for what seemed like an age until I saw flashes of the faces of the wildlings that tore my family apart. I put my sister’s body next to my mothers and covered the two before gathering my salvaged rucksack, putting whatever food I could find in there and whatever other things I needed. I went to the other houses and took what I could. They were all dead now, they could not complain. Along with these, I found herbs to make a poultice and bandaged my aching shoulder before finding one living horse in the stables. With the new sword I had taken from Lilith’s body and with my horse, I began my long journey.

    In search of redemption
    For moons, I travelled over the realm southwards, practicing my sword skills wherever I went and making sure my horse wasn’t sick with the smoke that had coursed through its lungs. My shoulder had healed up fine but had left a nasty looking scar all over my shoulder. It would just be a tale I could tell when I grew up. On my travels, I went as south as I knew. I visited Highgarden and tasted its peaches whilst finding enough coin to stay in the city long enough to challenge some guards and actually have a real sword fight. I lost two but won one. That was an achievement for me. It just meant I had to improve my skills even more. My horse and I stayed in the Reach for a year and by the time we left; I had forgotten my eighteenth name day and was now nineteen. I could be called a man now. I wanted to prove myself as a man though. Next, we travelled to the Westerlands where I knew we were on dangerous territory. We did not stay for long, only a few months. I searched for answers about the guard my father had held to see why they were cut down only to find out that my dad had not been a soldier after all. He had been pillaging and raping. He had been sent to the Wall but the Lannister guard had found him first and sentenced him to death. Good riddance, I thought. Who knew how many half brothers/sisters I would have out there? But as I went to ask the question, the lion knights laughed and told them all the women he had raped had been killed too, ‘out of mercy for the bastards in their bellies’, they said. I didn’t agree with their methods but at least Lilith and I did not have any secret half brothers/sisters. The Westerlands did not offer what I wanted. They knew little of a band of wildlings and so, we travelled north, hungry for revenge.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold
    For about three or four years, I have been travelling to wherever I can to find the band of wildlings that stole my mother and sister from me but to no avail. Instead, I continued teaching myself the art of the sword and have become pretty good whilst living in the forests of the North. I travelled one more time through my village before reaching here but it was too sad of a sight to see so I left to the North and have never looked back. I am still an ally of House Tully but I only own a small cabin in the Riverlands, which holds little adventure. Instead, I have been travelling through the North, in search of the wildlings that stole my family from me. I want to smite them with their own steel sword and give them what they deserve. I will not stop until I can cry out my little sister’s name after stabbing the last wildling right through the heart. They will see that I am not one to be messed with and never will be. I hold a grudge against the Night’s Watch too for allowing these wildlings to get past the wall but there is little I can do about them. The wildlings are my main victims and I will kill anyone of them who gets in my way. That is why I am living in the forest. One of these days, they will pass through here and I will track them down. They will see that their ways are wrong. I will have my revenge.

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    [ARAGNEER] Allister Locke
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