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 [HUTCHES2B] Pandora Sinister Hill

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[HUTCHES2B] Pandora Sinister Hill Empty
PostSubject: [HUTCHES2B] Pandora Sinister Hill   [HUTCHES2B] Pandora Sinister Hill Icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 6:13 am

Pandora Sinister Hill

Age: 26

Gender: female

Species: lycan

Alliance to House: Lannister

Role to House: Hunter

Pandora is a mysterious person who likes to keep to herself for fear of hurting others. Ironically her fear only pertains to unwillingly hurting another whereas if she is angered she has no problem harming another whether it's with her harsh tongue or with the sting of a weapon. She isn't very quick to anger unless she is around a male or people who feel that their superiority grants them the right to be pompous ninnies. Although Pandora has come to terms with her curse of being a Lycan she still doesn't like the whole process and what it does to her. Although her monthly shifting does help relieve some of her stress and also helps her have a better hold on her anger issues afterward. She is a flirty person but when a male shows an interest in her she becomes sarcastic and stand offish, she has no proper knowledge of how to act around a man and her confusion on how to treat others often comes off as haughtiness and makes others think she is cold which is somewhat true due to her minds inability to feel emotions. Although her emotions are still there they are so tightly locked away in an attempt from being harmed again. Unknowingly to others and more importantly to herself she has locked herself away in her own body making just a shell of herself so that she is not hurt but more prominently so she doesn't hurt others. She is really a compassionate person who thinks that although she was wronged in her past no one else should have to go through that.

Physical Description:
Pandora has sun kissed skin, full pouty lips and strong features. She has a tattoo along her right side of a dragon given to her by the Targaryen man she spent her last young years with. She has long dark hair soft as silk, her hands calluses from hard work and wears a gold clasp on her right arm as well as a golden necklace around her neck. She doesn't wear dresses instead preferring leathers making it easier for her to get around. With dark unyielding eyes she can strip a man of his soul knowing them inside and out with just a glance but her eyes show the years of hardship she has had.

*shifting into her wolf form during the night of every full moon


Her looks give her most everything she asks for and it makes other people second guess her which is a fatal mistake.
Pandora can skin a man alive and not think twice about it if she has to, having the inability to feel true emotion due to her past.

Pandora finds it hard to trust others and because of this she is a fairly suspicious and lonely person. Although to her, her inability to feel true emotions is a strength to others it is a weakness and although she refuses to admit it and will slit someone's throat if they bring it up she does long to find love. She is considered a bastard and

Weapons and Armour of choice:
Pandora carries a short knife in her skirts as well as a short blade at her side and a elm bow and arrows across her back. She goes no where without it unless she isn't permitted to due to religious reasons or laws against it.

Background History:

Born to a woman not worth mention Pandora was named by the friendly tavern owner who took her in when found on a frequently traveled path, thinking her a bastard left to die. She raised her in a loving manner but Pandora was not an easy child, she was withdrawn and mysterious. She didn't like the customers that came to the tavern and didn't like the chores. When Pandora reached her tenth name day she ran away to find a life of her own. Unfortunately still being at a young age and slightly sheltered even in that of a tavern Pandora didn't realize how dangerous the outside world was. The first night she fell asleep in a thicket hungry and weak from dehydration. When she woke she was met with the sight of three pairs of boots, a band of thieves had found her hiding spot and surrounded her. When they found nothing of interest on her they took her instead and forced her to work in a low end brothel where she learned to pleasure customers not only for coin but for her life. An agreement was made that if she made a certain amount of money for them she would earn her freedom. Pandora worked as hard as she could learning quickly but hated the nights where she was picked out of the crowd of dancers to pleasure a man or woman privately. During the time she lived at the brothel she taught herself embroidery as well as small amounts of craftsmanship by whittling little pieces of wood into figures with the knife she had stolen from a drunken customer.
After two years of service Pandora had gained the money she needed as well as the name sake of Sinister due to her sinister mannerism even during sexual actions. She expected her freedom to be given to her not knowing that a man from Targaryen had bought her for twice the price she had earned. She was sent out with many unpleasantries.
Pandora didn't like being fooled into yet another man's slavery. When she got there she found the man to be lonely but not entirely cruel. Once she finally gave into him he raised her as his own daughter teaching her archery and swordsmanship as well as allowing her to continue her embroidery and craftsmanship. She was happy there for the most part but although he raised her as his own he wanted sexual favours. She didn't like that and refused, he became drunken one night and they fought. Pandora shoved at him and he slipped and fell dying once his head hit the stone flooring. She had never been the cause of anyone's death and felt guilty but at the same time gained a strange powerful feeling from it. She ran from the place living in the wild and finally finding her way back to her home land. She had taken the weapons the Targaryen man had taught her to use and stole away on a ship heading across the narrow sea. She lived off the land and found her way back to Lannister where she became a hunter for anyone who would pay her enough coin. What she hunted depended on the job, mostly animals but sometimes humans and others walking on to feet as well.

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[HUTCHES2B] Pandora Sinister Hill
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