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Celty-Rae Faust

Name: Celty-Rae Faust

Age: Twenty-four years

Gender: Female

Species: High Elf

Allegiance to House: Targaryen

Role to House: Exotic Dancer / Brothel worker

Celty has a personality all her own. She's calm and collected and not easy to upset, but, oddly enough, Celty has split personalities. Rae- her opposite personality- is fiery and exotic with a fast temper that is easy to ignite. Celty fears most things, despite her love for dancing for people while Rae is fearless and adores sexual relations. Due to her personality change every few days, Celty was given a dashed name in which was her two personalities: Celty-Rae.

Physical Description:
Celty is beautiful in most eyes. She had an hourglass figure, often shown off by her corsets which elongated her torso and strengthened her shape. The female shares her mother's hair color of platinum blonde and the eyes of her grandmother which are a red-brown. Her hues may change from a dark color to a bright fire red depending on mood and personality. A trait of the High Elf, Celty-Rae has porcelain skin and pale peach lips. She carries thin white scars all over her body from whip lines and nasty cuts from unhappy folk. In addition, the woman stands at about 5'8, stunted by her father's half-blood line.

Powers and Abilities:
Celty likes nature and light whereas Rae enjoys the darker things of their species. Celty and Rae are very skilled in archery and small knives and prefer them as well as they can control Arcane and Divine magics. Celty prefers the Divine where Rae is always aching to use a bit of Arcane- the contrast keeps Rae from turning the physical body into a Blood Elf.

Celty-Rae constantly relies on her exquisite eyesight and hearing as well as her beauty to charm her way out of trouble. Rae is more proficient in skills such as speech and barter where Celty thrives in the use of arts and kindliness. The two opposites often times fine solace in meditation which prepares them for troubles and harm of any kind, making it much harder to throw them into a state of shock.

Celty is not quick tongued and often says what is on her mind in the shy voice she carries. Rae is easily upset and her rage is very prominent, often causing her to not take in all of her fights. The two personalities are, as a High Elf, susceptible to the magic of Arcane origin. She is mortal, so Celty-Rae finds it hard to not bleed from the impact of anything to the like of a blade or arrow.

Horse hair Bow that she stole when fleeing the Dothraki and a few Small Knives she keeps on her person at all times.

Armour of Choice:
Generally, Celty-Rae doesn't dress in armour. She prefers the lightness of cloth and her corsets. The clothing in which she dresses is often times light in color (a common thing for High Elves) or anything not red or black. The female can be seen in anything from a common, simple dress on her off days or a distinct burlesque outfit when working. Only indoors will she wear the revealing dancer's outfits she has hemmed and jeweled herself.

Background History:
Celty-Rae was born to a High Elf woman who was impregnated by a half-blood Elf who worked for the military. The young female never knew the face of her mother as the woman had died while giving birth, the toll her child had taken on her far too great to handle. Celty has never thought the death of her mother was her own doing, the gods just planned to take her at that time. She was raised by her Aunt named Meredith who was a single woman who lived within a very small town. Here Celty-Rae lived to the age of thirteen before her home was pillaged by a Dothraki Tribe. Meredith was murdered because of her age and Celty was captured for the use of a slave.

It took years for Celty to find solace once more in her nightly meditation for each time she closed her eyes, she was attacked by the images and memories of rape and torture. The Dothraki where not kind people to the fair skinned Elf and it was six years before the Khal, the Dothraki tribe's leader, died. Granted the fact that her alternate personality, Rae, killed him with Arcane magic. There was no less than a massive uproar as the Khal did not have a son to take his place. This caused the tribe to go into civil war, allowing Celty-Rae her chance to flee to the Free Cities in Targaryen land. She'd been used and abused as well as was a High Elf. Not one man would look at her and the women hid their children from her.

It took ages for Celty to be able to settle down in a Lysene Pleasure House, the only option she could see since no one would look at her otherwise. She was taken in quickly and helped to regain her bright smile. It took until she was twenty-one for her to be well enough to touch a man once more. She enjoyed the light touch they gave rather than the rough hands of the soldiers who served the Khal.

Three years later she was the best of her home in Lysene. Despite the turning point where the Targaryen had allied with the Dothraki, Celty-Rae remained loyal to the house. She trusted that the brother and sister would not turn their backs on the people who supported them as she truly believed the house was rightful to the Iron Throne.

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