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PostSubject: [DAVIDDEVILDRIVER] Fenris Wolf   Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:52 am

Fenris Wolf

Name: Fenris Wolf

Age: 36

Gender: male

Species: Werewolf

Allegiance to House:
Baratheon - The Stormlands

Role to House: Swordsman

Fenris remains a solitaire character seemingly incapable of caring for any person he comes across. He is devoted to his house and does not see failure as an option. Fenris is heartless and somewhat sadistic in that he relishes combat and will happily tear down an opponent yielding for mercy. He has accepted being a werewolf and the savagery he causes in his beast form, which he finds amusing. He is a cunning warrior who studies his opponents and likes to taunt and exploit their weaknesses. He likes to make his opponent suffer and torture his opponent before delivering the final blow.

Physical Description:

Fenris' face is a grim one. If not Covered by his raven brown hair and beard his face is behind the horned helm he wears. His eyes are a yellow colour perhaps a side effect of his being a werewolf. The man is of large stature and broad to match. His mark of the beast rests on his back which he keeps covered all the time to keep suspicion of him being a werewolf away.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Fenris' greatest strength lies in his beast form in which he possesses acute sense, superhuman strength and speed. In his human form he is strong for a human and carries a great-sword but is only half the threat he posed in his Beast form.

In terms of powers and abilities in human form Fenris has great endurance and thrives on battle. He is quite skilled with a Great-sword and can swing one with ease. He has named his sword 'Gungnir'. He finds himself very at home in the woods or forest and prefers to fight out in the open.

His weaknesses include fire that wards him away while in his beast form. Pure Silver also works to his misfortune burning his skin. Additionally during his reverting back into human form Fenris is left in a defenceless state for quite a few moments until he is able to recompose himself.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Fenris stays away from any Silver armour and his choice is fur. He wears fur gauntlets, leather leggings, fur boots, a woven shirt along with a wolfs pelt on his back in a somewhat sardonic manner to himself along with the horned helm. Some iron forged shoulder plates and a iron made chest-guard in the shape of widening jaws.

Background History:
Growing up Fenris' home was burnt to the ground and his parents slaughtered before him. The marauders would have done the same to him had he not ran deep into the nearby forest and luck favoured him. It was rumored the marauders had Fenris cornered when a feral Direwolf massacred the marauders. Fenris claimed at many other occasions throughout his youth the Direwolf returned to help him when he found himself in need of protection. Yet no tracks have ever been found of Direwolves in his location at those times along with the marks on those who perished bodies having no bite marks. Fenris came to the Stormlands seeking to serve under House Baratheon as a swordsman. It is whispered he was a former wildling until one pale night the Direwolf returned and butchered his entire encampment and left hardly anything of them. He is a skilled swordsman, is fond of Direwolves and finds people more of an animal that should be kept under watch than any of the Direwolves in the wild. Fenris feels natural out in the wild and prefers to be out there as often as possible.

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