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Name: Sayora

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Species: Druid

Allegiance to House:
I would like to align Sayora to the house of Arryn.

Role to House:
Sayora tends to live deep in the woods and can rarely be found but when she is needed, it is mostly for healing and the growth of their crops.

Sayora is of the ancient Druids and tends to stay to herself. She usually has a stoic expression and none can tell what she is thinking or how she is feeling but underneath all of her hard or bored exterior, Sayora cares deeply for all living beings whether they be furred, human or other. She loves to laugh and smile although since her parents death, she rarely does either. She is very protective and will bring down the wrath of mother nature's fury down upon the heads of any who dare to harm her.

Physical Description:
This is Sayora. She has really long, lush, curly, wine red hair that hangs sometimes free and sometimes in braided plaits down to her tiny slim waist. Her legs are long and toned from her continuous walking, climbing, etc. She mostly has Elven features but her bosom is bigger which is what sets her apart from them. She was born with intricate markings around her left eye. Her eyes are slightly tilted at the corners like an elf and are the color of warmed honey that lightens and darkens according to her moods. She mostly wears light weight, revealing satin clothes that caress her bodies fullness and which most women in the cities feel are too indecent.

Powers and Abilities:
Like every other Druid, Sayora has power in the elements. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the fifth elusive element Spirit. She does not control them but she can used them with to protect, nurture and heal the living. Even though she is a master of none, Sayora is quite powerful, although she hides it well and appears to everyone around her as a small helpless woman. All in all Sayora is a very talented healer and has on an occasion or two in the many years she has been alive, breathed life back into one who is wholly worthy; they have to be pure of heart and spirit.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Just as every other, if separated from her habitat of nature for too long, Sayora will begin to weaken. Her skin will become slightly dull and her power will wane. Sayora is called immortal by humans but even though she may live for countless centuries, she and others like her can be killed, by either sword, arrow, or magic. Sayora is skilled with weapon use but much prefers not to be the one to directly kill someone else with her own hands as she will feel their death and it will cause her insurmountable pain. She can however use the elements of nature around her to defend and kill if necessary. Much like that of the elves, if a loved one of Sayora dies or is killed, whether they be mortal or immortal, if she wallows in her grief it can slowly kill her. Thus she tries not to get too close to others.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Under normal circumstances, Sayora does not carry a weapon but when she does it is a small short sword made for a woman's use with ancient druidic runes in the blade and handle. If she must wear armor she will wear a tough leather tunic with the same runes etched into it.

Background History:
Sayora was born in a time when Druids had hold of their own deep within nature, hidden from any and everyone unless they were an invited guessed of the people. Her parents, Amara and Riordin's joining was written by the ancient gods in the stars as was everyone's, including Sayora's. Her mother was a very gentle soul. Very loving and full of life and happiness. She always enjoyed and strove to make her daughter and husband smile and laugh. Her father was stern yet fair. He doted on his only daughter and his wife, bringing them home special gifts and always helping Sayora when she brought home an injured or orphaned animal that needed help. He often was the one to teach her how to use her ever growing powers for good; to help those who were deserving of her aid.

Life was good and plentiful for her family and her people until they had been forced to engage in one of the largest battles in the history of mankind against the White Walkers. They spread death throughout the kingdoms even those of the ancient races, nearly destroying the entire Druid peoples; Sayora's parents among them. If it weren't for the help of her people, Sayora would have died from her grief. For a long time, the Druids hid themselves allowing the humans and other races to believe them gone forever until at a time when they were most needed, they returned. However because of the past and all of the evil that was shown and happened, they are hesitant to trust and help unless the person or persons in question are pure in heart and spirit. The Druids no longer stand injustices against themselves or nature and will retaliate with extreme force.

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