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 [TSUCHI_KUN] Ilúvatar

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Name: Ilúvatar

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Druids

Allegiance to House:
House Baratheon- Stormlands

Role to House: Healer

Ilúvatar is often seen as a sweet girl, but she is often distant, the young Druid has low trust issues. This herself causes her to be seen as anti-social, and cold to others, avoiding them at all means. There have been a few times, in which she has came out loud and that was when someone dared to try to hurt the forest, whether it was by killing a innocent animal. Or chopping down a tree, when it comes to things that she loves, such as the forest, and all the inhabitants, she will stand up for what is going on. She dose, have a bubbly side once she gets to know someone. It's at this point, that she will talk, laugh, and just be a warm hearted girl. But this dose take a while to get her in this mood.

Physical Description:
Ilúvatar is only 5'5 from head to her toes, and only weight 95 pounds. While she is skinny, she is still in good health, her body being toned, at the legs, arms, stomach and shoulders. Her skin is a light green color, similar to the color of plants. Her lips bright red, and her teeth white and almost perfect. Her skin is flawless with no scars or tattoos, or piercings. Her hands are long and thin, and end it long nails, her ears are long and some what pointed. Her eyes, shaped like a cats and colored a deep black and hair short, but it sticks all over the place. Long black lashes the frames her eyes.

Powers and Abilities:
They possess powerful healing incantations and potions.
She is able use her mighty powers of nature if her land is being harmed
Able to brew strong storms
Able to breath life into others.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
The strength that she has is nature, of course this is as long as she is touching the earth, as well as her healing abilities. Her strength is that she refuses to get close to another, this limits the possibility of being attack in one of the closest ways, she is not able to get back stabbed, or tricked due to her refusing to be around others.

The natural powers of a Druid are to be around the nature. But they are not able to conjure it from no where, they have to be touching nature in order to use it. Thus being away from the nature is a way to weaken them. Or render her useless basically. Fire, is another great weakness towards this young druid, not because of the reasons many things, but because she fears the fire for personal problems. The last and very weakness that holds this young druid back, is, the fear of human or other worlds contact. She fears trust and has a very weak trust issues among the others.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
She often only uses her powers to fight with, and tries to stay away from fights. When needed to use a weapon, she sticks with a small weapon, like a dagger to fight with. Her Armour consists of well, leather tunics, but that is the most that she has ever used in order to fight with. At times she will used metal in order to do that.

Background History:
Ilúvatar was not always the cold girl that she is now. She herself at one time was a highly playful and bubbly girl. She had no issues with running around with others. She did not mind playing and laughing.

She can remembers the times before the bad hit. Running in the forest with her father and mother. Picking flowers, and playing hide and seek. Of course all that changed in a matter of years. So many people had came into the forest that they lived in and began to tear it down from it's foundation. her mother, was quick to try to save the forest, but alas, she was struck down, and was left to die.Ilúvatar was quick to try to run to her mother to save her, yet she was pulled back away by her father. The young girls anguished screams filled the air. her father did not know what to do. He wanted to help his little girl, but her mother was dead, and nothing would ever change about that.
He watched as she changed.

The happy girl, who normally stuck with other druids seemed to even grow even more reclused, trying so hard to stay away from others, even of her kind. She did not talk of laugh. part of her felt like part of her missing, she loved her mother, but she knew that her mother was gone, and that was one thing that she could not handle, was knowing that she would never hear her mother. never feel her mother brush her hair, or hear her sing, or feel her warming touch on her skin. She herself, relied so much upon her mother, and deep down, she blamed humans, as well as the other Druids, as she saw that they too should have rose up. That it did not need to only her mother who died to protect them home.She easily avoided the others. She lacked the emotions that many had, and without thinking left the home. She did not care about these people, and saw she needed to leave behind this hell. She saw no point in her remaining living in this forest, and she set out to find herself a new home.

She herself knew that, she could not trust another. SHe had trusted the others to help protect her family, her home, and yet when they were needed they ran, leaving one person to take care of the home. It became painstakingly clear to her, that you could not trust one person, well okay, you could trust only one person. That one persona happened to be her. She knew that her life, could only be taken care of by herself. So she made a vow, that she would never trust another. Nor would she Rely on them for anything.

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[TSUCHI_KUN] Ilúvatar
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