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 [TSUCHI_KUN] Daffney

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Name: Daffney

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Warlock

Allegiance to House: House Tyrell

Role to House: Tactician

Daffney is a power hungry person, who wants only two things in life, power and wealth. She will do anything to get that even if it means betraying someone, or helping them for her own gain. In the end, she dose not care who is hurt by her desire and actions, she will still sleep like a baby. She is cold, and deceiving, and underhanded. Her thoughts revolve around only herself, other could die, and she would not feel no remorse. She is cold, and often seen as distant, refusing the company of others. She is strong minded and will not stop at anything, as long as she believes it something fit to fight for.

Physical Description:
Daffney is a tall female, who stands to about 6'1, and weights 134 pounds. Her body is toned, and her legs nice shapped, her long black hair falls to her shoulders, and her eyes a green color, almost like the color of moss. Her skin is pale, and around her eyes she either wears a large layer of black/green/purple, the color of her lip stick is the same. This often makes her look sinister. Her outfit consits of chain mail, in the shape of a bikini like top, and breeches, or corset and breeches, or even a purple dress. Her hair is often down, and on her hands are long claws.

Powers and Abilities:
She is able to control black fire and ice, poisoned water.
She also possesses the ability of Telekinesis
She is able to summon a demonic entity to accompany Her, her's is a hell cat

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Her strenghs are poisons. But aside from that, her personality strengh, is the fact that she never gives up. She refuses to back down when there is a need. She is too power hungry to allow someone to control her, or to take her down. Strong minded, and strong willed, she will stand up to anyone.

One of her main weakness, due to her race is to the white magic stone, which is worn by the Sorcerer. Take in mind that is her greatest weakness, but there are many other's after that simple ones. The rest come from her personality. She often looks down upon others, her greed for wealth and power making her look down upon others, and think of them as nothing but trash. Unable to fight her, often or not, she will turn her back on them, and try to get what she wants, and for that reason alone, she is often attacked due to her thinking she is the best.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Her weapon of choice is her powers, but when that can not be used, she will use a sword, or a bow and arrow. She see's no point for Armour, as her powers mostly deflects things. In some cases she will wear chain mail, underneath a leather tunic. But that is as much as her Armour goes.

Background History:
Daffney was raised by her father alone, her mother had died during child birth, and her father had decided to keep her. Around the time of her becoming 5, her father began to teach her mainly that power, and wealth was everything. If you did not have those two that you were nothing. So at a young age, her mind, and powers were tainted by the one person that needed to be teaching her the right way. As she grew older, she began to see her fathers way, but she also saw him as a obstacle in her path. He would always control her, and thus, she put a plan in motion. She had first learned about poison water, so one day she decided to be a good daughter and get him food ready. She conjured up some poison water, and used that to make his food. This in the long run should have put a red alert up, that she was doing something "nice" but her father was old, thus, lacked the intelligence to realize that. With a plate for him, and a plate for her she sat. She acted like she was eating, but was not, only to watched her father die in front of her as the poison took control of him. She showed no sorrow, no pity, instead at the age of 17 she lacked pity, or remorse, she had not heart, or the fact was it was encased in ice. She saw no reason to pity such a ignorant fool.

After her first act was done, she set the place to flames. Then ran away faking a scene of fake hysteria, which lead a ignorant couple to take her in. She stayed with them for 3 years, and when she turned 20, she did to them, what she did to her father. Their purpose was over to her as she saw it. She had only kept them alive so many years so that she could use them for well, everything. They thought, like her father had grown old, and helpless, and was not able to help her out any more, so she did away with them, in the same exact way. With no remorse, she turned away from the burning house, and headed unto the next. Though, this time, she decided she would make sure they lived a bit longer. As long as the house of Tyrell could fulfill her wants, she would do nothing.... to them at least.

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[TSUCHI_KUN] Daffney
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