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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Alayna Alumni




Allegiance to House:
House Martell

Role to House:

Alayna has the type of personality where everyone can't help but to love her. If you hate her, then that means, you don't know her, and you're judging a book by it's cover. She respects everyone, and often times bites her tongue when someone treats her rudely, until her patience for it runs out. She likes to be in a friendly environment, but she knows there's always one rude person, tagging along with the group. She doesn't like to speak ill of people, however, she will not hesitate to speak her mind, and give an opinion. She's a people reader, able to analyze a person's personality based off the way they behave, and encounter others. At times she can be wrong, because most aren't the way they act, and she is never afraid to admit when she misread someone.

Physical Description:
Hair Color:

Eye Color:




Powers and Abilities:
She likes doing things with the elements, her favorite two to use being fire, and water. She uses the water to heal, and the fire to destroy if destruction is necessary. It isn't too often she uses the earth and wind elements, unless she in a battle of some sort, and they help her out since they can be used from a distance, not giving said opponent a chance to attack her up close. She's able to duplicate the powers of another, just by watching them cast their spells, and attacks.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Since she is a sorceress of neutral power, too much light, or too much dark magic can either make her, or destroy her. Being neutral can often times leave her exposed to gaining enough or too much of either side of the magic, and if control isn't regain, she could harm herself and others around her greatly. She sees it as a strength in some ways since they'd give her a major power boost, and make her stronger once they're under her control.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Her weapon of choice would be her magic, though it won't be able to save her all the time. Especially if she winds up having to face an opponent who is more powerful than herself. If needed she'll use the elements to help her, since she's never picked up a weapon in her life.

Background History:
She grew up in a small home, in a family of other sorcerers and sorceresses, conjurors. Her family consisted of her mother, grandfather, and elder brother, at which she is very close to. Her father left after she was born, never returning, leaving her mother to care for herself, and her brother. Her grandmother had passed a few years before then, leaving her grandfather to himself. Her mother moved him into their small cottage, while she was still a baby and has lived with them ever since. He taught her elder brother their neutral ways of sorcery, while she was growing up, having not discovered her own powers so she could be taught.

As the years went by she was slowly gaining her abilities, and was taken under her grandfather's wing along with her brother, the two of them training together. She found she could duplicate anything her brother did, as did her grandfather. He helped her make ability stronger, and soon her brother grew jealous. In his act of jealousy, he swayed over to the dark sorcery, leaving his grandfather's training to learn the arts from another.

Alayna stayed with her grandfather and become a strong sorceress, over the years, and her grandfather died, proudly, for what she had become. Her mother was now elderly, and her heath was beginning to diminish, so she began taking care of her. She couldn't quite use the elements yet, but she would soon learn. Months had gone by and it seemed her mother was getting worse, and worse, instead of better, and soon she gave up on fighting, and she too passed away.

She was by herself, and she didn't know what place her brother had gone to, and since the male was evil now, she hadn't planned on looking in order to stay out of trouble.

I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

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