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 [xEmoxPremox93] Boro Icanara

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PostSubject: [xEmoxPremox93] Boro Icanara   [xEmoxPremox93] Boro Icanara Icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 2:02 pm

Fire and Blood

Boro Icanara




Allegiance to House:
House Targaryen

Role to House:
n/a atm

In retrospect Boro is a calm and secluded person. Keeping to himself and letting others try to do something or watch before he lends a helping hand. He is a tester of ones self. Meaning that he likes to evaluate a person and help then to a the beginning of their journey. Although quiet he is marvelously intelligent in more fields then one would expect or comprehend.He is not shy though. He is a proud and adventurous, and full of vigor and self confidence, ready at any moment for the unexpected. Boro is all but close minded he takes on new ideas and principles. He never does anything half assed. He firmly believes that if you do not put everything you have into every task, chore, or anything else is a waist of your time, effort, and make you look extremely weak. Weakness is death, if not carful or monitored it will lead to it. Boro doesn't accept ignorance, if he finds you ignorant on a subject that the person should know then that person is branded worthless, it would take an act of god to change his mind. He also firmly believes that actions speak louder then words. To all those that interact with Boro beware, he doesn't take to kindly to liars, sneaks, and bigots. For his anger is great when awakened.

Physical Description:

Boro is tall.Roughly standing 7'8" feet tall. He has a pale purplish skin color (This is due to a birth effect in the womb.) The most noticeable features on his body would have to be his horns, wings, eyes, and the runes that riddle his body. The reason for his wings and horns was an experiment that went absolutely horribly wrong in the most possible way.

Powers and Abilities:
That of his powers and abilities are mostly of his race. Do to his enhanced height he has more muscle mass. This intern gives him a little boost when is comes to anything physical. With his leathery wings he is able to glide off of high places, with speed and at great heights. He is currently working on making his gliding last longer. The runes on his body are the main source of his power. With every rune that he has on his body it adds to his abilities. Such as strength, dexterity, perception, and a few minor things. The runes are not also power ups but are also deadly in their own right. Some of the runes are able to summon things from a different plain of existence. Although these summons only last about ten to twenty minutes and can never travel more then a mile away from his body. The runes also have a cool down time. Which means that after a use of the rune it must take time to use again, he can never reuse the same rune more then twice a day at any given time.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Along with his racial strengths and weaknesses Boro has an extreme side to himself. As mentioned before that Boro does everything to his absolute fullest all the time. This is not always a good thing. Example: Lets say Boro walks into a small remote town. Boro being Boro would ether cause a major scene by his appearance due to his horns and wings, and then he would judge them for being ignorant and this would cause people to get angry and say something that made Boro's anger erupt and so there might be some dead people laying around the small village.

But there is also a plus side to this. While putting all his effort into everything he does he is able to almost always certain to accomplish what he sets his mind to, but due to his racial need for magic, distracts him horribly to accomplish things. So his whole existence is to fight over the need for his fix or what must be done, and he almost always loses to his fix.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Boro wields two twin emerald scimitars with dual blades. They never leave his presence. In battle Boro constantly feeds magic to his blades to make them faster, and have a nice poisonous bite to them that damages the opponents nerves system, making them sluggish in mind and movements.

Boro never wears armor for he believes that it is for the weak.

Background History:
At a very young age Boro knew he was different from the rest of his kin. Due to his birth defect the other blood elves kept a close eye on him. They thought he was more addicted to magic then one his age might be. And this was proved when Boro killed his mother on accident. He unknowingly sucked the life out of her though his need of the arcane magic. He blacked out and found himself over his mothers corpse, her body withered and dried up. His father found him over his mother. His father knew exactly what happened. He had been fearing this day and it had come. His father though instead of punishing him forgave him, and from there on in his father devoted his entire life to teaching his son Boro to control his thirst of the arcane magic's.

This though did not stop the talk around his community. Soon after his father left with him and moved to a isolated location perfect for Boro's control training. Boro lived like this with his father for many years and soon his training was complete. Boro got permission to leave his father and to make is way in the world on his own. Boro controlled his thirst for the arcane power for a few years before he met another blood elf that flaunted the arcane magic's in front of him. Powerful magic's that his father would not teach him. Boro then asked the blood elf to teach him these powerful magic's. The flaw of his race was so evident in that situation that the blood elf couldn't resist to teach him the magic's. Boro then learned powerful magic's through this elf, but soon grew tired of his teachings for he mastered them quick and his need for more power soon overpowered his self control. So Boro did the unthinkable. He started to dabble in very ancient dark magic's and summoning's.

On his most ambitious attempt to gain power the quick and easy way one of Boro's experiments went horribly wrong. An ancient spell of summoning went wrong when Boro rushed the process. This caused a very negative reaction. Boro was caught in the summoning and would have surly died if not for his quick thinking. Instead of death Boro was rewarded for his mistake. He now had long leathery wings as long as his body, and long curved horns. He had also grew a foot taller. For the time Boro thought this a blessing. How ever when he showed his master the "improvement" to himself his master disowned him. Angry Boro lost control and killed his master with his bare hands. Boro then fled to Essos to escape persecution from the law. It wasn't long in Essos that Boro learned new foreign magic's and it is there that he got his many tattoo's of mysterious powers and power ups. It wasn't long after that he stole his weapons from a noble lord traveling alone on the road, he killed him also. About a year after that Boro met The Dragon and became infatuated with her and followed her hoping that she would except him. She has still yet to know of him or his presence.

Blood of my Blood

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[xEmoxPremox93] Boro Icanara
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