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 [maeve21] Maeve Someren

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Fire and Blood

Name: Maeve Someren

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Sorceress

Allegiance to House: House Targaryen

Role to House: Alchemist (who is able to use a bow and arrow? Was unsure since she is a sorceress)

Personality: Maeve is a woman who is a very independent thinker, she believes that it is finally time a woman took control and stopped the men of Westeros from all their bickering. She is someone who appreciates a person for their strength and never wants to show her own weaknesses to anyone. Love is an emotion that she feels can be dealt with at a later date and she only wishes for the health of Queen Daerneys at this point in time. She feels as though a person's loyalty and honesty are their two most important traits and is not afraid to kill if forced to that point. However, if you are the person that she is loyal to she will go through legions of the others to save you. She may rub some people the wrong way, but all she does is in an effort to further her sovereign's cause, and so she is unfaltering in her beliefs.

Physical Description: -Eye color=lavender, -Hair Color= light, almost white, blond with one black streak, -Height=6', -Weight=120lbs

Powers and Abilities: She can make many potions and is quickly becoming adept at healing injuries, however she is beginning to show an affinity for the elements of water and fire. Lately she spends much of her time furthering her elemental and healing abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses: As with many of her kind her power is greatly diminished when near a Phoenix stone, however, she has also found that she has a harder time controlling her ability to control water whenever she has spent much time working on her fire abilities. Her strength comes from the amethyst she wears in a bracelet around her upper arm, she has never removed the bracelet, also, she found that around the time the dragons were born her fire ability had greatly increased, causing her to more easily control the flames around her.

Weapons and Armor: She mainly like to use her affinity for the elements when in battle, however, if unable, she will also expertly use a bow and arrow, sometimes even a dirk. For her armor she wears something much like this, with leggings underneath.

Back Story: Maeve was left at the home of a lowly family in the northlands of Westeros, and she was a part of the family for many years. She grew up with the children of this family until she came of an age where almost all of her hair turned from a dark, ebony silk to the pure absence of any color, bringing her eyes into sharp contrast with the white paleness. At this point her adoptive parents realized what she was and sent her on a ship to Lysene, for they knew how many people in their land felt about sorcerers and felt they had to protect her. She grew into her body and became a young woman in this new world under the watchful hand of her teacher. He was an older gentleman who found her leaving the boat from Westeros with tears in her eyes. This sorcerer taught her how to use her powers and become one with the stone he gave her. With him she once again found happiness, until he passed away of old age and sickness. After his death she heard tales of the problems overwhelming her home and the new Queen who was rising up nearby, with that she decided she had to help this Queen fix the problems and set her mind to finding the woman.

Blood of my Blood

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[maeve21] Maeve Someren
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