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 [Persephone] Aara

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PostSubject: [Persephone] Aara   [Persephone] Aara Icon_minitimeSun Jul 14, 2013 5:42 pm

Ours Is The Fury.

Name: Aara
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Species: Warlock
Allegiance to House: House Baratheon (Stannis)
Role to House: Commoner

Aara is an evil being since she was born. She loves to see other suffer and despair. She feels comfortable through chaos. She has control over her sister’s actions and often uses it to achieve her evil deeds. She hates day light for it burns her eyes. She never cry and has no pity. She act like she is a fragile young girl but she is far from it. Aara suffers from a type of schizophrenia and really thinks she can speak personally to the God of Flame and Shadows. Making her think she is an oracle, but she is not.

Physical Description:
Long blonde curled hair
Sometimes Skin damage (looks like leprosy)
Large canine
claw-like nails
black magic stone on a long leather strap around the neck, in the form of a crystal.

Powers and Abilities:
Control element: Fire, Ice and Light (shadows)
Self healing (I would like to trade this against the summoning if possible. If I can’t, I’ll chage it)

Cunning, Magic, Acting

Susceptible to the white magic stone, Phoenix stone, Disease, day light

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Her black magic stone necklace

Background History:
Aara was raised by her elder sister, A’isha. She is often called ''the Demon Child'' by the villagers, because people keep dying when she's around, but she prefers ''Daughter of Shadows'' . Sometime, her skin looks like she had contract leprosy but when her green necklace glow, she is able to fight the disease and look normal for a short time. But it comes to a price. Using this white magic to stay alive, it makes her weaker every time and she is no longer able to summon her black cat Midnight. She often accidently light fire around her when she have a nightmare, causing the two sisters to run away from their temporary shelter. They have recently moved to King’s Landing, where A’isha will work in a brothel. Aara stays in her bed all day and night, telling her sister what to do, when and how to do it. She is very intelligent for her age and capable of great evil. She worships R’hllor because of The Red Woman, Melissandre, who is her idol. She would like to be a Red Priestess like her one day and serve the true King chosen by the Lord of Light.

Do you believe a good soldier makes a good king?
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[Persephone] Aara
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