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 [Persephone] A’isha

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PostSubject: [Persephone] A’isha   [Persephone] A’isha Icon_minitimeSun Jul 14, 2013 5:41 pm

Hear Me Roar.

Name: A’isha
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Humain

Allegiance to House: House Lannister (Loyal to Tyrion)

Role to House: Prostitute in King’s Landing

A’isha is a strong and ambitious woman with conviction. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is known for her boundless love for gold and power. Often, she spies on other and use treachery to achieve her goal. She loves herself and her sister above all others and trust no one. Some say she is cruel, for A'isha enjoy to torture people in any ways, but in the deep of her heart she's just a scared little girl, caring for her sister's well being. She never forget, never forgive. She's born for vengeance and wish for a better life. Secretely, she dreams to be wed by a noble man and raise a family, but she thinks this will never happen.

Physical Description:

• Piercing grey eyes
• Dark brown hair
• Freakles on the face
• Large breast
• Pale skin
• Luscious lips

Powers and Abilities:
• Seductress
• Cunning
• Furtive

Strengths and Weaknesses:
A’isha knows that a man speaks when he is happy and she often uses it at will. She’s extremely intelligent for her age and, no need to mention, shows amazing ingenuity. Her weakness is her little sister, Aara (Cool, who is sick with a deadly disease unknown by the characters. (Looks a lot like leprosy)

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
She wears a small dagger, hidden at her thigh.

Background History:
A’isha and her sister Aara were born on the Lannister’s land. They’re mother died giving birth to her second child. A’isha had to take care of the baby by stealing food and later, selling her body to numerous clients. She had the honor to share Lord Tyrion’s bed one night. With the gold he gave her, she has been able to move to King’s Landing and give a better life to Aara. She is grateful for the great amount of coin the Imp gave her and would do anything to return the favor. She works for the smallest littlefinger's brothel in King's Landing, though she hates that man, she's enjoing her job. A'isha will do anything Aara will ask, even steal and kill. She has done it before, when she was 15. There was this man she deeply fell in love with. Her sister notice and asked her to kill him. She did.

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[Persephone] A’isha
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