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 [Kiramen-Amelia] Ikana Terimisha

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Fire and Blood

Name: Ikana Terimisha

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Shape Shifter

Allegiance to House:
Targaryan (Daenerys Khalsaar)

Role to House:
General Slave

Personality: Ikana is quiet, she does her work without much of a word, she speaks only when spoken to, but she does have a confidence to confront people if need be, and when she does she is loudly spoken. She understands and accepts the ways of the world and never complained about being a slave. She has a very strong sense of duty and well happily help anyone that needs help, if they are worthy. She respects Daenerys more then anyone and sees her almost as an idea. Ikana if in fact more similar to her then she could realise, she too has a very gentle heart but one firm backbone and a strong will.

Physical Description:

Ikana has long dark brown hair, that she either keeps down or braids, but she only ever puts small braids in the front and never a full braid due to the symbolism in Dothraki Khalisaar. She wears horse hide trousers and cloth top covering her chest. Some times wearing cloth around her legs instead of the horse hide, she has a sword tide to her waist with rope. She is about 5'4 and 8 stone in weight.

Powers and Abilities:
Ikana is a shapeshifter but this was kept a secret from the Dothraki Tribe originally. Ikana can turn into a Horse which allows her to blend in with the animals of her surroundings, but she will not actually turn into one as she feels a slave turning into such a great creature would be disrespectful to the Great Stallion, but she wishes to one day receive his blessing to turn into it, and then she wishes to be the Horse of the Khaleesi Daenerys. She is skilled in using a Sword and a whip that she wears on her belt.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Ikana is fast and strong and also fiercely loyal, but she can get startled easily. Ikana is extremely trustful of humans which can sometimes let her down but she will always work hard for whoever owns her without complaint no matter down she is treated, unless she is treated badly by one who does not own her will she lash out.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
One leather whip.
A Short Sword
Horse Pelt for clothing which she dislikes, but gets little choice is there are not many other materials for clothing, for slaves, she is happier wearing cloth but it does not serve as well in battle.

Background History:
Personality: Ikana was taken from her mother at age three, who was killed in front of her, she was going to be killed to but was brought up by the bandits, when the bandit camp was raided 2 years later she was taken by slavers, she was bought  by a man who she will not even say his name, he had her work at his stall in one of the free cities and used to rape her. A year or two later the shop keeper was killed by a particularly angry customer he stabbed the shop keeper in the gut and tied Ikana to the stall before setting it alight. At this point, Khal drogo's Khalisaar was riding through and they stopped to laugh at the little girl screaming, when some people came to free her, the Khalasaar got annoyed and slaughtered them, Ikana now free was taken by them as a slave. Ikana, now a slave to Khal Drogo at seven she worked silently and hard for years. She has seen the marriage of Daenerys and Drogo. When Khal Drogo died and Daenerys told the slaves they were free to go, Ikana did, she explored the continent of Essos but she realised she could not adapt to a life of freedom in the free cities, she moved around trying to get comfortable but was unable, after that she searched out of Daenerys Khalisaar and found them after not too long. She now works as a slave for Daenerys Khalisaar for which she is very happy and content. She sometimes feels quite jealous of Daenerys Dragons, she cannot remember her mother and a part of her wishes she was loved by Daenerys like the dragons are. She dreams of being blessed by the Great Stallion and being a loved Horse of the Khaleesi.

Blood of my Blood

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[Kiramen-Amelia] Ikana Terimisha
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