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 [SilverBones] Adriane Hartwood

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Young, Angry and Poor.

Name: Adriane Hartwood

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf

Allegiance to House: Brotherhood w/o Banners

Role to House: Seeker

Personality: Adriane is a very kind person and will not turn down a person in need. She joined behind Beric Dondarrion in his quest to help those within the realm that could not help themselves while the war ranged from every corner of the Seven Kingdoms. It pains her to see a person in need that she is not able to help, even knowing that most would not return the favor. Being a werewolf Adriane always had to hide part of herself from the people that she wished to ever grow close to, because of that she seldom let’s people into her life, and when she does you know you are really a special person.

Physical Description: (RACHEL McADAMS) Adriane has long dark hair that tumbled to the bottom of her shoulder blades in loose curls. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and grey. Her mark of the beast is on her upper thigh.

Powers and Abilities: Adriane’s only ability that transfers over to her human form is her incredible sense of smell. In wolf form she possess most skills that a werewolf would have, such as strength and speed.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Adriane has a powerful sense of smell, which comes in handy as she is a Seeker for the Brotherhood Without Banners. Whether or not she is in wolf form she is weak to the same things as a werewolf.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: She does not wear armour, rather just her normal clothing in colors that allow her to easily hide. She carries a short oak bow on her back and a dozen arrows in a quiver.

Background History: Adriane was cursed by the beast when she was but a young girl. For years she spent time just alone, thinking that is what she had to do to protect herself. As she grew older she found it pointless to stay away from people, and found that it made her grow depressed. The only thing that forced her to stay alive and active was her younger sister Rinoa. As her parents health depleted she did not know who would care for her sister that was ten years her minor. When Adriane was told that they had but days left she spent as much time as she could with Rinoa and her parents. Her mother and father pasted within two days of her being told they did not have much time. After that Adriane helped raise Rinoa in as stable as a home as she could, in her parents small cottage in the Vale. As time passed on Adriane felt as if she needed to do something to help the people of the Seven Kingdoms, though she did not think anyone would be okay with the fact that she was a werewolf as Rinoa seemed okay with it. When the war broke out in every corner Adriane decided that she could not just sit back and watch the common people suffer at the hands of lord, knights, and kings alike. Adriane left Rinoa on her own in the Vale, the girl was skilled enough to care for herself, and even Rinoa believed she didn’t need to be looked after. Traveling through the Seven Kingdoms and helping those that she was able to help she came across the Lightning Lord. Meeting him made her decide to join the Brotherhood Without Banners. She never looked back but to wonder about the young girl she left in the Vale.

Always on guard defending the people’s rights..
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[SilverBones] Adriane Hartwood
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