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 [Internally_flawed] Analyne Despira

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Fire and Blood

Name: Analyne Despira

Age: 22

Gender: female 

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: To the House Targaryen

Role to House: General slave

Analyne is strong willed and calculating. She is intensely ambitious and hates the life she lives. She has always had a drive to rise above her lowly slave status, though she has known no other life. She is incredibly prideful for both a slave and a woman and does not take kindly to those who would steal her pride. She prefers to take the moral high road, but will always sacrifice her morals for her life. Mind you morality for her is quite simple, protect those who are without guilt and destroy those who have done harm to you and those to whom you owe allegiance without just cause.

Physical Description:

Analyne is a dark skinned girl with long black braids that fall down to the middle of her back. She is decently muscular due to her training, though not so much to be intimidating or immediately notable. Underneath her usually worn clothes one can see many old scars across her back from receiving the whip in her youth. A thin silver-ish scar can be seen crossing her right cheek. finally small scars ring her wrists and ankles from the shackles she once wore.
Powers and Abilities:
Analyne is quite skillful with a sword, a bow, a scimitar, and throwing knives due to the nature of the relationship with her first owner.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Analyne has an undeniable courage that holds even when odds are against her, and the Gods have turned away. She will fight until her last breath. This valor has made her a strong and worthy opponent. It is wise not to underestimate Analyne for she is constantly analyzing and calculating her next move. Unfortunately she has a bit of a weakness for small children and will go above and beyond to protect them.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Analyne has not been permitted weapons for quite sometime, though she has a tendancy to make due in her environment.

Background History:
"Please, she's your daughter," Analyne heard her mother beg. She was supposed to be in bed but she knew something was wrong. Mother never sounded afraid, not even when the masters beat her. But sounded afraid now.
"Why should I care," Said a man, whose voice she had never heard before. He sounded big and scary to her four year old mind. Analyne crept back up the steps to the room she shared with her mother and drew a small dagger from it's hiding place underneath her mother's pillow. Turning around she left the room, but not before snatching her battered stuffed bear from the floor.
"Mama?" Analyne questioned falsely as she walked down the stairs and rubbed her eyes.
"Go back to bed, sweet baby," said her mother walking over to the stairs. As her mother got close Analyne dropped her bear and drew the dagger advancing on the man. Raising it high she screamed, "Leave Mama alone!"

Analyne was born to a slave woman of Astapor, so naturally she was to be a slave. As with many slave children she was torn from her mother at a young age. At the age of six she was sold by her Mother's owner. She hated the man. He was a monster. He had whipped Analyne's mother in front of her and, after she turned four, whipped her when she called out for him to stop. He was cruel and sadistic and she vowed that she would one day kill him.

She was sold at an open market auction. It was quite frightening, but all she could do was hope she would not be bought by a master that enjoyed raping young girls. She got far luckier.

Her new master was a man named Perseus Despira. She had seen him only once before when she was four. He was the man she had pulled a knife on. at first she was horrified, She had pulled a knife on a master. He had just laughed and left then, but now, she figured, she would be mercilessly punished. Instead the man informed her that he was her father and spent the next fifteen years teaching her everything he knew so that one day she would be greater than the title which she was given.

At nineteen, Perseus was murdered and she was given to another slaver to settle one of her father's debts. Here she was reminded of how terrible a place Astapor really was and why she had to find a way out.

Blood of my Blood

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[Internally_flawed] Analyne Despira
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