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 [blood_drop_cookie] Elixer Augustean

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PostSubject: [blood_drop_cookie] Elixer Augustean   Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:50 pm; width: 500px; height: auto; background-not allowed top center; background-repeat: repeat; padding: 20px; color: #ffffff; font: verdana; font-size: 16px; border: 2px solid #FFCC33;">" width="170" />
Hear Me Roar.

Name:Elixer Augustean
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Allegiance to House: Lannister
Role to House: Apprentice Alchemist


Elixer is a girl who is wonderful at manipulation, she will often observe her target and bend her personality to fit their desire. However her natural personality is quite relaxed, she feels she is quite knowledgeable and bold for someone of her age, so she can often appear smug. 
In relation to others she will always try to draw out an insecurity of the person she is conversing with, and often succeeds. She can appear quite soft spoken but will give you an ear full if you cause her frustration. 
Elixer will often find herself laughing and giggling at situations that most would consider in bad taste. Elixir also  has the misfortune of being quite clumsy, she will often trip on nothing and drop whatever she is carrying. She has proper etiquette and knows when to behave around those who can either hurt her or help her succeed. 

Physical Description:

Elixer is quite narrow wasted with an elongated neck and limbs. Her face is round with large eyes that are two  different colours, her right eyes is yellow and her left green, this is a side effect of one of her early spells backfiring. 
She has long flowing light red hair which is almost always neatly braided and tied in a bun so as to not get caught on things. Her mouth is quite pouty and she has two large buck teeth similar to a rabbit. 
Elixir often dresses in loose flowing gowns that are often black in colour, she tries her best to hide a red forked tail she has developed but it sometimes sneaks out to the fright of many young children. Elixer has a number of scars on her body from her earlier dabbling in magic, the most easily viewable are a small burn behind her left ear and a large burn down the middle of her back in the shape of a Serpent.  Many more hide under her clothing but have not been seen by anyone as of yet. 

Powers and Abilities:

Her Powers are that of many other warlocks, the ability to control dark elements, telekinesis, and the ability to summon a hell Cat. 

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Elixer is quite adept at making potions that cause physical and mental pain. Although she is young, she has been dabbling in the black magic almost all of her life, ever since she could read at 5 years old. She also has  strength in her disregard for life, she really has no attachment to any living being and could be consider to have no conscious. 
Due to her lack of a conscious she finds herself often lonely, most people do not want anything to do with someone who cannot share an emotion. So she often finds herself faking emotion which takes a physical toll on her, causing her to be tried most of the time.
Her other weaknesses are that of most warlocks, the white magic stone worn by sorcerers, the phoenix stone and bright light. 
Elixer likes to keep her identity as a warlock quite, so she sees the black stone she wears around her neck as a weakness as most knowledgeable people will be able to identify her straight away.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Elixer chooses to use only a small set of hair pins as a physical weapon which she hides inside her braided hair, she is quite quick with them and will often dip them in a deadly poison before putting herself in a place of danger.

Background History:

Elixer is a young warlock who has recently pledged her allegiance to the house Lannister after leaving her home across the narrow sea. Upon hearing the news of the rising of Daenerys Targaryen Elixer decided that her home was no longer for her as she thought if they were to ever meet, they would butt heads which could ultimately end in Elixer not having a head. 
She made her way across the sea thanks to her parents wealth and now finds herself pledged to a house she feels comfortable in. 
Elixer was always a little odd growing up, she has very little friends as from the age of 5 she has been practicing dark magic, and most children did not want to see their pets and livestock become part of her elaborate spells. 
Thanks to her lack of socializing, Elixer has spent a large majority of her life reading and researching the way of past warlocks and plans to become one of the greatest in all of the kingdoms. 
Elixer craves to be feared and will stop at nothing for this to happen. 
She was raised by two loving parents, both who were warlocks themselves, they are proud of their daughter and hope to see her returned home safely one day.  

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[blood_drop_cookie] Elixer Augustean
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