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 [JACKOL69] Ulric Crakehall

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Hear Me Roar.

Ulric Crakehall




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Translator of the seer of Cersei 

Ulric is very close with his older sister, and will keep her safe above almost all, only his little brother is equal to her. He is often very kind, but will not hesitate to kill or hurt someone when he needs to. He hates fighting, and hates seeing others in pain, but he wont help unless he knows he can. He often cares more about his siblings being safe and happy then about others issues. He can often tell when there is something wrong with his sister, feeling her feelings, and often being the only one that can calm her down. 

Physical Description:
Much like his sister and that of the Lannister family he has golden blond hair, though his eyes are a mix of brown a green, often leaving them a dark hazel. His hair is often middle length, not even touching his shoulders. His hair softly curls, much like his sisters. He has a square jaw like his sister, though he looks more masculine then her.

Powers and Abilities:
Being human he has no real powers, though he has an odd ability to understand what his sister is thinking or feeling. Strangely enough he can only do this with his sister and little brother, though he often sees Terra more then his little brother, so he understands her better then him. 

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Ulric is skilled with swords and bows, though anything heavier then a one handed sword is hard for him.
He is skilled with calming people down, often being able to work his words around along with his personality. 
He is a horrible artiest, and not very good at writing, spelling, or reading, though he can, just not very well.
He doesn't like to ride horses, mostly because they are to large and fast for him. 

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
One handed sword, bow and arrows, light armor 

Background History:

He is the second child of Lord Crakehall, the first child was his sister, who was deaf, and a seer. He was born a normal human, though he wished he could have some of her gifts. He was not very artistic, mostly dealing with wars instead of paints. He is a good leader because he was raised to be one, trained to take over instead of his sister. He hated how she is often locked away. Ulric didn't hate his mother, though he didn't like the way she had treated his sister, so he often made up for it by getting her art supplies. He was sad when she died, but was even more sad when his little sister died, he was the last to see her alive, watching her take her last breath in her crib as he softly touched her golden hair. As they grew older he often did more to keep her safe, including keeping her away from guys, knowing very well they would only hurt her.
When he became 15 his father married again, this time to a very sweet woman, who loved both kids, treating them like her own. 
It didn't take long before she gave birth to a little boy, who is very much like his older sister, deaf, and gifted, only making Ulric feel more like an outcast, though their father considered him the normal one. He doesn't hate his father, though he isn't very close with him, his father often being distant from the family, treating the "outcast" kids like freaks, and his normal son like a fighter, showing no love, but at least paying some attention to him. He knew his father loved him more then his siblings, but he was often more tough on him then he was the others. Ulric is the only person that always knows what his sister means and is feeling, not even having to read or see what she meant. Due to this skill he was picked by the Cersei as the translator of his sister, being made to go with her when Cersei took back over her true place, queen of the 7 kingdoms.

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[JACKOL69] Ulric Crakehall
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