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 [GhostSunShadow] Naevia Ilithyia

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Naevia Ilithyia

The Nightingale




Allegiance to House:
House Tyrell, Tully or Martell

Role to House:
Mistress of the Lord (if any are interested)
Courtesan hoping to become Madam

Naevia is the living embodiment of promiscuity and sensual ecstasy as her profession isn’t simply chosen for profit but by personal pleasure for the art. She’s a very physical person that needs the intimacy for it makes her feel alive. The closeness and temptation she can offer to others emphasize in a way her caring nature for her kingdom understanding the power a woman’s seduction holds in these turbulent times. Naevia knows exactly what to say or do to scale the social ladder and gain a pull in the higher circles of society as being a Lord’s mistress opens a lot of doors and opportunities…

Beside of being woman spending many hours on her back with legs wide open, Naevia also has an adventurous spirit willing to try new things and explore new experiences. She has this lively energy going that makes the world seem so much brighter whenever she’s around; there’s a joy and excitement to her presence that has folks forget about their worries while allowing her to reach new personal summits on a personal, professional and social level. This same need to see new things, have fresh ideas and concepts be taught to her also expresses itself in her job as a courtesan. Whatever a client desires, she’ll comply…

Being amongst the rich and mighty of Westeros has introduced some malevolent side effects on Naevia’s personality as she’d developed several rather unfeminine trends. For one she’s grown thirsty for the power she saw every day so obviously being abused by the noble that shared her bed. To stab one person in the back to climb higher on the hierarch is not an act she’s afraid of committing, just ask the broken hearts she’d left behind along her way up. Another negative trait is her envy and jealous towards ladies born with titles, wealth and power that she considers her main competition in life; those women of fortune may meet the sharp end of her tongue and the nasty rumors Naevia is no stranger to spreading…

Physical Description:
Naevia can be considered as a bombshell, a drop dead gorgeous specimen of feminine origins with a natural beauty few can resist; voluptuous womanly curves give herself that tempting appeal for the manly population with an emphasized bussom nice, full and perky while walking on dancer’s legs slender and elegant leading all the way up in a sexy tight rear. All this visual esthetic flair makes her so successful as a temptress of the flesh, a master of seduction whose body stalks men’s dreams for to see her in all her glory in an experience few could compete with…

In addition of a body to die for, Naevia has an angelic face that just like her skin has been licked by the sun’s warmth giving it that natural bronzed glow; a flawless complexion absent of the tiniest of imperfections is blessed with a welcoming friendliness that stands on her expression. A pearly white smile, soft lips pigmented just that perfect shade of cherry red and enchanting teal eyes made for that memorable imagine Naevia strives for in life. Each of these loving accents of her facial expression is enhanced by soft details of makeup…

The most prominent feature of Naevia’s visual appeal comes in the form of her light blonde hair that reminds folks of the purest gold; long and softly curled her hair falls waves and waves of gold across her shoulders to reach all the way to the small of her back. A millions styles and ways for her to do her hair has made her often seem vain by spending such amounts of time of taking care of her coif as Naevia often sits down entire mornings brushing, weaving and breading her hair until that perfect style for that day is composed like the finest paintings brought to life…

Fashion wise Naevia is dressed for her profession with refined dresses of light, sensual fabrics of supreme quality; most of these gowns, robes and outfits are gifts of content patrons of her services, men satisfied by her ‘trade’ and lords trying to bribe her discretion to keep her from ruining their marriages and reputations. Beautiful jewelry and garments often embedded with expensive gemstones were found in her extensive wardrobe that is dominated with subtle colors of feminine preference; pinks, lemon chiffon and powder blues are the colors of her choice for both work days and personal days…

Powers and Abilities:
Premonition in Ecstasy:
Naevia is one of the strangest Oracles within Westeros for her gift of clairvoyance and premonition doesn’t come in dreams or moments of possession by spirits of old; her visions of days to come arrive only when experiencing physical ecstasy. Whenever a client or she herself reaches this plateau of excitement her mind leaps into the twilight where visions, images of things still to come meet her and her tongue will announce riddles and mysteries that are open to interpretation. Her visions are more reliable than most Oracles as they come less frequent and in a moment that increase the receptiveness of the individual. Naevia will be able to recollect the images she’d seen though their meaning, time and place are seldom straight forward…

The content of her premonitions are more restricted and limited to a small window of visions into a person’s life; in general she’s able of seeing into a person’s personal destiny such as social developments including love, friendships, betrayals and even the eventual deaths of those bringing forth the moment of ecstasy that induced the premonition. The window of her vision into the future are limited to places, persons and objects the person came in contact with, granting her some insight on how their financial status, health and standards will develop yet the order of things seen isn’t chronological persé…

• Flirtation
• Seduction
• Temptation
• Premonition

• Modesty
• Patience
• Humility
• Compassion

Weapons of Choice:
Never underestimate this pretty lady for she’s no pushover when it comes to getting her hands dirty; Naevia has a pair of sharp nails honed to play it rough yet they could as well claw out your eyes when not paying for her services or simply for treating her without the proper respect a lady deserves. Except for your occasional cat-fight she tends to avoid physical violence but it’s safer to leave the room while keeping both eyes fixed on her just in case…

When things however get violent, say a client turns aggressive or a patron gets too hands-on, Naevia will pull out a unique dagger of Valyrian steel; a gift from a secret admirer, this blade by the name Windshear has slit various throats of men attempting to force themselves on her, even cut off genitals that dared to stiff her on her fee. One’s safest choice is to pay the lady for services provided otherwise who knows …

Armor of Choice:
Not available for a courtesan

Background History:
Naevia Ilithyia was just another child born in wedlock like there are a million others roaming the streets of Westeros’ Kingdoms; without a father to have around, or even to know off whom exactly the man had been, she was raised by her mother, a humble waitress in a regional tavern. Childhood wasn’t much to talk about as she grew up around the tavern living in the attic room and helping her mother with petty jobs around the inn. At age five she was already sweeping floors in the kitchen and cleaning tables only to continue these pathetic labors without the prospect of a future for the next 7 years. She saw guardsmen and nobles pass through the tavern, having to fetch them drinks and meals every day, clean up after them and only get a meager wager entirely invested in the month’s rent and what little food she got on her plate. She loathed the life her mother had cursed her with by giving birth all because she’d spread her legs for some dirt bag that refused to acknowledge Naevia as his daughter; for all she knew Naevia could be the heiress to lands, a rightful lady of importance yet now she’d never know…

As she turned twelve, puberty hit her like a meteor storm as the cute young girl with blonde pigtails running around the inn developed into one stunning young teen that held the male patrons of the establishment captive at countless occasions. Simple acts such as picking fallen cutlery up from the ground now had the men gasping for air in sheer infatuation, her nervous quirk of biting her lip or placing her pinky in her mouth left guardsmen drooling as ever so often even duels erupted to defend her honor. Her mother found it disruptive and inappropriate for a young girl to demand such attention already, only ladies of stature were given such privileges she’d often preaches yet Naevia enjoyed all this interest. Her tips increases with each smile and playful touch she gave to the guests, the guards came more often than ever to spend their hard earned coin on the cheap beer of the tavern yet mostly took comfort in her presence. Flirting and teasing came natural to her and with adolescent years slipping by she became more beautiful than ever. Flawless skin with just a healthy tone of bronze by the warm glow of the sun, legs long and elegant and a bussom that caught the focus of many became the visual strengths she was blessed with…

Coming to that age where courtship became inevitable to a lady of her beauty and appeal, Naevia Ilithyia almost had to beat suitors of her with a stick; the captain of the guard of the Lord’s castle often came around bringing gifts and trinkets to claim her heart; a wealthy merchant handling in silk and jewelry from the sandy regions of Dorne deviated eight days from the main road to visit her yet Naevia couldn’t be charmed in the lifestyle of being someone’s eye-candy to simply prance on their arm looking pretty and remaining quiet. Her mother didn’t need a husband to live life and neither did she; no matter what advances were made, gifts were delivered at the inn or offers were made, Naevia remained unmoved by the idea of marriage though loved being in the spotlight of the male eye. For reasons unknown this simply felt meant to be to become an object of manly infatuation, an idol of lust rather than someone’s warm body to welcome them every night guarding the hearth. Why not would she turn man’s affection into her profession for at least than she’d have a future with plenty of coin and enough gifts to fill her wardrobe never having to wear a dress for more than a single day within a year…

When turning sixteen Naevia discarded her apron and exchanged it for silken gowns and dresses as she turned towards the local brothel and offered her services; mature for her age and developed like the ancient deities of folklore she was an object of lust simply coming to accept her role in this world. It didn’t take long before word spread about her selling her body at the brothel for all the former patrons of the tavern that had be kept company by her image at night now sought out the real deal. The captain of the guard, the wealth merchant of Dorne, each of these frequent customers stood in line to become the one to pluck her flower; how could they have known about the talent she’d been given at birth, the rarest of gifts in Westeros as Naevia would be one of the ladies honed to call herself an Oracle. How could these horny, lustful gents have understood the importance ecstasy would play in her life for after that first act would interlude the change of a lifetime in Naevia’s life and making her an ever more desirable woman that has more to offer but a gorgeous body, willingness to comply to every fantasy and desire for her visions would grant insight on the times yet to come…

The brothel detected the most lucrative of concepts available in their business, the madam seeing opportunity in this untouched flower in her selection of ladies as she requested something special from Naevia Ilithyia; her first would be the one willing to pay the most for her company and the opportunity to have that wish all desired as her first. An auction was set up and the young lady loved every second of it as knights seeking her hand dueled with merchants and noblemen, the rich poured out every coin from their treasury for this chance as the bidding began to reach withering heights when it came to her value. Ten times her own weight in gold and gemstones was already up the auction block on the first day of one week’s worth of bidding. In the end none of her known suitors was the one to claim the price, yet instead an masked stranger remaining nameless was the victor of this expensive investment. The carnal act awoke her slumbering gift as the young courtesan saw the executioner’s axe come down on the head of a North noble. It would take two years before that vision would come true when the young king claimed the head of Eddard Stark…

Ever since that first vision Naevia underwent ecstasy after the next like a true addict of the mesmerizing experience that came with staring into the future; she could see things clearly in her vision though time, place or persons involved remained often a mystery. Only for double her courtesan fee would she grant the client insight in what she saw, gifting them with the vision’s content though leaving the interpretation open to the customer. She never cared for having people’s future being handed on silver platters, especially to those seeking wealth, power or personal gain with the knowledge she could offer them. Naevia’s bed was shared with lords seeking understanding of what was to come to their Houses, generals sought ways to vanquish their enemies through the premonitions she witnessed yet seldom did what she saw influenced the actual events she’d seen through her visions. Rumor has it that Oracles predict the future including all the changes people made to avoid what they were warned off making the images seen inevitable. Now Naevia seeks out things of greater importance to her personally and wished to become the greatest most famed madam in history through working her way up the hierarchy. This chapter of her journey has just begun within the lands of Westeros…

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[GhostSunShadow] Naevia Ilithyia
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