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 [SILVERBONES] Renier Laroche

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PostSubject: [SILVERBONES] Renier Laroche   [SILVERBONES] Renier Laroche Icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 9:14 pm

We Do Not Sow
Name: Renier Laroche

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf

Allegiance to House: Greyjoy

Role to House: Boatswain of the Night’s Herald

Personality: Renier generally keeps to himself, though his love of being on a boat hinders that. He is very solemn and stern about what he does and when he gives orders to others. Renier is often quiet, he usually spends his time thinking of the things he has done while he was a wolf. Though Renier is quick to anger he tries his hardest to keep himself calm, as he believes that will lessen the pain that comes with transforming. Renier tries to keep calm but often cannot hold his anger back, because of that many people are driven away from him.

Physical Description: Renier has the mark of the beast over the left side of his waist. He has dark brown hair that he keeps closely hugging his ears in the natural waves that he obtained from his mother. Renier has dark brown eyes, matching that of his hair. He does not often keep his beard but can forget at times that he needs to shave.

Powers and Abilities: Renier is able to change into a white and silver wolf whenever the moon is seen in the sky. Through many years of being a werewolf he has learned to remember some of the events that take place during his transformation.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Renier possesses extremely acute senses, superhuman strength and speed. He has but few weaknesses and they are fire and pure silver.

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Renier wears a chest piece of boiled leather, though that is the only armour that he would allow himself to keep. At his side he keeps a simple longsword made of steel and a valerian steel dagger on the other side.

Background History: When Renier was not yet a man he traveled with his father to the land Across The Narrow Sea. He was told that a man could not be truly called a man unless he had seen the great cities, called the Free Cities. While visiting Quarth Renier was invited to visit the House of the Undying. There he met the blue woman Zhara Zhoe. All was well in their meeting until Renier talked about the Iron Islands. When he told the blue woman of the ways of the Drowned God she grew very unpleasant. As Renier was leaving the blue woman told him something, ”Forever you shall be cursed.” She did not explain what the meaning of her words meant but that very night Renier went through his first transformation. Knowing that his son had been cursed Renier’s father took him back to the Iron Islands. Back home Renier tried his hardest to train himself in the ways of the wolf. Growing bolder in his abilities to control himself Renier has ventured out into the realm and thus has vowed to try to become Boatswain of the Night’s Herald.

What is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger.
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[SILVERBONES] Renier Laroche
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