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 [x_ephemera_x] Enyo Svetlina

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PostSubject: [x_ephemera_x] Enyo Svetlina   [x_ephemera_x] Enyo Svetlina Icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 9:11 pm

Name: Enyo Svetlina

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Lannister
Role to House: Huntress
Personality: Enyo is kinda quite but you know what they say you have to keep an eye on the quite ones. She can be a very sweet kind person but cross her she wont hisite taken your head off. She is very intelligent when it comes to hunting and strategist. She can also be very competitive with others. Enyo can be very twisted especial to those who deserve it. Behind all her twisetness lys a kind loving person she is that can sometime let her anger get the best of her.
Physical Description: Enyo is about 5'6 130lbs she has sofe tan skin long beautiful flowing brown hair. She has beautiful brown eyes with a very sexy athletic body.
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Powers and Abilities: All natural human abilities
Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths Her intelligent , archer helping others when she can.
Weaknesses her anger gets in her way, Love of fighing and being competitive.
Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Enyo tends to wear leather most of the time because its easier to move in then plate is!
She also carry her bow and arrows along with her pure silver blade sword.
Background History:
Enyo was born in to a middle class type family she was the only girl that was born and the youngest. She has 3 elder brothers who she grow up and hang around since there was no other girl. They tough her everything from hunting to fighting and weapons marksmen. Sadly when she was 15 her brother disappeared no word or sign of where they have gone. This sadden her deeply because her brothers where everything to her. After there disappears she began to act out getting in to fight with others. She ran away from home when she was 17 become a huntress since is was basically all she knew. Year later she made The house of Lannister her home and become more calm she found her new begin. Enyo began to focus on hunting more then fighting as well as try to make new friends when she can however she tends to be scared to make any friends and get close to them because of the lost of her brothers. Once she realize she began to get close to someone she tends to shut down. Enyo has been trying to stop that habit. She not found anyone yet she can truly be close to but she hopes to find someone one day.
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[x_ephemera_x] Enyo Svetlina
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