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 [LETTINGITGO] Kyle Silverborn

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PostSubject: [LETTINGITGO] Kyle Silverborn   [LETTINGITGO] Kyle Silverborn Icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 9:07 pm

Name: kyle Silverborn or Kai to his friends

Age: 22

Gender: Male


Allegiance to House:
House Stark. Winter is Coming.

Role to House:

Kai is a proud, and light heart man, he declines no chellenge nor shys away from any situation demanding bravery. He is well sspoke and is an absolute hit with ladies, he is use to getting what he wants, he is as skillfull with his words as he is with a sword or his fists. His only loyality is to his heart and to his friends. He bows before a lord simply because he likes his head on his shoulders. He is more intelligent than he lets on as if people knew he knows more than them they wouldnt see hium the same. Kai has a tendency to jest and mock at times where it may not be most approperiate, but he simply shrugs and says whars in the past is in the past. He is easy going even though he has seen his fair share of hardships.

Physical Description:
6'1", silver hair, ice blue eyes, 80 kg of muscled up body, slightly over athletic body type. tends to dress in dark colors.
photo 844178devil_may_cry_2_-_dante_-_1600x12002-1_zps463cac61.jpg

Powers and Abilities:
skilled with sword axe and bow. Skilled in court behaviour and with words

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He follows his heart without thought or question in times this is a true strength but most of the time it just lands him in trouble, he mocks and jests as a natrural reaction this usually gets him in trouble but every now and again itll help him talk his way out of a messy situation. His strengths lay in the physical and not inth magical. He has no magic abilities that he is aware of.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
he prefers light swords and weapons over the heavy, he uses a sword of the bravos a very rare sword for a northerner, he wears light armor if any at all. he prefers to be faster than to require armor because he is to slow to move outta the way.

Background History:
in Kyle Silverborns short 22 years on this planet, he has seen far too much brutality. as far back as he can remember his father has been an abusive alcoholic and as Kai was an only child and a bit of a trouble maker he end up with more then a few slaps, he would often heard his ribs break under his fathers onslaughts, Kai was just thankful his mother died giving birth, because he knew he wouldve killed his Dad rather than see her hurt. Kai eventually ran away and join up in a bandit group where he learned how to fight properly, they were bandits but they had an honorable code. they would only steal from the rich and wouldnt dare touch the poor, they wouldnt kill unnecessarily Kai assumed this was why they were around for so long but eventually justice had to fall. His group spilt up late one when the men of House Stark came to deliever the Kings Justice. Kai being only 18 ran fast and hard leaving everything hard. He didnt stop til he found good shelter over 3 miles away. he slept rough and hard for a while stealing food from farms and thats when he went to winterfell. He began stealing in the markets and begging for money, soon enough he was caught by some of the Guard when he was about tpo steal, they told him he could join the Guard or next time he stole theyd cut off his hand. Obviously he chose to join the Gaurd where he still remains a low rank as he is trying not to be noticed.

ill edit the pic in in a sec
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[LETTINGITGO] Kyle Silverborn
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