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 [Angel-Jade] Sansa Stark

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Princess Sansa Stark

Name: Sansa Stark

Age: 15 going on 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Alliance to House: Stark

Role in House: Princess of Winterfell


Sansa Stark used to be a dreamer, a dreamer who believed in the prospects of true love and the grace that came with those knights of the fairy tales that put her to sleep each and every night; however, reality soon came pounding hard against her skull the moment she was thrown into the treacheries that awaited within the rotten and foul of King’s Landing. At first, she was overwhelmed with the elegance, the true beauty of the maidens that sat within the court of the king and her beloved Joffrey. Yet, as time passed and this kingdom of thieves showed its true colour, the young maiden was forced to turn her visions of the proud and noble, to those of deception and the true villainy that was out there in the world. There were no knights to save her, only the monsters that damned the world to an evil hell that the Gods could never dream of salvaging. She was exposed to the inhumane acts granted by a king that she no longer loved, but obeyed nonetheless as this was her only salvation to life. Her hopes of fantasy were distorted as she was forced to abandon the heart of the young lady that saw nothing other than good, hope, knights of flowers, and love in the world, and adopt a more routine nature, knowing when to respond only when addressed to, and finding herself almost alone within this world, grieving only when she is alone and out of sight from those that still hold her captive to this world far away from the frozen lands of her simple home. And while she has taken abuse of the years of Joffrey’s reign, and her ideals of this ideal romanticism blurred into nothing more than a dream within a dream, a wish upon a wish, she still holds that little flicker of a spark of hope that this wish would, one day, become a reality, and that some chivalrous knight may pluck her from her captors and whisk her away on a journey as was told to her by her beloved Old Nan when she was in her youth.

However, regardless of all these crimes done against this lady of nobility and grace, Sansa remains to be a lady, holding an interest in the cultural arts of music, poetry, singing, dancing, and the hobbies of embroidery, which were considered to be the traditional feminine activities during these days. She is a strong character, who has had to adapt to many changes within her life, whether it be emotionally and physically. And while she may be viewed to many as a “dim-witted girl” to those who see her reciting the words that she was taught by her captor, Cersei Lannister, she is actually quite bright, knowing all too well that if she had defied the past King, Joffrey, she would have likely not been alive at all this current day. However, now it is time to sing a different tune, as this gentle dove has now been thrown into a tumultuous world that sees Stannis Baratheon as king, and there is not much she could offer other than to serve as a treaty between the stubborn old king of the South, and her noble brother in the North.

At times Sansa Stark may often appear to be a timid girl who does not have a voice to speak up against those that may oppress her, unlike the raucous little soul her sister, Arya, once was, and at times, during Joffrey’s tyranny, she often wishes to possess the vast amount of courage and unlady-like duties that her sister had, playing in the muck and grime of the earth, and speaking freely even if it got her into trouble; however, raised to be a lady, Sansa, the polite little Sansa, will forever remain as that sweet elegant young girl that many would see, never truly knowing the girl behind the faux mask. She is still especially haunted by the execution of her father, often found grumbling to herself, or sobbing into a pillow when none cast an eye to her delicate frame, as she feels that she is responsible for Joffrey's hasty actions that lead to his death, no matter how much she has tried to intervene.

Physical Description:

With gorgeous, long, flowing hair of bright auburn fire, Sansa Stark bears more resemblance to her mother’s side of the family, of House Tully, than she does to the darker features of House Stark and her father. She possesses high cheek bones and extremely vivid water blue eyes, making her almost the split image of her mother when she was of younger years, with a winter-kissed flawless complexion, which has now been tainted with a gentle shimmer from the golden sun’s rays found in the regions of the Southern lands where she is now being held. Her lips are full and are of a rosy appearance, enticing to most men, yet still blessed with the innocence of her youth, no matter the strife that she has had to go through for most of her life within her exile in a land that held no fairy tales for her, only the pain and bubbling anger.

She possesses a gorgeous, slender frame that simple heightens her sheer beauty and elegance, with small breasts not fully developed, and the softest of contours seen amongst the shapely dresses that often nip at her waist and fall in the most exquisite manner that one could ever truly believe. While her dreams of romance may have worn off, her taste for fine garments and her desire to always look her best has certainly lived on within her, whether or not she has them at her disposal or not.

Her features are definitely that of nobility with a sharp, definite slender shaped face and delicately plucked eyebrows that heighten expression found upon her face, she has learnt to keep emotion devoid of her eyes and face, when she is approached by others that she most certainly does not trust. Regarding her voice, it possesses an even tone with a refined form of speech that indicates her noble upbringing, while the strong accent of her Northern descent does well to establish her as a foreigner within the world of spiders found throughout the expanse of King's Landing.

Powers and Abilities:

While Sansa is nothing more than a mere human, and, thus, does not possess any Godly powers that one would only hear of in the fairy tales that deceived her so, she does have a few abilities that were acquired throughout her upbringing. One of which is her fine craftsmanship when it comes to tailoring and making dresses and garments with nothing other than some needle, cotton, and material; as well as her keen stitching abilities demonstrated in the pretty patterned embroidery and mending of her clothes should they be ripped and otherwise ruined.
Another acquired ability of hers is that of deception, and an ability to cast the expressions upon her face into a stoic form that reveals nothing behind those eyes of watery blue. It is with this that she survived the wrath of Joffrey and the endeavours that he put her through throughout his reign of tyranny.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Sansa's strengths lie in her endurance and her ability to adapt to the changes that she has no control over; with this she has endured a great many tyrants, and has seen the worst that a man could become, being frequently physically abused by her supposed betrothed, and it is her sense of self-preservation and faux subservient nature that has left her breathing for all this time, regardless of the defiance that shimmers so brightly within her eyes.

Weapons and Armour:
She carries no weapons nor does she wear any armour, for she is a lady and a lady would never require such things when the men and knights are supposed to uphold an honourable word to defend her if need be. Her only armour consists of the elegant and exotic silks that she has obtained within King's Landing, and the warm fur pelts that remain a constant reminder of her life in Winterfell, and the world that she left behind on some great pursuit of a dream that never once did come true.

Background History:
Backgroundless for now

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[Angel-Jade] Sansa Stark
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