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 [ShrapnelBunny] Guinevere Catlyn McAdams

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PostSubject: [ShrapnelBunny] Guinevere Catlyn McAdams   [ShrapnelBunny] Guinevere Catlyn McAdams Icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 2:33 pm

Family, Duty, Honor.

Name: Guinevere Catlyn McAdams

Age: Twenty-three winters

Gender: Female

Species: ShapeShifter - Feline

Allegiance to House: House Tully

Role to House: No official House Roll

Guinevere is a strong individual with a very open and ready personality. Never afraid to say what is on her mind, and always the first person to step forward and stand up for what is right, Guine has always been known for being quite the opposite of the little lady her mother had hoped she would be. More at home with a bow in her hands, and knee deep in the river waters fishing for dinner, she has never been the type of woman to don the pleasant gowns and gentle cloths of the ladies of their house. With a stronge sense of loyalty, Guin puts family above all else, placing friendship directly afterwards, and will, without hesitation, put her life down for the sake of one of her own.

Physical Description:
Slender and tall, this young woman has obviously taken great pride in her own body. Though nowhere near the strength and muscle of the young men in her village, it is obvious that she has not exactly spent her time dancing and prancing about, with a toned figure and delicate finely boned features. Thick waves of purely red hair falls the length of her back, left long and straight as per her mothers wishes, it is often braided in a thick rope down her spine, or tucked into an intricate twist on the back of her head. This is her compromise to her mother, as she rarely leaves the house wearing the most appropriate of attire for a woman of her age. Piercing green eyes seem to hold sincerity in her every word, speaking more of her faithful honesty than her own words do. Much lie her feline counterpart, the pupils of her eyes are slit into long slender lines. Also like her feline form this woman moves with a natural grace, much like she is ever stalking something or someone, her footsteps silent and gentle, even if she should be rushing.

Powers and Abilities:

-Shape shifting - The ability to take the form of her own spiritual counterpart. A brilliant white tiger, large of muscle mass, and quick on its paws.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

-S-Being more in tune with her spiritual side, the animal within her is ever present, sometimes making her actions, even when not changed, sharp and immediate. This causes an intense focus in her, thanks to her feline self.

-S- Never having been a woman for parties, dances, and gowns, Guin has spent hr life preparing for anything. This includes training in secret with her bow and arrows, and the small hunting knife she keeps on herself at all times.

-W- Because of her inability to fit in with other women her age, she can be somewhat anti-social, often off-puting to others around her, which can cause problems she is not quite prepared for.

-W-Unable to back down from a challenge, for a sting to her pride often makes for one gaping hole in her ego, even when odds are against her, she seems unable to just give in and walk away.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Long bow and slender tipped arrows, much like the end of a fishing spear.

Background History:

On the night that Guinevere was born, her mother rejoiced. The first female child in a long line of males, of which her husband was eternally happy, her mother found herself coddling and doting upon the girl. In her early years it was easy to do so, dressing her up, teaching her the proper manners and the proper things woman should know. By the age of five she could sew decently enough to hem her dresses, and clean the home, as well as aid in de-boning fish and cooking the stew for supper. It was as she got older that the way her brothers were treated, the things they did, actually got under her skin.

At ten Guin was all but convinced to be one of the boys, often escaping her home during her lessons, or when she was suppose to be cleaning, to stalk after them on their fishing trips, or when they were taken to the woods to hunt. It is in this way that the young girl learned the art of the bow. Picking up on the lessons her father taught her five older brothers, it wasn't long before she was sneaking out at night to practice on her own. Repeating the lessons she had seen her father giving the boys, Guinevere slowly but surely taught herself many things, from the bow, to the hunting knife, to the proper way to capture a fish with ones hands.

It was at the age of fourteen, while her mother explained her duty to her family in marrying for the sake of them all, that she stood her ground, put her foot down, and demanded that her mother stop the foolishenss. Personally offended, and startled beyond belief, her mother attempted to force her into it. When the wedding day arrived, Guin showed up, dressed in not but a pair of leather leggings and a taut leather wrap about her chest, her wild mane of red hair tied in several thick braids and adorned with feathers and leather strips. Apalled at her daughters actions, her mother, for the sake of saving face for her family, finally gave into her daughters wishes and demands. To not be made to marry, unless she had chosen her spouse, to be allowed to act, dress, and be what and who she wanted and was.

Now, at the age of twenty-three, still as of yet unmarried, and steadily providing for herself via the rivers and her own hand in many skills, her family has come to accept her for what she is. Strong willed, stubborn, and fiercely individual..

Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell.

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[ShrapnelBunny] Guinevere Catlyn McAdams
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