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 [RedReighn] Ralayan Seroth Giano

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Family, Duty, Honor.

Ralayan Seroth Giano
-rah lay Ann, zeer oth, gee Ann oh-
Allegiance to House:
House of Tully
Role to House:
Swordsman or blacksmith
Ralayan is very different from his younger sister of two years Salaya. He is the stronger of the two and is very cautious. Almost too cautious at times. He trusts nearly no one an only gets close to people he sees fit to. He has had lovers but when they get to close to knowing about Salaya he turns them away. He wishes for a normal life but he knows that may never happen. And he is fine with that as long as Salaya is never found out or harmed. He is brave, loyal, and caring but he will not help someone if it means having them get close. He knows how to be social unlike Salaya and can manipulate some with a silver tongue. He is a hard worker and is all for making extra money but he hates to be away from his sister for a long time. He always keeps a close eye on her and wants te best for her. He is a great fighter and can make good work in blacksmithing.

Physical Description:
Black hair, dark eyes like his sister, tan skin, 6 foot 145 lbs, muscular, quick, mysterious, a few minor burn scars and a few battle scars.
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Powers and Abilities:
Sword and hand to hand combat.
Silver tongued.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: fighting
Silver tongued.
Brave and bold.
Weakness: Too cautious
Untrusting of others.
Can be too bold.
Can run into things without thinking them through.
Weapons and Armour of Choice:
A sword from his father with a ruby in the handle
A bow and arrow
And a dagger at his side
Ralayan and Salaya were born to farmer parents of no speciality o any sort. They are not of any royal blood or have any spectacular things that they come from. Ralayan was born two years before his younger sister and learned about the different species in the lands. He and his sister got the education their parents could give them but when his sister showed signs of abilities they never had before, they sent the two to their uncle in the far countryside. To be kept in hiding and secret. They sent Ralayan with her because they knew he would keep her a secret and safe. Their uncle taught them how to live and survive off of the lands, to read and write, songs, and various jobs. Salaya became a wonderful sew maiden and a dancer as Ralayan became a skilled swordsman for hire. Ralayan also can do some blacksmith work. As time went by of six years they grew. Their love and loyalty for each other only growing in strength. One day they received word that their parents were killed for "killing thier children". Apparently someone had found out about Salaya and told the authorities. Their parents had allegedly told them that they killed their children to keep them from a life they never wished for them and were executed for it. They even killed two pigs and buried them after they sent their children off in order to have two graves for evidence. After that their uncle started traveling with them to have more of an understanding of the lands and how things ran. They pledged allegiance with the same house their uncle did of family and loyalty living in peace for some time. Then a stranger came asking for refuge for a night at their house. He killed their uncle as he slept and robbed him of his room before Ralayan heard and went running to meet him. The stranger fled. Salaya ha found him only a year after by finding out secrets of other people and Ralayan killed him in revenge. That was 5 years ago. Now they live quietly together. Salayas secret still being kept.

Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell.

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[RedReighn] Ralayan Seroth Giano
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