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 [GhostSunShadow] Talos Sovngarde

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Talos Sovngärde

The Nightstalker




Allegiance to House:
House Frey

Role to House:

Once a silent monk in exile, that secretive and closed-off façade remained now that Talos turned to the open roads of Westeros. His vow of silence continues as he refuses to speak and becomes viewed as a mute. He lives life as a shrouded existence, giving few opportunities for others to get to know him; his past is hidden for reasons his won and for that he remains distant and frigid towards others...

In addition to his sacred vow of silence Talos has proven to be a cruel and stern individual with an unyielding moral code that will not be deviated from. He's vicious and relentless in combat, a man hardened by battle who shows no remorse towards his enemies and those individuals he was paid to stop. Don't mistake his rudeness in war for lack of manners for the silent monk has once been a respected member of society...

There's one distinct trait to Talos personality that gets him know as the Nightstalker for the former silent monk is a nocturnal creature. Seldom is he seen wandering outside during the day, opting preferably for the darkness of the night when shadows fall across the kingdoms of Westeros. He's a predator of the night, a stalker of darkness who prays every night to the pale light of the moon. Why none knows nor would be able to understand as Talos refrains from informing others about his aversion to the sun...

Physical Description:
Talos is a dominant individual with his six feet eight height, broad shoulders and a massive posture that rivals with sir Gregor Clegance beneath the Lannister banner. He is huge with the bulky muscular build that comes from years of strenuous training, yet the most dreaded of features are those massive callus-covered hands riddled with scorch marks and hundreds of agonizing scars. All along his right lower arm one sees parallel scars, deep gashed cuts each marking a successful heist pulled along the roads around the Green Fork...

Regarding his facial expression, Talos is a stern apparently emotionless individual with brilliant sapphire blue eyes and a low brow. Living on the road has left him tough reflected in his facial features as an unshaved beard, scruffy bewildered hair and dirt stains mark his face. Beneath his left eye there's a subtle swollen scar from his struggle with a ferocious grizzly bear, while his left ear is almost split in half through a stray arrow...

Fashion wise Talos isn't the average highwayman to wander the lonely roads of Westeros as he continues to wear the mark of his old coven. A darkened tabard thrown across his armor is marked with the cross of his forsworn order of silent monks. Never is he seen without these ritual garments though not entirely by a lack of trying; his wardrobe simply doesn't include items different from his armor and monk cloths...

Powers and Abilities:
The disbanded order of silent monks Talos was raised in, had trained him into the art of advanced strategic warfare based on ambushes. As a highwayman he's perfected the art of tactical ambushes with his small band of marauders being able of intercepting large merchant convoys that outnumber his group of thieves ten to one. Planning and plotting, having learned to use choke-points in the roads, distinct geological features to his advantage, Talos skills could be used for claim military victories or vanquishing vast armies with only a handful of people...

Next to advanced blitz-based combat and ambushes Talos is educated in mathematics and engineering utilized to craft robust weapons; one example of his trade in the crossbow he carries into battle. He's a master in designing hazardous contraptions, improvised traps and powerful variations on already existing military applications. Currently many ideas and concepts he has designed in the past are restricted to his head yet for the right amount he's willing to sell his engineering knowledge...

• Secrecy & discretion
• Ambush-based combat
• Ingenuous military applications

• Open field warfare
• Allergic to shellfish
• Photosensitive eyes

Weapons of Choice:
Beside of a modified crossbow that turns broadhead arrows to a deathly projectile cleaving through the air, Talos wields an oddly shaped battle axe crafted from castle-forged steel. Wide and broad the two seperate blades are uniquely designed by Talos himself, combining advanced engineering techniques to reduce the weight and increase the velocity to each of his swings. The almost trident shaped center of this deathly weapon permits the stabbing methods that other axes have discarded...

Combining both the lightness of steel with the resilience of ebony, the axe is worthy of a lord yet to be wielded by only those will ill intends such as theft and murder...

Armour of Choice:
Talos has a preference for the sturdy protection from heavy armor of reinforced castle-forged steel; remnants of his past this silent monk has customized his uniformed gear from the silent monk's coven and adjust them to emphasize his dreaded posture. A blackened great helm with fiendish edges and double reinforced central stud hides his face from his victims leaving only his eyes exposed.

Heavy vambraces and leg guards protect the most fragile of joints to the human body while the double layered gear ensures all his vital organs to be protected; the first layer is a riveted chainmail that keeps him modestly guarded while a breast plate blocks any attempt of piercing his gut or chest. Above all this encumbering armor, Talos throws on a black tabard bearing the cross of his old Order...

Background History:
Rain was pouring down on the cobblestone road along the Trident River as the rattling of hooves clashed within the puddles when the company of four rode by; their voyage was urgent and swift, no second given to these ferocious steeds riding with haste through this midnight’s storm that held the Crossings captive on this shadowed eve. Their task was imperative; discretion and secrecy demanded for none were to know the importance of their cargo confined within the black cowl strung towards the leader’s back. Three swordsmen vowed to an eternal code of silence as their creed urged of them, guarded this grim rider in black carrying this package of utmost importance to an order devoted to the shadows. The night would shroud their journey as the open road was deviated from and the prancing horses turned to the hidden paths that had long been abandoned. Others wouldn’t know this part of the forests, roads forsaken by even the bravest of hungers as only an untimely demise would be found at the uncharted end of this slender trail…

Six years had gone by since that strange nightly expedition into the Crossing dense woodlands that were dreaded by many if not all for the bestial atrocities roaming here and the scoundrels in exile from a lord’s prosecution. None knows of the exact whereabouts of this hidden stronghold yet in the darkness of the forests the child delivered that day was raised in the ancient ways of the Order of Valthume. The Order of Valthume was dedicated to bringing forth the Sentinels of the Night; masters of war vowed to silence the Sentinels wandered Westeros’ kingdoms set to destroy the last remaining cults dedicated to Valerian and their worship of dragons. Infants chosen specifically at birth, their potential foretold by the Order’s elders were stolen from their homes before their feeble eyes lived to see their first cycle of the sun; they’d been plucked from their mother’s lap, snatched from their cribs each taken from their families to join a coven of servitude eluded of all’s knowledge to become guardians against the rise of the Targaryen and their dragons. This boy was different though, his arrival written in stone prophecies as born from the ashes of a invaded village one child would be destined to survive…

His training was grievous and harsh, the rules stern and unyielding with no room for emotions, questions nor personal ideas that deviated from the scriptures of Valthume. Nine years since the stormy night he was delivered in the care of the Order, yet to be given a name and deemed to remain without voice throughout the years to come. Given every opportunity to become hardened by battle, the stoic methods of Valthume intended to break down their spirits and rebuild them from the ground up through horrid practices exposed to the elements and with no mercy. The weak would be left for death, to live their lives in shame to lick their wounds like a beaten dog while the strongest had to continue this testament of their skill for thirteen years. The boy reigned supreme over his peers in every aspect of training; with weapons he’d bested even the elder instructors, in strategy he rose up to every challenge while even at a young age he showed superior affinity to engineering and mechanical development. All proved as predicted by the Oracle, the boy was ready to receive his name as the time of initiation had come…

The name given was as prescribed in stone, Talos Sovngärde after the founding fathers of the Order became the boy’s name as he got signed within their ranks as a Sentinel of the Night to be sent to the Crossings and exterminate the remainder of Valerian familiars. Given the uniformed gear and equipment of Valthume, darkened armor with their sacred crest embroidered on his robes, Talos marched out to serve his purpose in Westeros away from the stronghold he’d come to consider home. The roads awaited; the paths and trails leading him to the lands of House Frey where his presence would stalk the nights in pursuit of Valerian. With axe in hand, crossbow strapped to his back he began his life as a servant of Valthume and rose up to the teachings they’d beaten in his head for thirteen years. To blend in society, his cause above the law and demanded to remain beyond all’s knowledge Talos even as but a teen turned towards crime. He became a highwayman ambushing merchants and travelers with a band of marauders while getting outlawed by House Frey while in the shroud of darkness maintaining true to his creed. Every carriage robbed, every convoy heisted allows him to monitor Valerian activity for only in the face of death people can speak truth. Now thirteen years later this life continues to get complicated by the ongoing wars and feuds amongst lords and houses…

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[GhostSunShadow] Talos Sovngarde
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