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 [RedReighn] Salaya Marinthal Giano

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PostSubject: [RedReighn] Salaya Marinthal Giano   [RedReighn] Salaya Marinthal Giano Icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 2:28 pm

Family, Duty, Honor.

Name: Salaya Marinthal Giano
-sah lay ah, marr in th all, gee Ann oh-
(She can see people's past if she wants to and also can know people's secrets. Sometimes she sees these even when she doesn't want to)
Allegiance to House:
Please choose one of the Houses of families:
House of Tully

Role to House:
Sewing Maiden.
(Makes clothing and mends them)
Salaya is sister to her brother Ralayan who is very different from her. She is the younger by two years of the two and has to be very careful. She never wants to be food out that she is an oracle and has done well by being herself. Cautious about new people, shy at first, and being quiet mist of the time. She keeps to herself and can be brave and strong when she has to be. Her brother has Always taken care of that for her. She took well to seeing and has made that her focus point of herself and for others to see her as to hide her secret. She hates to use her ability but does so if she needs to but only to protect herself. Say if someone threatened her in any way he could find out things to threaten them with. Or she could find out if someone knows about her. She is quite a beauty for such a quiet young thing though. And she knows how to use that if she has to. Although she is a young virgin due to her secretive ways. She is sweet and caring and will not hesitate to help someone. Especially her brother.
Physical Description:
A beautiful young redhead with dark eyes that go almost sea blue when she is using her abilities. She has no scars and loves the color green. She is 5'6" and 126 lbs. She is light on her feet and graceful in her walks. She can dance with ease and passion and it is rare to find her singing unless you catch her when she is alone or just with her brother.
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Powers and abilities:
She can see ones past and secrets when she wants. Sometimes though it happens even if he doesnt want it to happen.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: Being overlooked and keeping secrets.
Surviving on the land.
Dancing, singing, and sewing.
Loyal and smart.
Weakness: Shy and not outgoing.
Doesn't know how to approach people most of the time.
Doesn't relate to normal people with normal lives.
Doesn't make friends easily or keep them for long.
Weapons and Armour of Choice:
A small dagger on her ankle and one on her hip.
Background History:
Ralayan and Salaya were born to farmer parents of no speciality o any sort. They are not of any royal blood or have any spectacular things that they come from. Ralayan was born two years before his younger sister and learned about the different species in the lands. He and his sister got the educationTruror parents could give them but when his sister showed signs of abilities they never had before, they sent the two to their uncle in the far countryside. To be kept in hiding and secret. They sent Ralayan with her because they knew he would keep her a secret and safe. Their uncle taught them how to live and survive off of the lands, to read and write, songs, and various jobs. Salaya became a wonderful sew maiden and a dancer as Ralayan became a skilled swordsman for hire. Ralayan also can do some blacksmith work. As time went by of six years they grew. Their love and loyalty for each other only growing in strength. One day they received word that their parents were killed for "killing thier children". Apparently someone had found out about Salaya and told the authorities. Their parents had allegedly told them that they killed their children to keep them from a life they never wished for them and were executed for it. They even killed two pigs and buried them after they sent their children off in order to have two graves for evidence. After that their uncle started traveling with them to have more of an understanding of the lands and how things ran. They pledged allegiance with the same house their uncle did of family and loyalty living in peace for some time. Then a stranger came asking for refuge for a night at their house. He killed their uncle as he slept and robbed him of his room before Ralayan heard and went running to meet him. The stranger fled. Salaya ha found him only a year after by finding out secrets of other people and Ralayan killed him in revenge. That was 5 years ago. Now they live quietly together. Salayas secret still being kept.

Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell.

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[RedReighn] Salaya Marinthal Giano
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