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 [ShrapnelBunny] Evangeline Grace DeLavega

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PostSubject: [ShrapnelBunny] Evangeline Grace DeLavega   [ShrapnelBunny] Evangeline Grace DeLavega Icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 4:56 pm

Winter is Coming.

Name: Evangeline Grace DeLavega

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Does not have a role within the house.

Evangeline, while being shy and quiet for the most part, has a fiercly loyal side to her that is undeniable in the face of anything that goes against her personal morals, or attempts to harm her friends. Fiercely loyal to those she befriends and loves, and overly protective of anything innocent and gentle that needs to be cared for, Evangeline is known for getting herself into undue danger for throwing herself into a fight she knows she cannot win. Able to easily sit in the background of most situations, Evangeline has perfected the art of disappearing into a crowd, making herself seem smaller, and less obvious when stood beside other people.

Physical Description:

Curls of chocolate brown silk fall about her face, bouncing in a natural spiral abouther shoulders and along the upper portion of her back. Pale porcelain like skin makes it obvious that she does not spend long in the sun, though it is not of her own choice, despite what some would think. Her soft brown doe like eyes are slightly tilted downwards at the outer corners, giving her an almost sleepy look. Full lips, always untouched by any type of cosmetics, usually press into a soft smile, easily seen by the delicate little lines on either side of them.

Powers and Abilities:

Aside from being fast on her feet, and being able to push herself to the back of a crowded room in order to become practically invisible amongst others, Evangeline does not posses any type of powers, nor particular abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Being human is enough to give Evangeline plenty of weaknesses to list. From her fragile mortality, the easy way to kill her, her inability to heal herself at any gifted rates, to even the limitations on her range of movement and weight capacity. Add to this the fact that Eve has had no formal training in any fighting styles, has never been in any large battles, and has a penchant for getting into serious trouble for the sake of others, and she becomes prime target for many things. On the plus side, however, Evangeline is an expert at what she does know. Light and fast on her feet, Eve, having spent her childhood amongst the trees, can climb, jump, and run, with the best amongst her own race. Her slender body and small stature make it easy for her to blend into a crowd, meaning she can hide or escape with ease. On top of this, Eve is a naturally born actress. Able to slip into roles and hide true feelings or emotions as if she can simply shut the door on them, she can often get herself out of most situations by playing stronger than she actually is.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Though Eve -does- carry a very small three inch dagger held within her guarder belt at all times, a present from her brothers, she does not carry, nor own, any other weapons nor armor. She has no need of them.

Background History:

At a very tender age Evangeline Grace DeLavega learned what it was like to see death, feel pain, and be betrayed. At only the age of seven she was torn from her dying mothers arms, sold to the men that her father owed large debts to. Sold as a set, her and her brother were carted away, the last vision of their father being that of his back as he simply turned away and let them go, as if they meant so little to him. The next loss was that of her brother. The moment they reached the town proper they were torn apart once more, Eve screaming and kicking, and her brother shouting promises of finding her and keeping her safe.

Sold to a young man, new in the trade of human flesh, she was put to work in a mill. A young child went ignored here, simply completing her chores as told to avoid the painful reprimands of the men in charge of them. Living on small rations they provided, and rarely leaving the small hole she was allowed to sleep in at night, Eve often cajoled herself with the sound of her own voice. Songs that were haunting and sung in an old tongue that, oft times, even she didn't know.

It was four years before anyone found her, before anyone saved her. Hearing the melodic voice of the now eleven year old child, Jacob Hensely, the owner and founder of the playhouse that had only recently been erected in his name, followed the sounds that echoed through the muddied alleys between lopsided shod buildings. What he found, curled into the small hole on the side of the mill, was a dirty little face, peering up at what she could see of the moon from her vantage point, and singing to it as if she had been taking lessons her entire life.

The rest, as they say, is history. Jacob Hensely did not legally take her from the people whom had purchased her. He simply dug his way into the hole, scooped the child from within, and left. She had heard word at some point that a child had gone missing from the mill, but the search was short lived, and it seemed they cared very little for the loss of one head. Taking her under his wing, Jacob made it his personal charge in life to train her, not only in the singing she seemed to hold so dear, but in the art of acting. Something she seemed to be a natural at.

But even good men, with grand intentions, find themselves indebted to those that have the most evil of intentions. When the debtors came calling on the playhouse, what they found was a very frightened young woman, crouched in the corner of her own rooms behind the stages, fending off the oncoming strangers with naught but a candlestick.

This is where her story seems to end, for now, as it is in this way that she has come to be here....

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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[ShrapnelBunny] Evangeline Grace DeLavega
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